The Most Difficult Solo Tame EVER

I’ll be the first to admit that my huntering skills could be a bit rusty due to my lack of gametime lately, but…like, holy s**t…I am actually a bit fatigued right now. My kiting muscles are taxed and I think I wore a hole through my mousing surface.

Taming Gumi on the PTR is easily the most difficult taming challenge I’ve ever experienced in the 7 years I’ve been playing a hunter. Those of you that solo-tamed King Krush back in WotLK…that was nothing compared to trying to wrangle this guy. Deth’tilac…pffft! Not even in the same league.

Gumi is a total badass.

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Spirit Beasts Being Added in Patch 5.2

3 new Spirit Beasts have been found on the Patch 5.2 PTR – all of them porcupines!

More on this later, but check these new beasties out! Pretty sweet, eh..?!


Hutia - Green Porcupine Spirit Beast


Hutia has a green spectral model – similar in color to Ban’thalos.


Red Porcupine Spirit Beast - Degu


Degu is the first red Spirit Beast!


Blue Porcupine Spirit Beast - Gumi


Gumi is a spectral blue – similar in color to Arcturis, Ghostcrawler and Karoma.

All of them are regarded as taming challenges – each requiring some type of strategy to tame. Also, each one of them must be reduced to 20% health or below before taming.

  • They are all level 90
  • They are larger than typical porcupines when tamed
  • All 3 look very badass

I’ll have more info on these guys later – including location information and some taming tips.

New Spirit Beasts to play with…finally!