Gar UI Compilation Update

…is on its way!

Expansions are usually a time to vet addons since they often determine who’s keeping a project alive and who is not. A few of my core addons went stale, so I had to make a few changes, but I’ve got things just about situated and error-free.

Right before the opening of the portal I switched back to the default UI for a few days just to determine what I felt was essential, and yeesh…my hat’s off to those who rock that thing. I used to use it back in the day, but man…I can’t stand using it now. >_<

The most notable addon replacement was AZCastBar. I dumped that abandoned project in favor of Gnosis. Chatter also looks to be abandoned, so I went back to Prat for my chat mod.

Sadly, Capping looks to be retired as well, so I removed it, but I discovered this while looking at different PvP addons. The fact that this addon exists makes me feel so sorry for healers. :*(

I’ll have a much more complete post about all of this on the way, along with a repackaged and updated zip on WoWInterface, which I will hopefully get to later today or tomorrow. Hard part is logging off long enough to get to it!

This expansion has reignited my interest in the game crazy-style. I haven’t been this sucked in since Vanilla. Not sure if that’s good or bad, but it’s definitely fun!

Hunter Macros Updated for WoD

I updated the Hunter Macros page so that everything is now current with Warlords. I removed all of the obsolete macros with retired abilities – including one I found in there with Wing Clip o.O – and I even added a few new ones that I’m using.

Next up… Gar UI update for WoD. I had to reconfigure a few things, remove a couple of addons and add a few new ones, but I’m just about ready to load it up to WoWInterface. I’ll try to have the latest version up on Wednesday, right before launch.

In the meantime, here are a couple of updated Hunter Weak Aura strings if you’re interested…

I know I have been very slow in updating the blog, but I am very much around. More to come…

Greetings, Fellow Hunters!

Hunters Camping Trigore

Thought I’d go after the unique Hydra skin, but apparently I’m not the only hunter with that idea… Not shown are the 2 additional hunters that were behind me on the map.

Not seen anything like this since the Loque’nahak & Gondria days, which is a good sign. Seems my quiet little server may be getting more active again. :)

I’m a little overwhelmed right now trying to get up to speed with the recent patch updates (errr… game overhaul), but just wanted to post a quick note saying I am here and I will be back.

This patch is insane…in a good way. Still trying to deal with the loss of certain abilities, but I’m really enjoying all of the changes so far. :)

How are you enjoying the pre-xpac patch?

Transmog Happy

Been absent from the blog, but I have been poking around in-game. My latest project has been leveling a Warrior alt that’s lay dormant for nearly 7 years. After leveling a Paladin this past year I discovered that I really enjoy tanking (who knew..?!), so I figured why not dust the Warrior off, throw some heirlooms on him and get him to 90. I love him! Warrior tanks are interesting and fun to play.

Apart from huntering in some random BGs and leveling alts, the other thing I’ve enjoyed doing is putting together transmog sets.

I just completed my Warrior’s set yesterday…

Warrior Lightforge Recolor

Lightforge Recolor with Ironfoe and King’s Bulwark

I wasn’t leveling this guy with a transmog plan, but when Ironfoe dropped for me on my first-ever run through BRD, I started looking around at different set ideas. I figured a weapon that rare deserved to be complimented by a sharp looking wardrobe. ;)

I’m not really that keen on most of the Warrior dungeon sets, and I lean towards more of the classic looks, which is why the Lightforge Recolor set really caught my eye. My choice for shield was the King’s Bulwark. The set pieces are available in normal mode TBC dungeons, so it’s fairly easy to gather up; however, getting some of the pieces to drop for you can be a pain. I was able to gather most of the pieces while leveling through random dungeons, but I had to go back to grab the chest piece and boots.

The boots dropped during my first run of The Escape from Durnholde, but I lost the roll to a Ret Pally. After that run it took about 18 more attempts to get them to drop again. Neeedless to say, I’ve had about enough of that dungeon for awhile.

Heres a look at my Orc hunter transmog…

Hunter Green Transmog

Green Brackwater Mail Hunter Transmog

This set started when I snagged a cheap pair of Elven Chain Boots from the auction house. I’ve always liked the look of those boots for a hunter, so I went to see if there were any pieces to match. Turns out there are chest and legs that match. To finish off the set I added a couple of pieces of Fel Iron Chain (helm and gloves), some Thick Scale shoulders and a Der’izu belt. Lastly, I finished the set off with a Shrieking Bow. The bow really helps seal the look because it further ties in the shades of green present on the Fel Iron Chain, shoulders and belt.

As far as I’m aware, this set is pretty original. I’ve not seen it shown anywhere else, and it definitely came together organically. I more or less scanned the auction house – trying on different greens until I got a look that I liked.

I’m pretty happy with it!

and then there’s Garwulf…

Grand Marshal Hunter Transmog

Vanilla Hunter PvP Transmog

Because I can, and because I really do like the look of it, I choose to roll with the old school Hunter PvP set. I have another transmog idea for a PvE set, but that one’s going to be tough. If I ever get that one finished you can bet that I’ll post screenshots. ;)

My next mission will be to get my 90 Pally mogged out. He’s sporting a matched set of MoP quest plate, which looks decent, but I’m wanting to deck him out something a bit more fabulous. I’m leaning towards the Judgement Recolor for him.

The shield doesn’t jive too well, but my son insisted I use that look, so what was I to do but obey. ;)

MoP Gold Quest Plate Transmog

Half-Ass MoP Gold Quest Plate Pally Transmog

How about you guys . . . you enjoy transmogging as much as I do? :)

These are so good

The Orc is always hilarious, but between the hunter and his pet (Frostsaber..?), those two steal the show in this series – especially in this last one. The Explosive Trap + Disengage was friggin’ great, and the Aspect of the Cheetah emote, but the Scare Beast at the end…OMG.

Love it when the Troll Druid peaks to see if the Hunter is in sight. ;-P

So damn funny.