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Garwulf Hunter UI

The GarUI

Update – December 22nd, 2011:Garwulf Hunter UI is back on WoWInterface! Please feel free to refer to the download page on WoWI for additional information and instructions.

The Gar UI is nothing more than a compilation of addons that I configured to be pleasing to the eye, and to suit my play style. All credit for this custom user interface goes to the respective addon developers.

Resolution: 1920×1200 (those of you running a different resolution will have to adjust, sorry)

Memory usage:  Less than 10MB

Known Issues: None that I’m aware of.

Basic Installation Video


  • Download the UI compilation here (10.8mb download).
  • Rename your existing foldersBackup your existing Interface and WTF folders. Rename your existing WTF and Interface folders to: WTF-backup & Interface-backup. If you decide to revert back to your old UI, just delete the GarUI Interface, Textures and WTF folders and rename yours back to WTF and Interface. This is very important, should you decide that you want to chuck my UI and go back to what you were using.
  • Unzip the GarUI package. Drag the contents (Interface, Textures, WTF) into your World of Warcraft root directory.
    • PC: C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft
    • Mac: Macintosh HD/Applications/World of Warcraft
  • Open up the WTF folder and drill down through the files, renaming the appropriate files as you go.
    • Rename YOURACCOUNTNAME to your account name, ie: IPWNNOOBZ247.
    • Rename Your Server to the server name which hosts the character(s) you want to apply this UI to, ie: Bleeding Hollow.
    • Rename the Character folder to the name of your character for which you’d like to apply this UI compilation, ie: Gnomepunter.
      • If you want to restore your in-game settings, ie: audio & video settings, camera & mouse settings, etc, then copy the from your WTF-backup and paste it into your new WTF root folder. Be sure to leave the backup folder intact, so make sure to copy & paste.
  • Log in to your WoW account.
  • Click on the Addons button to go to the addons screen. Check “Load out of date AddOns”.
  • Log in with your character.
  • Panic! :lol: He, he… actually don’t panic. Your screen will probably look pretty catawampus once you login. This is normal.

GarUI fresh install

  • To unf**k everything, just type in: /reflux switch GarUI (case sensitive)
  • Your UI should now look something like this…

The Gar UI

  • The first thing you’ll need to do is set your keybindings. As you can see, only two action bars are visible, which means this layout is heavily dependent upon keybinds. Sorry clickers, but this UI will probably not work so well for you. :(
  • Type in /bt4 to open up the Bartender4 configuration screen.


Macros are supposed to be stored server-side, but in the event that your macros are missing after the installation, just restore them by dragging in copies of the macros-cache.old & macros-cache.txt files in your backed up WTF folder.

Your global macros are stored in: WTF/Account/YOURACCOUNTNAME/

Character specific macros are stored in: WTF/Account/YOURACCOUNTNAME/Server Name/Character/

Configuring the Keybinds

This UI uses a total of six action bars. 1 and 2 are visible, 3-5 are set to hidden, and bar 6 is available on hover-over while out of combat (as is the Micro Menu).

In my setup, I have keybinds assigned to bars 1, 3, 4, 5, and 6. Bar 2 is used primarily to display information such as cooldowns, item counts, etc. Bars 3, 4, and 5 (which are hidden) are where most of my heavily used abilities are located.

Once you’re at the configuration screen for Bartender4 (after typing: /bt4), follow these steps to see what I have going on…

  1. Uncheck the Lock option to see where all of the bars are located.
  2. Click on the number of the bar you want to make visible.
  3. Uncheck the “Always Hide” option.

Bartender 4 Configuration

  • Once you’ve done that, you can now lock the bars and exit the config screen. Now that the bars are set to be visible, you can drag your skills and macros over to them.
  • After you’ve placed all of the needed abilities into your action bar slots, now it’s time to begin the keybind process. Bartender4 makes this very easy.
  • Type in: /kb
  • Hover over the action bar button you want to keybind and then press the key(s) you want to use to access that button. If the button has a keybind associated with it already, then click Esc to clear it.
  • Once you’re done setting up your keybinds, click Okay.
  • Now you can go back into the Bartender4 config area and set the bars to hidden once again.

There will likely be some things which will need adjusting to better suit your needs and taste, so have at it.

If your resolution is not set at 1920×1200, then you’re most definitely going to need to adjust the layout a bit. I suggest using the UI Scale adjustments in-game. You may also need to unlock and reposition some of the various addons.

In addition to the action bars, another first order of business would be to possibly adjust my Power Auras. You may be wondering what the little white star is in the center of your screen… That’s an aura I have configured to display when I’m not in Aspect of the Dragonhawk.

If you wish to change this aura or any of the others, just type: /powa. This will take you to the Power Auras config screen. From there, just click on the auras you want to play with and click Test. If you want to change anything, click Edit and go nuts.

Moving and adjusting the background KG Panels

While not extremely sophisticated, the background panels offer a nice spit and polish to the UI. My purpose for using them is to give the UI some consistency and finish.

Now… if you need to resize, move them, or just make adjustments of any kind, this is a fairly easy task…

Type in: /kgpanels config

This will bring you to the kgPanels config screen (duh…). ;) Anyway, once there you can access the properties of my various panels by looking under Active Layout. Each panel has an identifying name, but if there are any you’re unsure of, just unlock them and they’ll appear highlighted on hover-over.

You can drag the corners of the frames to resize them, drag the whole frame to reposition, or use the absolute numeric controls in the config area. Since all of my frames are anchored and parented, you need not mess with them if you only want to reposition things. The panel will stay attached to the addon if you unlock the addon and drag it around your screen.

One last thing… if you want to create a new panel or re-parent an existing one, then you’ll need to know the name of the addon frame which it is to be parented and anchored to.

This is accomplished by creating a macro with the following command:

/script ChatFrame1:AddMessage(“You are hovering over frame: ” .. GetMouseFocus():GetName())

Place this macro on an action bar, then tap its key as you over over the addon you want to place a panel behind. The name of the panel will appear in the chat screen, but only to you, so don’t worry about accidentally spamming guild or trade chat with it. ;)

Once the name of the addon frame is displayed, you can then input that info into the parent and anchor fields for that particular kgPanel. This will then attach the panel to the addon. This is what I’ve done in order to have my Recount and Omen frames disappear when the addons are not in use.


Gar Hunter UI - Raid


Alterac Valley


Arena unit frames

Addons Used in the Compilation

  • AzCastBar – A modular cast bar addon. AzCastBar lets you configure all sorts of things, including: cast bars, cooldown timers, buff & debuff timers, etc…
  • Bagnon – An inventory management addon. Configure the look and size of your bag and bank inventory displays. Also allows searching of inventory across all characters.
  • Bartender4 – A modular and highly configurable action bar replacement addon.
  • ButtonFacade – This addon allows for custom skinning of the action bar buttons and buff icons.
  • ButtonFacade: Apathy – The button skin of choice for me.
  • Chatter – A highly configurable but lightweight chat enhancement addon.
  • Chinchilla Minimap – Customize your mini map display. Resize it, move it, change the shape, clean it up, whatever…
  • ColorTools – An enhancement to the default color picker. ColorTools adds many useful tools for the OCD UI creator, including: an RGB color palette, a hex code edit window, and an opacity slider with numeric value input.
  • Deus Vox Encounters – Raid warnings, enrage timers and the like.
  • eAlign – Calls up a grid overlay which you can use to arrange your various addons in perfect symmetry.
  • KgPanels – I use this addon to create the nice unified look I have across the bottom, as well as for the nice gradient background behind my buffs.
  • MikScrollingBattleText – A highly configurable and customizable replacement for the default combat text.
  • NeedToKnow – Configurable timer bars you can use for: cooldowns, DoTs, buffs, debuffs, and more..
  • Omen Threat Meter – Tells you when to Feign Death.
  • OmniCC – A simple cooldown monitor. Places a configurable timer over your action bar buttons, letting you know the remaining time on your cooldowns.
  • Power Auras Classic – An awesome addon that can be used for a number of things. I use it for buff and cooldown alerts, warnings, etc… See this post for more info on what Power Auras is all about.
  • RangeDisplay – Provides a configurable yet simple range display.
  • Recount – My damage meter of choice.
  • SatrinaBuffFrame – A highly customizable addon for displaying buffs and debuffs.
  • Shadowed Unit Frames – A highly customizable unit frame addon.
  • ShadowedUF Trinkets – A plugin for Shadowed Unit Frames which allows for the display of opponents’ PvP trinket status. It can be configured to show on any and all frames, including: arena, target, party, focus, etc…
  • SharedMedia – Share textures between various addons.
  • SLDataText – Super simple and lightweight addon for displaying textual information such as: gold, bag space, durability, zone text, coordinates, framerate, latency, and more…
  • Tekticles – This addon changes all in-game fonts to calibri, cabri italic, calibri bold, or calibri bold italic. It’s a very efficient way of cleaning up the in-game text, just so long as you’re a fan of Calibri. ;)
  • TipTac – Adds customizable tooltip enhancements.

Other Addons I Use (not included in the UI download)

  • _NPCScan – Addon used for auto-detecting rare mobs. If you’re not familiar with it, see this post for more info. The post is a bit dated, but the basic idea behind the addon is still the same.
  • _NPCScan.Overlay – This adds a configurable overlay to the in-game maps. This works similar to Gatherer, but for rare spawns. I have it configured to only display on my zone map.
  • Atlasloot Enhanced – Browsable in-game item database. Check out loot tables, craftable items and enchants, reputation rewards, PvP rewards and more…
  • AuctionLite – This is a lightweight alternative to other auction house addons. AuctionLite does everything you need it to with less than half the fat of other auction house addons.
  • Gatherer – Keeps track of mining nodes, herbs, & treasure chests, and records their locations on your game map(s).
  • GoGoMount – Automagically selects the fastest possible mount for your current location. Also randomizes them so you never know what ya gonna get.
  • Postal – Adds some mail enhancements to the in-game postal system.
  • RatingBuster – Adds class and talent-specific info to item tooltips. RatingBuster is handy for comparing stats when determining upgrades.
  • SellJunk – Vendor all of your gray items with one click!

I also want to recognize Halcyone for creating some wonderful textures for KgPanels. The Hal border was the perfect finishing touch for my UI. :)

To maintain this addon compilation, I highly recommend the use of a client such as the ones that Curse and WoWInterface offer. It is very important to keep all of these addons updated with the latest versions in order to keep things running smoothly and efficiently. An addon manager like the Curse Client makes this task a snap.

Please use the comments area below to post questions and comments about the UI. I’ll be updating this page with additional info and tips, but in the meantime, your questions and comments will help me to create a FAQs section.

I also encourage you to support the real heroes – the addon developers. Just click on any of the links above to visit the various addon download pages, and you’re likely to find some Donate buttons.


  1. Søren says

    In the top left corner the players buff are presented – what addon is this? I created a new char and copied my folder from my old char to the new char, but some things are just not setup correctly. I managed to get most of the ui back, but can’t see to enable that buff window?

  2. Juvination says

    Hey Gar I appreciate everything you are doing with this UI, with MoP coming soon I wanted a more “professional” UI yet when I install everything according to your instructions and typing in /reflux switch GarUI and nothing happens. If you could get back to me I would appreciate it!

  3. faroos says

    Heyy i really like the addon at first when i downloaded but now it seems like a mess its showing the friends,guild,activity,mail,fps and all that on the center of the screen i find it really hard to enjoy your ui now because of that so please reply as soon as possible and thanks :D

    • says

      That’s the SLDataText addon that is doing that. I’ve updated and reconfigured it, but it’s still not completely 5.0.4 ready. Some of the data modules haven’t been updated yet – like guild and friends, and the currency one seems to be broken at the moment.

      My advice would be to disable it in the meantime, unless you want to update it and mess with it on your own. I’ll be uploading an updated version of my UI as soon as I think it’s ready, but I can’t say exactly when that will be. I plan on posting about the status of the update, so check back later tonight maybe.

  4. npquang says

    Dear Garwulf, thank you alot for the UI, it’s great! Can you help me how to make the texts describe the stats of items bigger, I have a small monitor so it’s hard to read the tiny texts about items (amor/dps, durability, sell prices, etc. even its name!).

  5. Tim says

    Hey I downloaded and installed your addon as shown in the readme and when I launched WoW it started downloading the game over. Did I miss something?

  6. Larini says

    Hi Gar.
    I want only ask if you have this UI for patch 4.0.6 to. its awesome UI.
    Thx for answer