UI update coming soon

I promise.

Hopefully those of you still using my UI comp have been able to keep the addons updated and things running smoothly, but for those of you waiting on me to update things so you can try it out, I’m getting close to uploading it. There were some annoyances I needed to smooth out, addons to replace, etc…but I feel this configuration is pretty usable and stable now.

This screenshot doesn’t reveal much, but I’ve kept things very minimalist, yet I’ve added some extra stuff in this latest iteration. I also included an old school touch to the UI by incorporating some Blizzard textures. After fussing with ElvUI for a few days, I did this in revolt to the absurdly minimalist displays that some of the UI replacement packages leave you with. I’m all about having a large uncluttered world view, with things positioned where I want them, but this is World of Warcraft, and not some techie sci-fi romp. I actually like the feel of the traditional artwork and textures, and how they add to the ambiance of the game.

Gar UI in WoD 6.0.3

This design compliments the default look of the game’s UI while having all of the advantages and goodness that a custom UI provides. Some players go out of their way to strip every single bit of Blizzard artwork from their gaming experience. This time around I’ve decided to embrace it.

In my opinion, this is the best version of my UI I’ve done. I’m anxious to see how you guys like. :)

/stops dangling carrot

My New Work Clothes

Apart from my vanilla PvP set (which is essentially an instant mog makeover), I haven’t ever farmed a transmog set for Garwulf…until now.

Anyway, see what you think of my current raidwear…

Black Dragonscale Hunter Transmog

Those of you who are like…wtf…why are you posting this transmog fluff and not talking about huntering in WoD..?! Truth is…I’ve been enjoying the expansion all too much. 😉 Not since TBC have I enjoyed the game this much.

I’ve got a few topics I’d like to discuss, so I’ll try to be back soon. In the meantime…I’m still active, I’m working on some updates, and I shall return! :)

Proving Yourself: Gold Damage

Proving Yourself: Gold Damage

This was one of the more challenging things I’ve done in awhile, and what fun! After quite a few failed attempts – which usually had me frantically mashing buttons during the final seconds of the 10th wave – I finally managed to down the last Sha with barely a moment to spare. My ilvl 601 gear consisted of a few decent PvP items, a couple dungeon blues, and some quest gear. I used my standard BM build along with a cheap haste potion to get the job done.

After about 8 or 9 attempts that left me feeling a little inadequate, it finally occurred to me that the buffs that spawn during the encounter did not have to be used immediately.


If you’ve yet to attempt or complete this achievement, I’ll say it again…

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WoD is Exceeding Expectations


There’s no UI update or new posts around here because I can’t log off long enough to work on the site. Blizzard over-delivered with this expansion, IMHO.

I’ll try to get the UI comp packaged and uploaded with the week, however.

And if any of you haven’t seen this treasure mod yet, please give it a try. It kinda feels like cheating, but it’ll do the job if you’re having difficulty acquiring resources for your Garrison.

You guys enjoying Warlords of Draenor?