Deth'tilac - Rare Lava Spider in Patch 4.2

See my Patch 4.2 Rare Pet Briefing Post for an updated guide on how to tame Deth’tilac, as well as the other 9 Patch 4.2 Taming Challenge pets.

And now for the pièce de résistance… Deth’tilac. Deth’tilac is regarded as the most difficult to tame in the series of rare beast taming challenges that Blizzard has incorporated in Patch 4.2.

From what I can tell, Deth’tilac looks like he could pose an interesting challenge.

First off, he cannot be tamed until he’s at low health – and – he has a massive amount of hit points. Nearly 39 million to be exact, so you better pack a lunch before you begin this tame.

Second, he’ll one-shot you if you let him get within melee range.

Third, if you stop damaging him for any length of time his speed increases.

Once you get Deth’tilac to low health, he becomes tamable. I’m not sure what percentage this is, but I’d imagine you’d need to get him down to at least in the 7 million HP range.

So, it sounds to me like a good ol’ fashioned kite fest. Hunters will want to keep Deth’tilac slowed with Concussive Shot and Frost Traps, while kiting him around the Forlorn Spire / Widow’s Clutch area. This tame sounds fun.

Due to Deth’tilac’s insane number of hit points, it would be advisable to keep your existing pet on him, making sure Growl is off, just to whittle his health down a bit faster. Once he gets low enough, then you could dismiss your existing pet while he’s drudging through a frost trap. One thing I don’t know, however, is if the time it takes for a Dismiss Pet will allow him to start gaining his speed buff.

Anyway, he should be a fun tame.

Deth’tilac Preview Video

Deth’tilac is probably my favorite of the new spiders. I’m not a spider guy at all, but the purple lava spider model is pretty nice.


  1. jeff10 says

    This is so easy of a tame, kite him but keep sending your pet to die on him. each time he kills his hp drops 10 percent, so keep getting your pet killed and resing him and eventually deths hp will be low enough that you abandon old pet and tame big spidy!

  2. says

    So, I just lvled a hunter to 85 for the first time this week and I just solo tamed this beast this morning in 2 attempts.. Pretty easy if you have 5 other pets you can send in to eat the Deth Strikes.
    I just abandon the first 4 then keep reviving the last one until Deth’Tilac gets low in heath then abandon the last one and tame away.. Shame Deth’Tilac caught me off guard, I was carrying my Terrorpene with me and had to abandon him to get the tame..

  3. Lilli says

    Well, a friend of mine really wanted this pet, so I went Boomy to help him. Asked in general chat in Molten front and 3 others came to help. He loses the debuff at 20% just so everyone know. Lots of kiting and a few traps later, my friend tamed it and now has a purdy spider to pvp with. Not to mention, the coolness of actually taming it :)

  4. shunmy says

    Well for me felt like doing it pretty easy to kite around send pet, when pet dies seems deth would loose around 10% of its hp, so i had a friend druid root it while i rez pet from then on was rinse and repeat. When i was finally able to tame went to dismiss pet and all of sudden notice a horde hunter taming it and stealing the spider. I mean really! It should be so no other can tame a tapped target at least.

  5. SpoiledHunter says

    I got the spider tonight thanks to the Horde lol. A dk and I had been kiting him around for about 30 mins and the Horde decided they were gonna kill it before i could tame it. So they beat it down to where i could tame it and i was able to do so with no problems, though I can’t say 100% what it was it was well below half health. Thanks again to those Hordes, you kept me laughing all night AND won me a great pet.

  6. V Mac says

    Ha Easy tame – not with the gear I’ve got. Thankfully having kite-ed it for an hour two wonderful people from Hysteria Guild took pity on me. Wrexail and Hulder – Wow Heroes indeed. Thanks Guys. the walk of Pride in SW was worth it! Bronze Dragonflight 4.01 am server time. First seen 1.30am server time. Jivaraxxoo

  7. Dave W says

    Just watched my girlfriend tame this first attempt and it was very easy. She simply kited it to 20% and then tamed, no tricks or anything special at all.

  8. Christyne says

    Just tamed this guy less than 10 minutes ago (4:01 west coast, or 6 am ST), It was quite easy, just have a crab or spider pet, make deth deathstrike the pet (1 shot), slow him, disengage, revive pet, rinse and repeat. Good kiting skills is needed as well :)

  9. Splitsecond says

    Just tamed on Silver Hand minutes ago. Very intense battle, he reset three times. I had to have my partner beside me google the reset cause on his laptop while I sooloed it. Barely pulled it off, totally worth the seven hours for this great pet.

  10. Ryan says

    Just tamed this, i had a few friends helping me out though, a quick way to tame this… find some friends, let the spider kill them using his one shot move, it will damage him for 10% of his health, and at 10% tame it, worked very well for me.

  11. Kitt says

    Managed to tame this one today on Ysondre. I was sooo happy. I witnessed two other taming encounters with this guy, one of them mere minutes after I’d stepped away from the computer after I had been camping that spot all day. Some alliance players discovered me, one was a hunter waiting to tame it after all of my hard work >:( . I had some guildies back me up and keep them occupied while I worked on getting him down. I baaaaarely managed to tame him just as he was on top of me. Happened right around 6:50pm ST. This made my day.

  12. Nick says

    Tamed this morning. Beautiful pet and one of the funnest solo things I’ve done as a hunter since the 4 demon quest for the Rok/Loc. Gratz to those who pulled this off solo.

  13. Sheerebazorg says

    I just tamed this beast on Garrosh. Another hunter from another guild Kilsyth helped me. We alternated sacrificing our pets, frost traps, concussive shots and rezzing pets until Deth’tilac got below 10k health. It would death strike the pets and lose 10% health each time. WOOT!

  14. Lurts says

    Kite it into the NPCs. one of them at the entrance of the zone casts wraths for 8 million damage. just pull her out before she dies and happy taming.

  15. Controlone says

    I guess I’ll just bring a spider for the web then abando it and then lay down a freezing trap asap, the difficult part would be not getting interrupted by other players.

  16. Mordy says

    Instead of casting dismiss pet you can just bring a dummy pet and abandon it when you are ready to tame Deth’tilac. Since abandon pet doesn’t have a cast time it would be better idea to use it.

  17. says

    From the descriptions the oneshot is a cast, so I am guessing it can be interrupted, but I could be wrong. Since this cost him 10% of his health, everyone DPSes him slowly and let 8 or 9 people die to the one shot, this should put him within tameable range (I’m guessing tamable is more like 10%) at this point, assuming his one shot ability is interruptable, your rogue or whoever focuses on interrupting this so that he doesn’t kill himself or you.
    With Blizzards focus on Guild stuff, I could see them maybe even adding a guild achievement to this one since it would take several people to get it done… though kiting might also work as well… would just suck to get him almost down to tamable and have someone else taunt or something and get one shot and he dies…

    • says

      This sounds like a good short-cut strat, but I think all of these new pets should be tamed solo. Each unique taming requires the hunter to rely on some mechanic in order to exploit a weakness that the beast has. Having a group of players assisting takes most of the hunter challenge out of the tame. Having one of these new pets – Deth’tilac especially – should mean something. In this case, a hunter with Deth’tilac for his/her pet should signify that the hunter knows how to kite.

      If a hunter cannot kite properly, then he/she should start practicing and then come back when they’re able to pull off this difficult tame. Any other way of doing this just further trivializes the challenge associated with these new taming-challenge pets.

      Like you said though, I think one of the biggest difficulties with Deth’tilac will be achieving a solo-tame without anyone else coming along to ruin it.

      Pissed wouldn’t describe how I’d feel if someone killed it after I’d done all of the work to get him to a tamable level.

      • iruyle says

        Like the old epic hunter quests where you had to kill the four demons with different strategies. Any help from another player or even your pet would result in quest failure.

        • Billy Gherkin says

          90% of hunters back then had to rely on the help of other hunters, you could have your friend do the demon kiting for you and if you were close enough but did not interfere then you would get credit for the kill.

          I knew 5 hunters who got their epic bow and staff, only one of them managed to pull it off solo

          • Nick says

            Thats mostly just sad and upsetting. Those 4 guys were not hard at all, if you were a proficient hunter and not just a stand-and-shoot hunter. I one-shotted all 4 solo, and the good hunters in our guild did as well, with no issues. Long gone are the days of skill in this game.

      • Bob Figgle says

        Well yesterday i was able to find Deth’Tilac and a shammy behind me decides to say it in general i start tame and start kiting snake trap send pet in i got him to tameable lvl and then a Goblin Hunter runs in and throws a snake trap and sends his pet in death strikes and he’s dead =/

      • hunterdude says

        I just got him, the best way to tame him is to get glyph of concussive shot, have a spider pet, and turn on aspect of the cheetah. you need to kite him back and forth, over as many frost traps as possible, misdirection to your pet, and then send him in. He will one shot him at the cost of 10% of his HP. Then you must revive your pet, which you will have enough time to do so long as you put good use to your slows. Dont kite him too far away from the spire, as he WILL reset.

      • Ronchy says

        What you do is resummon your pet over and over, and hav him snare the spider, so that Deth will target your pet and cast the spell, you get far away, keep concussive shot up and snow trap down then resummon pet. rinse repeat. i did it with just myself, no outside help. eventually you will hav him at low life, you will resummon, then dismiss, then slow deth, then tame him.

    • Youkyouk says

      Tamed it… with patience .. and ‘help’.

      After a couple times sending a pet in, feign death and dieing myself i figured why should i sacrifice myself when there are enough around which are of less immprtance *grin*.

      I started to kite him with slowing traps and shots to the area where the druids are waiting to give people their dailies. Those druids are also not fond of a big spider running around between hem so the start to hit him with their druid spels. Slowing trap and slowing shots are enough to keep him busy and yourself out of range (i am BM btw). However… this damage doing is slow… real slow… so be patient or wait for volunteers.

      There is always someone around (that thinks.. “hey, a big one….. CHARGE”) and that ‘helper’ is obviously instant killed .. which also drops the health of the spider. GOODIE!
      a coouple more of those and THE BIG ONE is ready for taming.

      No need to tell that once he is ready.. you have to be quick and fearless!! Cause ther is one thing he hates more than a charging warrior… and that is a taming hunter.


    • Belacwa says

      I tried the kiting….after 30 min i had only got him down 10%…..there was no way I was gonna keep that up for 1 1/2 hrs….so I got a mage, a boomy, and a priest to help…and still it took 15 min of solid dps to get it to tamable…I don’t feel as if I “cheated” or took the challenge out of it…but I am happy to have it!….The real challenge was Ban’thalos…now thats a solo challenge!

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