Ban'thalos - New Spirit Beast in Patch 4.2

See my Patch 4.2 Rare Pet Briefing Post for an updated guide on how to tame Ban’thalos, as well as the other 9 Patch 4.2 Taming Challenge pets.

Finally… a flappy variety Spirit Beast. I knew they’d add one sooner or later.

Ban’thalos is one of the 8 new rare-spawn-hunter-pet-taming-challenges in the Firelands arriving in Patch 4.2. Like Ankha, Ban’thalos is a Spirit Beast, tamable only by Beast Mastery hunters.

I’m not aware of the trick to taming this guy, but I’ll be sure to post more information as it filters in. As mentioned in earlier posts, all of these new rare pets (supposed exotics…) will each pose a unique challenge to the hunter that tries to tame them. This is somewhat similar to the demon quest chain from the days of yore, where each challenge required that the hunter exploit a certain vulnerability in order to complete each quest.

Update: As mentioned in this post, the trick to taming Ban’thalos seems to be surviving the fall damage after dismounting to aggro him during mid-flight. I was thinking this might be the case, but I found it hard to tell from the video. It looked like there were maybe surfaces that a hunter could use as a taming platform, but at any rate…

I don’t know about you, but this Ban’thalos model looks to be a new favorite of mine. It’s somewhat hard to tell from the video, but Ban’thalos looks like he shares a similar model to Olm the Wise v. 2.0, but with a greenish glow.

Ban’thalos Preview Video

Badass comes to mind when I try to think of an appropriate term to describe this new Spirit Beast. 😉

Also… for those of you wondering what sort of UI mod is visible in this video… it’s called SpartanUI.


  1. Dwarf says

    Fly up, drop mount, shoot, disengage to avoid fall damage, deterrence the spell, tame. Didn’t even realize this was one of the supposed challenge tames until afterwards.

  2. Kruella says

    Land mount on tallest tree behind daily quest giver..use elixir of deep earth, fly upwards from tree…thats where you will land on dismount…tag owl,one arcane shot,then scatter shot,deterrence,tame

  3. Hecubah says

    Managed to tame Ban’thalos somewhere between 11:30-Midnight server time last night on Uldaman. I was on my way there to complete the Leyara’s Locket quest and get my nifty little item before logging off when NPCScan went nuts. I tried the tree trick to no avail (I died way too many times between missing the treetop and his special attack). Finally, I perched on top of the statue of Malorne’s head, right on his nose and put my freezing trap on the antlers. Facing the mountains near Sethria’s Roost, I flew up just within range, dismounted and fired off an Arcane Shot, He landed right in my trap and I was able to tame him with no problems. Hope this helps for people who don’t feel too confident in trying the tree trick! Also, don’t forget to be in BM spec! I almost tried taming him in SV (derp).

  4. Udoo says

    Just got invited to a group by a guildy so i could tame him, however the guildy was in a different phase to me and i couldnt see the beast :( he said he was staring right at it! really sucks!

  5. Icehawk says

    Just something to note. He is only spawned in the regrowth phase of Mt Hyjal. I have 2 x 85 hunters, and I noticed him with my hunter who already has him tamed. So I logged the other one on, and flew there and I could not see him anymore.
    I then re-logged the first hunter, and I could see him again. The only difference is my first hunter is doing the Fireland dailys so has unlocked the regrowth phase.
    LOL – now I have 2 of these spirit owls on the 1 hunter!

  6. Lexo says

    Just got him on Twisting Nether, about 10pm server time. A fellow rogue spotted him and called me to him. I stood on a flat part of the mountain behind the tree (you’ll see it, about the same height as said tree). I put my trap there and a really helpful druid pulled him over to me. Thanks guys <3

  7. Ookla says

    Toothpicking, learn it, live it, know it. I tamed him without taking much damage at all and not falling. There is a tree taller than all the others behind the Sanctuary of Malorne at 27,64 and it doesn’t look like you can stand on it, but position your flying mount directly on it (you look like an appetizer with a toothpick in the middle!) and drop a freezing trap. Once he’s in range aggro with him just about any shot you can, click tame, deterrence and you’re done and you won’t fall off the tree or shouldn’t if your toothpicked properly.

  8. Acck says

    You don’t need anything special for this guy. Just fly up on top of the statue. Wait. Move up just high enough so that you can see your arcane shot light up. Click off your mount. Hit arcane shot. You will fall and take like 100k damage. Pop Deterrence drop your trap. Tame. If you do not pop Deterrence he will kill you fast. EZ PZ.

  9. Overkall says

    I’m a druid with the alchy mount. I just helped my buddy get this. I had him ride on me while I was in the dragon form. I waited for the owl to pass over the circle of columns that Malorne is at. I got as low as I could while still in range of the owl and hit him with faerie fire. It dismounted me but I survived the fall by landing atop the lintels (horizontal stones atop the pillars) while my buddy had the safety of the parachute passengers automatically receive when their player-mount dismounts. I rooted the bird in place until he was able to tame it.

    P.S. Don’t try to attack the bird while falling with a parachute. Though it won’t dismiss the chute, the bird will attack and kill you as you float down.

  10. Icehawk says

    I bumped into this owl by chance. Was just flying past to hand in a quest, and noticed a spirit beast owl flying high above where the quest was to be handed in. I’m just noticing now the comments about how many people have been killed by him – LOL. I dismounted, dropped in a serpent sting, then gently parachuted to the ground (2nd prof engineering). I didn’t know how else to get him down. But as I was gracefully floating to the ground, he was like hitting for 30 – 34k time and time again. By the time I landed, I was on 4k health, but managed to drop a trap to freeze him. I then tamed him.
    First time I’ve been hit so hard while taming. Good luck to everyone else looking for him :)

  11. Mørdecai says

    Just tamed him using the tree method at 3:35pm server time on Silvermoon. When you pull him plz DO NOT use a dot like serpent sting. I did it the first time out of habit. The trap broke of course. He killed me. I had to watch an ally hunter tame him right in front of me.

  12. Anon says

    Tamed at 4:30 AM on Boulderfist (server time)

    Stood on top of a tree (like KillSkillz said) and planted a frost trap. Waited for the bird to fly around, flew up, shot him with arcane shot, and he flew into the trap. Easy peasy :)
    Good luck!

  13. cabbagexx says

    I tamed him yesterday at around 7 oclock, i camped on and off for about 3 days and just my luck i was about to go off but i seen this wing at the top of my screen flapping its way towards me, npc didnt work because banthalos kept randomly cacheing it self. so onto taming the first time i died so i hurried back and landed my spirit on the tree so no hassle of getting back on. i waited for him to come around and hit him with a serpant sting the drank my elixure of mighty speed to cut down the time of taming, i layed my ice trap and began taming. it was a close one i just got him with 3k health left 😀 GOODLUCKKK

  14. Baskin says

    I got lucky, a pally tried to kill him, but bubble wore off before first moonlite beam, and the 2nd one killed her, I was right there and tamed…tipped the pally 200g though for the help.

  15. kalerah says

    Last week I lost him to a hordie hunter, was taming then his friend broke my freezing trap and the owl killed me and he took it. Today, I used the tree trick (works like a charm, thank you very much :) ), I logged in at 3:50 am st Suramar and there he was flying just over head, so I laid a trap, mounted up, hit the space bar 3-4 times, dismount and shot him twice, then used my Det/Drink Heal Potion/Tame macro, he was drawn into the trap and he became mine after I hit the tame button again.

  16. Sierron says

    Seen him 2 times, got him after following this guide. And i finally got on the tree to get him. Got him yester day (8th of July) after seeing Ankha. Just follow what other people write, with the tree, maybe it is easier with another flying mount.

  17. Killskillz says

    1. Sit on top of a tree near where he circles.
    2. Drop a trap.
    3. Mount and fly straight up in the air. (do not fly side to side or anything)
    4. Aggro him by shooting him, which will cause you to dismount. (don’t use a dot or he will break your trap)
    5. You’ll land back on the top of the tree, on top of your trap. Pop deterrence and wait for him to be in range and start the tame.
    6. A bird in the trap is worth two in the bush? 😀

  18. Krilla says

    Can you tame him without dying? He does like 120k in 5 secs.. I used flexweave underlay from engineering, so surviving the fall is np.. But he kills me easilly..

  19. Drizzt says

    Just got this guy about an hour or so ago, Great looking pet, its good to finally have a flying spirit pet. Now I just need to wait 6-17 more hours for Magria/Anhka to spawn and I am set with pets. 😀

  20. Amoon says

    woot just tamed him!! had a mage buddy aggro then feather and I tamed once he came close enough to the ground!!

      • kim says

        actually i solo tamed this spirit owl. barily lived but it is possible. just fly up to him, shot him so he follows you down and RIGHT before you hit the ground, disengage into the lake. i only took so much damage because of his attacks but took no damage from the fall thanks to the water. he did hit me fairly hard but hes mine now :) plus the lake seemed to LoS him a bit on some of his abilities

  21. Ancksanura says

    I just tamed Olm not too long ago, but now I think I will have to replace him with this skin 😛 Also the cat looks bad ass. Can’t wait to see the other 6 pop up soon…

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