Hunter pets have lost all happiness

…as a game mechanic that is.

One recent change that’s been implemented on the Patch 4.1 PTR is this:

  • The Happiness/Pet Loyalty System has been removed. Hunters will no longer have to manage Happiness for their pets, and the previous damage bonus for pets being happy will now be baseline for all tamed pets.

As a result, pet talents that used to provide happiness have been updated as well…

  • Bloodthirsty no longer generates Happiness.
  • Carrion Feeder no longer restores Happiness.
  • Guard Dog no longer causes Growl to generate additional Happiness.

And since we no longer have to worry about pet happiness… the Glyph of Mend Pet has become totally irrelevant, and instead changed into this:

  • Glyph of Mend Pet is now Glyph of Greater Proportion, which increases the size of the pet slightly.

Honestly, what in the hell is this good for..? Other than for vanity reasons, why on earth would anyone want a bigger pet? It’s bad for both PvE and PvP… Someone help me out here, because this just seems silly to me. I don’t get it.

They should instead change it to a Glyph of Sated Pet, and have it so that feed pet instantly takes the pet to 75% or 100% health. Glyph of Greater Proportion… FFS… gimme a break… At first I’d thought it an April Fool’s, but we’re still a ways out from that.

I imagine many of you are pleased over the removal of pet happiness. It’s just one less thing to have to worry about when squeezing every ounce of DPS from your pet, right..?

Call me crazy, but I don’t care much for changes such as these. Managing pet happiness was yet another mechanic that set hunter pets apart from other class pets, and made them seem more personal. Removing happiness just takes us closer in the direction of class pet homogenization.

Managing pet happiness was never really a big deal… all you needed was the glyph, and you could keep your pet’s happiness topped off as long as you paid attention.

Heck… back when I first started paying, pets would leave your ass if you let them remain unhappy for too long. They’d literally disappear. Back then, managing pet happiness was a big deal.

I’m by no means upset over this, but it just makes me cautiously concerned about where this game’s headed. One thing that always appealed to me about WoW was its complexity. Seems with each patch, things just get dumber and dumberer.

While I don’t miss the wimpy pet DPS we used to have, the god-awful leveling grind, or the fact that they could often be two-shotted… there are a few things I do miss about the pets of yesteryear…

I miss the varying attack speeds, for one.

Many of you will really think I’m off my rocker with this statement, but I honestly miss having to globe trot looking for the necessary pets to tame in order to obtain new pet skills and pet skill ranks. To me, that was a unique and exciting component of the hunter class.

I suppose all these changes are for the greater good, and make the class more accessible, but ah well…

The one result of this change that does please me… users of my UI won’t have to stress over monitoring their pet’s happiness if they’re using my default faded-out-of-combat unit frames.  :-)


  1. Argen says

    U know, we all gatta remember that this game isn’t real here guys, and quit faking complaining god if u want a pet wit loyalty n happiness go get 1 in real life!

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