Sambas Rare LionWhile waiting in the queue for last night’s random heroic, I decided to take a trip to the Twilight Highlands to buy a leatherworking recipe or two, and just maybe… get a bead on Sambas. This cat had eluded me for a long time – up until last night.

When patrolling for Sambas, I’d usually just take one swoop through the Twilight Laglands, starting at the southern-most spot by Victor’s Point, heading NE up past Thundermar, then cutting due east to his eastern-most spawn location. I’d performed this patrol a few times per week since I’d hit 85. After awhile of not seeing him, then watching other hunters traipse around with him in BGs and in SW, I started to lose interest – seeing as he was quickly becoming a common, uncommon (ie: rare) pet.

However, after actually taming him, I’m happy I didn’t continue to feast upon my bowl of sour grapes and give up my quest to acquire him. 😉

He’s really a visually striking pet. I tend to lean towards old-school models when it comes to different pet looks, but I really like this new lion model. It’s… in a word… bitchin. Badass comes to mind as well, but I like bitchin as it pertains to Sambas. 😉

At any rate… last night as I was just about to cut east towards the coastal spawn point, I targeted Sambas with my rare pet macro, just north of Thundermar. I wasn’t flipping out mind you, but I did think, “Aaahhh… tonight must be my night!” I landed, dropped a freezy trap and got my tame on.


I now have a bitchin new lion to use for my PvE adventures!

Many of you already have added this coveted rare feline to your stable, but for those that haven’t, here’s a map showing his various hangouts. I’ve no idea what sort of spawn timer he’s on, but I’m willing to bet it’s 6 hours or more. He seems to be one of the rarer rares in Cataclysm.

Sambas Spawn Location Map

You may also find more clues to help you in your search by perusing the various forum threads pertaining to Sambas.

Good luck to those of you who choose to seek out this awesome new pet. Sambas is arguably one of the coolest pet skins available right now – period.




The only thing that could be better, is if he were black. A black lion with this model would be beyond bitchin — it’d be f***in badass.


  1. Yaone says

    Huge grats on “The Mane” 😀

    I was lucky enough that I got him the day after I hit 85 and there was little competition for him~

    And to Lawman, I agree wholeheartedly about the pets.

    Now they just need to make a super high quality wolf (a girl can dream can’t she? :P)

  2. Seronac says

    Well-said, lawman.

    Dragonhawks are lovely, much nicer than Chimeras, but I hate how their wings take up so much space on the screen and get in the way of clicking on things to loot/skin them.

    Sambas is the best-looking cat in WoW, bar none. I ran across him the other day, tamed him, and I still find myself just wanting to watch him do his thing.

    Grats on the acquisition, Gar.


  3. Anj says

    Grats Gar! It’s a good thing you didn’t experience that weird phasing bug. I did, and it was in the same place where you got Sambas.

  4. lawman30 says

    Gratz on Sambas!
    I wish there wasn’t an air of disappointment among hunters over other hutners having tamed the rarespawns to the point that they seem more common than rare.
    F DAT!
    I don’t know about you guys but I have never camped/hunted a pet with the attitude of “Oh boy, I’ll tame this guy and no one else will have him and it will make me the most special snowflake in the storm!” Every pet that is in my stable is there because I WANTED HIM THERE!
    I WANTED to be in the SB6 Club so I tamed all the Spirit Beasts.
    I WANTED a big green Dinosaur to name DinosaurNeil so I tamed Krush.
    I WANTED Sambas because (as Gar accurately notes) he is bitchin!
    Hell I even have pets in my stable because my daughters think the models are pretty and I will use them for my dailies so that my kids can see them in action! (True story: My daughters wanted me to tame the ZA Dragonhawk, so I did. I was doing Argent Tourney dailies (still looking for my full set of heirlooms) and she asked if I’d use that pet. She watched me play for a while and when she left told me that the Dragonhawk “looks beautiful doing what it does.” And she’s right!)
    I don’t get mad when I see other hunters who have the same pet as me. I salute them and give ’em a whisper saying “Way to get your tame on, bro!”
    Let’s be happy for each other and not sad for ourselves when it comes to hunters and their pets. =)

  5. Jaeger says

    Congratz. I bumped into him by accident while doing all the quests in Twilight Highlands so I snagged him then. I don’t really like Sambas that much though. I prefer Sian-Rotam… maybe cause he was harder to tame for me.

  6. says

    Sambas is a really, really nice high-res model, and I hope we see more graphical updates in that vein. I was not aware he was a rare spawn until this entry, though. I, like you, have seen him everywhere since Cataclysm launched.

    The most popular pets are almost always the rare pets, which dilutes their value. When I tamed Grubthor I saw nothing but worms with a yellow skin, and when I tamed Bjarn I saw nothing but white bears post WotLK. I see nothing but Terrorpene for turtles now and green dinosaurs left and right, so to hell with rare skins.

  7. Abbynormal says

    He is still evading me. I come unglued when standing in Org and my NPC goes off because another Hunter has wandered by with him in tow.

    • says

      I know, huh… enough with this blathering about pets. The Jadefang post I had planned to do first week of Feb, but got busy. This one I posted since it just happened last night and was a relatively quick one.

      That cleared my schedule for the important stuff.

      Instead of getting right into the BM PvP guide, I’ve elected to frontload it with a hunter-basics PvP primer. I figured this would enable me to expound upon some more important fundamentals which will benefit everyone, plus I won’t have to cover them with such detail in the BM guide — I can then concentrate on more BM specific stuff.

      I hope to have that post up by tomorrow morning. I scarcely know how extensive these guides will be when I start writing them, but this one’s already at 1.4K words and counting…

      • says


        Dont get me wrong, Im a fan of all your posts. Im really interested in hearing what you have to say about BM PvP as Ive been running with MM in the BGs and reallly enjoying it. I want to see if you can lure me back 😉

        As for Jadefang, Ive had the worst luck with her. I got Ghostcrawler and Terrorpene fairly easily but Jadefang is driving me nuts.

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