Sambas Rare LionWhile waiting in the queue for last night’s random heroic, I decided to take a trip to the Twilight Highlands to buy a leatherworking recipe or two, and just maybe… get a bead on Sambas. This cat had eluded me for a long time – up until last night.

When patrolling for Sambas, I’d usually just take one swoop through the Twilight Laglands, starting at the southern-most spot by Victor’s Point, heading NE up past Thundermar, then cutting due east to his eastern-most spawn location. I’d performed this patrol a few times per week since I’d hit 85. After awhile of not seeing him, then watching other hunters traipse around with him in BGs and in SW, I started to lose interest – seeing as he was quickly becoming a common, uncommon (ie: rare) pet.

However, after actually taming him, I’m happy I didn’t continue to feast upon my bowl of sour grapes and give up my quest to acquire him. ;)

He’s really a visually striking pet. I tend to lean towards old-school models when it comes to different pet looks, but I really like this new lion model. It’s… in a word… bitchin. Badass comes to mind as well, but I like bitchin as it pertains to Sambas. ;)

At any rate… last night as I was just about to cut east towards the coastal spawn point, I targeted Sambas with my rare pet macro, just north of Thundermar. I wasn’t flipping out mind you, but I did think, “Aaahhh… tonight must be my night!” I landed, dropped a freezy trap and got my tame on.


I now have a bitchin new lion to use for my PvE adventures!

Many of you already have added this coveted rare feline to your stable, but for those that haven’t, here’s a map showing his various hangouts. I’ve no idea what sort of spawn timer he’s on, but I’m willing to bet it’s 6 hours or more. He seems to be one of the rarer rares in Cataclysm.

Sambas Spawn Location Map

You may also find more clues to help you in your search by perusing the various forum threads pertaining to Sambas.

Good luck to those of you who choose to seek out this awesome new pet. Sambas is arguably one of the coolest pet skins available right now – period.




The only thing that could be better, is if he were black. A black lion with this model would be beyond bitchin — it’d be f***in badass.


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