While queueing for some BGs last week, I decided to head over to Vash’jir to see if I could spot the new crustaceanal apparition variety Spirit Beast, ie: Ghostcrawler.

Now being level 85, I was kind of excited over the prospect of adding this new beastie to my stable. Oddly enough, I’ve seen very few hunters running around with Ghostcrawler since I’ve been active in Cataclysm. maybe they’re out murdering him, I dunno… ;)

At any rate, I figured that searching for him in between BGs while waiting for queues to pop was a good strategy. My days of marathon camps are very far behind me. Nowadays, if they happen to be around great… if not, well I can just come back another time.

Alright, so I portal into Vashj’ir, then hop my sea-horsey and head to the Abyssal Depths. As soon as I entered the Abandoned Reef I began tapping my rare pet target macro. Must’ve been my lucky day because lo and behold, his portrait popped up — he was there waiting for me!

Now one thing that’s a little bit tricky about this guy is the fact that he phases in and out of view. As he’s patrolling he will occasionally disappear from view, then reappear in another spot somewhere further down his path. This is just an FYI for those of you who may decide to set out after him. You’ll find that one minute you have him targeted, then the next second you don’t. Just wait a few seconds and he’ll pop back out.

It took me several seconds to find him due to this phasing thing that he does, but after cruising around for a bit I happened upon him.

One thing I found amusing is that Ghostcrawler is quite tiny. I was expecting a great big Spirit Beast, but instead he’s like critter size. This makes for an even bigger funny when he starts lumping you up with his Nerfbat. Which by the way, does a decent amount of damage!

Traps won’t work on GC either, so no CC’ing him beforehand. You must eat every harsh serving of his Nerfbat before you can add him to your stable. I was unaware of this, but quickly learned as he charged right through my Freezing Trap and started knee-capping me.

[click images to embiggen]





For you hunters out there who wish to add Ghostcrawler to your stable, here’s a current map with taming locations:

Ghostcrawler Map

He basically just patrols all throughout the Abandoned Reef. When you go there, just be sure to continually tap your Ghostcrawler target macro or wait for NPCScan to go off. Since there are so many of the new Cataclysm pets running around these days, I mainly just rely on using a macro since NPCScan requires that you continually clear your cache (an unnecessary pain in the ass).

I have one macro that I use whenever I’m making my way through an area that rare spawns are known to inhabit.

/tar Ghostcrawler
/tar Grubthor
/tar Gondria
/tar Time
/tar Aotona
/tar Loque
/tar King Krush
/tar Oozeworm
/tar Arash
/tar Sewer
/tar Shadowclaw
/tar Terrorpene
/tar Madexx
/tar Sambas
/tar Aeonaxx

You can swap out, remove, and add different mob names as desired.

And just to be sure… know that you must be level 85 to tame him and in your Beast Mastery spec when you do. ;)

Anyhow… Good luck with the GC, and be prepared to feel the sting of his Nerfbat. ;)


  1. Blewchunks says

    Well I got lucky today. Decided to take a look for ghostcrawler , got in the area and not more than a minute i found him. Npcscan did not alert me until i was right on him even though he showed up inside my npcscan ring. First attempt to tame got to 4 percent then he phased. searched another 2min found him and booooooom! My new pet.

  2. moja says

    took about 3 hours farming i went out side had a smoke came back in on the firts run he was there about 330 to

  3. ed says

    Picked up Takk the Leaper just now at about 62,20 in the Northern Barrens. I was up on a ridge mashing the macro for 30 min and just decided to come down and run around the extremes of the points shown on Petopia and there he was! The cool part was that all three of my sons were looking over my shoulder as I went through the taming process!

  4. Brit says

    Grats to making a new home for Ghostcrawler ;] I’m surprised you don’t have Jadefang added to that macro though. While your in Deepholm, peek if shes there ;P She can become your protector or even drop a little friend for you if you decide to kill her ^.^ She became my protecter. Working on the mini-pet hehe.

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