Last night I portaled over to Deepholm to finish up a couple quests while I waited for BG queues. No sooner do I step outside the temple, then guess who whooshes on by..?


Number one, I really was not aware of this creature. Seemed like I’d heard mention of it at some point, but needless to say… it never once occurred to me that there was a rare elite dragon who spawns in Deepholm every so often. I’ve been totally preoccupied the past few months, which has caused me to miss a lot of the non-hunter-related patch notes.

So anyway… I’m standing there outside the temple, just about to cauterize the stone dwarf’s wounds, fumbling through my pack looking for the quest item… then NPCScan goes off.

Those of you with the addon know how exciting it is when it sounds the alarm. :D

At that point I’m thinking… “Oh..! A rare! How cool..! Where is it?!”

I’m tapping the Aeonaxx NPCScan target frame on my screen, but I’m unable to pick him up. A split-second later I realize, “OH S**T, it’s a dragon..!” At that instant I realized that this could very well be the rare I remember being mentioned as the new TLPD. Meaning, this is the new rare dragon in Cataclysm who drops an epic flying dragon mount.

Just as I realize this, Aeonaxx comes swooping by me like a jet fighter buzzing the tower. He is huge… and green… and super bitchin looking… and very fast. He does not seem to cruise, so you need to be in high pursuit of this bandit or you will surely lose him.

As he’s flying by, I’m tapping the target icon and spamming my Explosive Shot. He was just out of range… :(

Right as I’m about to mount up and get after him, one of those f’ing flayers starts attacking and puts me in combat. >_< Ugh…

A few seconds later I drop the flayer and start spamming my mount macro. I flew around for about 2-3 minutes, but no sign of him.

At this point I figured I was probably S.O.L., but… I thought instead of flying around willy-nilly, I could at least find out this guy’s patrol area. The area didn’t seem too crowded and I was hopeful that maybe the toons that were there would be too low level to take him down.

Unfortunately, as soon as I windowed out of WoW to WoWHead this guy, my mac started choking. I was quickly reminded why it’s a good idea to close any open programs before logging in. I had a bunch of graphics files open, plus dozens of browser windows and a few other programs open as well.

Needless to say, my computer was practically at a standstill – so much so, that I couldn’t even close WoW. I ended up spouting out several cuss words then performing a hard reboot.

As soon as I was back up and running, I loaded the Aeonaxx page, found out his spawn areas, then logged back in.

I got back on just in time to see a guy post in chat how it was cool to get the drop, but too bad he was on his hunter alt at the time. *sigh*

I guess the moral of the story is… make sure you have your wits about you when out questing in Deepholm. ;) You never know when Aeonaxx may decide to fly by and blow your hat off.

Apparently, the sighting I had last night was pretty lucky, as it seems this dragon is scarcely seen. Comments on WoWHead and Thottbot indicate that one can spend weeks and weeks camping this guy with not even a glimpse of him.

I won’t be camping him, but you can definitely bet I’ll be on the lookout from now on anytime I’m in Deepholm. ;)

Here’s a map showing his locations.

Aeonaxx Patrol Locations in Deepholm

Aeonaxx Patrol Map - Reins of the Phosphorescent Drake

And just in case you’re wondering why I’ve dedicated a whole post to Aeonaxx… this is why…

Reins of the Phosphorescent Stone Drake

Reins of the Phosphorescent Stone Drake

Reins of the Phosphorescent Drake

Images courtesy of the fine folks at WoWHead.

Good luck people, and happy hunting! Hope you have better luck than I did. ;)


  1. Star says

    <– just had gotten the mount with no problems as a lvl 82 paladin. It was pretty an exciting moment with the adorable Aeonaxx lulz.

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