Needing a break from Vashj’ir, I decided to make Mount Hyjal my home base during the past couple of days. Vashj’ir started out pretty fun, but by day three I’d had all I could take.

Day one in Vashj’ir: “Ooohhh… Aaahhh… how fun!”
Day two in Vashj’ir: “Well this has been interesting, but I’m ready to get back on land and play my hunter.”
Day three in Vashj’ir: “I swear… if I have to do one more Naga vehicle quest I’m gonna lose my mind!”
Day four in Vashj’ir: “Finally… a submarine charter out of this accursed place… Wha..?! We’re not done yet..?! I’m F**KIN OUTTA HERE!!!”

*hops Seahorse to nearest island and heads for the mainland*

I guess you could say I was in need of a change of scenery. ;)

I headed to Mount Hyjal to not only check out the zone, but to also try and track down the new hotness (no pun intended… well, not really… it was intended) as far as hunter pets are concerned. The hotness I speak of is known as:


Terrorpene is probably the most sought after hunter pet right now. This is due to a couple of things…

For one, he’s incredibly cool looking. Second… he is tamable in any hunter spec – not just Beast Mastery. Third… he is available for taming at level 81. Although… I’m not sure how much success a level 81 hunter could expect to have should they decide to tangle with this guy. He carries around with him a very large can of whoop-ass.

At level 82, I wasn’t entirely sure I’d be abe to successfully pull off a tame, but nonetheless, I was far too curious and eager. So, I headed over to Mount Hyjal in search of the infamous Lava Turtle.

I began my tour there by questing, but found myself getting kind of tired of the quest grind. Also, I didn’t want to stray too far from Terrorpene’s stompin’ ground in the event I’d miss him if he spawned. So, I ended up just hanging out in the Throne of Flame for a few days and queueing BGs. After each BG, I’d perform a quick sweep of the area and slay a few molten giant guys until my next BG popped.

While to some this may sound like a boring way to level, I found it quite refreshing and enjoyable. Much to my delight, I’ve found Beast Mastery to be most successful in BGs. Not sure how it is at 85, but for now… I’m loving it.

At any rate… I spent three whole evenings just doing BGs, gathering some honor, experience, and having a splendid time. During this time, I encountered dozens of hunters patrolling and camping the area – all with the same goal… to tame Terrorpene.

One such hunter was incredibly helpful and congenial. We chatted for a bit and and they even gave me a Potion of Speed and Prismatic Elixir to aid me in my plight. I was quite appreciative of this kind gesture and he assured me that I’m going to need them.

I was quite pleased with such a fine demonstration of fellowship, but I really didn’t think those were needed. Now being a sturdy level 83, I thought… it was really nice of that hunter to give me those potions, but I doubt I’ll use them.

Let me tell ya… drink ‘em if ya got ‘em.

So, last night I entered what was to be my final BG of the evening. Wouldn’t you know, it had to be Isle of Conquest. >_<

Ugh… I’m gonna be in here for half an hour… maybe I should just log. Nah… I’ll man up, knock out one more then call it a night.

As soon as the BG was over and I returned to Hyjal… guess who I see wading through the lava not 20 yards in front of me..?!

It was just my time… It was just my time.


Because of all the fierce competition for this guy, I knew I had to strike fast. I hopped off my mount, called Skoll so that I could dismiss him, called my Core Hound, popped Ancient Hysteria; then by that time I had to mount up again and fly to within range of Terrorpene to start the tame.

I didn’t bother with the potion or elixir that the other hunter gave me, because, well… those are fine for noobs, but I know what I’m doing. I’m Garwulf *puffs chest*. ;)

Har, Har…

I got within range and hit my macro:

/cast Deterrence
/cast tame Beast

I began the tame with just over 60K health.

I finished at 656. Terrorpene took me down to nearly 1%.


He is not to be trifled with.

For those of you out there aspiring to add this awesome new pet to your stable, here are some tips:

  • Terrorpene hangs out in the Throne of Flame, where he patrols the eastern portion of the lava moat.
  • He is believed to be on a 9 hour spawn timer.
  • He has an attack called Burning Hatred, which will no doubt shoot your jam session down if you’re not ready for it. It hits for 10K every second.
  • Fire resistance is most advisable when preparing for this guy. Swill down a Prismatic Elixir before you start taming.
  • Stacking stamina and haste is a very good idea as well.
  • If you’re a Beast Master, make sure to have a Core Hound at the ready. Buff yourself with Ancient Hysteria then dismiss your CH before you begin the tame. The added haste from the buff will make things a lot easier.

Lastly… once you’ve put on your daddypants and are set to begin taming, use this macro:

/use Potion of Speed
/cast Deterrence
/cast Tame Beast

You can also add an on-use haste trinket in there if you have one. If so, add this line to your macro:

/use 13 (or 14 if it’s equipped in the bottom slot)

His attack does 10K damage per second, which means the key to success is lowering the cast time on Tame Beast (through added haste), while also having enough resistance and health to withstand the blows.

Here’s a map showing the area where Terrorpene hangs out. You can use either NPCScan to detect him, or just fly around tapping your /target Terrorpene macro, as I had done.

Terrorpene Spawn Location Map

Map courtesy of the fine folks at WoWHead.

Every little advantage helps. If he kills you during the tame, then it’s likely another wanton hunter will capitalize on your failure. Approach it as if you only have one shot, so make it count. ;)

Best of luck to those of you looking to obtain this highly coveted pet. :D


Update: 01/17/11 – lawman30 posted some great information on how to succeed at taming this awesome pet, especially if you’re level 81 or 82 and a bit short on hit points. With some well thought out preparation, he managed to tame Terrorpene at level 81, while only sustaining a 40% blow to his health! Check out his post in the Hunter Pets Forum.


  1. Jade says

    You, sir, are good luck. I just read your article and at 2:45pm on Staghelm, at level 85, I managed to catch this magnificent turtle! I decided on your tactic; hang in the area and run some dungeons. I ran half of one dungeon, and came out with npcscan blaring at me! Terrorpene! My heart skipped a beat as I frantically searched to see if it was a pet, or a corpse: neither!! He floated through the lava in all his glory and I swooped in for the capture! There was nobody else in the area; the capture went off without a hitch and I find myself standing here today with my very own Terrorpene, lovingly nicknamed Inferno. :)

  2. Mark says

    I just wanted to come back and thank you for the info and macro. I got this bad boy at 7:13AM on Trollbane as a lvl 81. I died twice, thinking my taming glyph would reduce the time enough, and I wasn’t fast enough clicking Deterrence and Tame, so I reopened this article, copied the macro, and tamed him with about 33% health left. Thanks! I got a stable full of pets, but this guy is the coolest of them all…

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