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Check out this post to see the King Krush solo-taming video.

…did I ever tell ya ’bout the time I tamed that great big massively monstrous Devilsaur in Sholazar Basin, known as “King Krush“. Oooohs and Aaaahs ensue…

King Krush

King Krush

For those of you unaware, King Krush is a rare exotic pet in Sholazar basin, only tameable by Hunters with the 51 point Beast Mastery talent, and is probably the biggest taming challenge in the entire game. He’s only level 75, but he hits like a wrecking ball and casts a 5 second fear that interrupts taming. Solo-taming him requires a little extra effort.

Alrighty… here’s the story on how I successfully solo tamed this beastie. I know I’m probably not the first guy to have pulled this off, but I have yet to see a comprehensive and detailed guide on how to do it. So here ya go.

First order of business was a respec. I went 51/5/15. The idea behind this was to gain as much health as possible, while also getting the 4% damage reduction. The extra 10% stamina from Survivalist and the 4% damage reduction from Survival Instincts makes a huge difference (5/5 Survivalist granted me about an extra 1.4k). I doubt I would have been telling this story without those extra little buffs from the Survival tree.

Secondly, I sorted through my inventory and bank vault looking for stamina and haste items. I swapped out a few enchants I’d had for Heavy Borean Armor Kits, which grant 18 stamina, and just over 200HP total w/ talents. What I ended up with was a mix of Brutal Gladiator gear, Hateful Gladiator non-set epics and Swiftarrow pieces. My S2 Crossbow added almost 250HP, so I grabbed that also. For the haste, I used my Fezzik’s Pocketwatch, Stained-Glass Shard Ring and Thorny Rose Brooch.

Next stop was the auction house. I picked up some Baked Manta Ray and Potions of Speed for additional haste, and some Stamina Scrolls and Elixirs of Mighty Fortitude for more health.

These were the buffs I had during the tame.

Buffs I had on during the tame

At the time of the taming I was at 23,490HP self-buffed, with 858 Haste (26.17% IAS). The timer on Tame Beast was shaved down to 15.7 seconds. The image above shows the list of buffs I had when starting the tame (with the exception of Spirit Bond). I recreated the steps today to show what buffs I was using for the taming.

Since taming any rare in Sholazar is a feat due to competition from other Hunters, as well as other players looking to complete Frostbitten, you have to be quick when you spot either Krush or Loque. There’s no time for dilly-dallying around once you see them. You’ve got to tame them fast or someone else is liable to come along and ruin things for you.

The best way to put a bead on them is to create a target macro like this:

/target Aotona
/target King Krush
/target Loque

Spam this as you fly around the spawn areas. Aotona is not tameable, but drops nice loot, and some believe is tied to the others’ spawn timers. I can’t confirm the spawn timer part, but it’s a good idea to kill Aotona anyway for the drops.

In my case, the macro wasn’t necessary. I had my WoW window minimized and was afk when Krush must have spawned right in front of me. A soon as I opened up my game window again a few minutes later he was there walking around. After only about 90mins of very casual searching, he popped right in front of me. That’s some crazy luck considering he supposedly spawns only three times per day max, and is now known to roam multiple spots in the basin. Talk about being at the right place at the right time. I guess it evened out for me after the countless hours spent trying to get Loque’nahak.

I spotted him at 47.2, 43.6, walking just SW of The Glimmering Pillar. Until last night, I didn’t even know Krush spawned there. I was hovering there on my flying mount while afk and checking Wowhead for info.

Here’s a map of some of his locations.

First thing I did was roll up right behind him and send my temporary pet in at him. Here’s what happened after that:

  1. I hit my buff macro for the Scroll of Stamina VIII and Elixir of Mighty Fortitude right when I spotted him. The less buttons to press, the better. Remember, you’ve got to be quick.
    /use Scroll of Stamina VIII
    /use Elixir of Mighty Fortitude
  2. I sent my pet in and threw a quick insurance heal on him.
  3. I hit Krush with a Scorpid Sting. Well, actually I forgot this part. However, I recommend you drop this on him before the tame.
  4. The next step was a little tricky. I cast The Beast Within, quickly abandoned my pet, and then started the tame. Krush casts a fear every 10 seconds which will send you running and interrupts the tame. The only way to avoid this while solo-taming is to use TBW.
  5. I hit my handy-dandy taming macro I made:
    #showtooltip Tame Beast
    /equip Merciless Gladiator's Crossbow of the Phoenix
    /use Potion of Speed
    /use 13
    /cast !Tame Beast

The taming macro was pretty key. It swapped out my ranged weps for another couple hundred HPs, used a Potion of Speed, used my Thorny Rose Brooch and then began the tame. All this in one click.

Also, keep in mind that I was already in Aspect of the Dragonhawk and well-fed with haste/stamina food. The 5% damage reduction from Aspect Mastery is of paramount importance – you don’t want to have a go at him in Viper.

After all that was done, I was the proud owner of a huge green dino. Now I just need to level him to 80 and find him a name. Hmmm… What to call him? My early choices are GREEDO or LEMMY. Greedo because he’s green and I “Solo”ed his ass. Get it..? Corny, I know. I like Lemmy because he just looks like a Lemmy, and also because I can’t get that Motorhead song out of my head now.

For any BM Hunters up for a unique challenge, I highly recommend trying to solo-tame King Krush. I’d have to say it even surpassed getting Loque’nahak in terms of a rush. With Loque, all you have to worry about is some other player sabotaging the tame. With Krush, you not only have to worry about outside interference, but you also have to avoid his fears and prevent him from eating your face off.

In closing, I just want to point out some final reminders.

  • King Krush is immune to all CC. Frost Trap will not work to slow him down either. He will run straight through it and knock you to the floor.
  • You must use TBW to avoid his Terrifying Roar, so make sure you have a temp pet when you engage him. Abandon the pet immediately after casting TBW and start taming.
  • While taming you cannot, dodge, block or parry. Your armor also drops to zero, so stacking agility is useless. Stack stamina and lots of it.

I hope this post has helped you if you should decide to take on this taming mission, and I wish you the best of luck. Happy Huntering!



  1. Daniel Ong says


    I managed to tame Krush rather easily using this method. I tamed him when I was level 76, unbuffed with normal dungeon loot gear.

    1) Send pet to attack
    2) He will use fear on the pet (and probably knockback)
    3) Right after that, dismiss pet and tame.

    He did not use knockback nor fear during this time while I was taming him. My guess was they were cooling down. I lost about 6000 HP during the taming process from normal dmg.

  2. says

    Funny side story, a guild buddy (Infiltration) asked me for help in the area killing a boss, but I guess I got there too late. Shortly after I arrived, Krush spawned right in front of us – but we did not know who or what he was, so we killed him, lol.

    After some research, I felt horrible as you can imagine. I then became obsessed with catching him again.

    I tamed him solo a couple days ago during my 3rd day of random extended hour camping, without any help from mods, friends, potions, or macros (maybe being level 85 with pvp gear helps, lol).

    Anyway, I entered a battleground and when I returned to do a round I found him by Glimmer 4:41 realm time.

    My pet was dismissed, but when I hit the tame button, I got an error that I had an active summon already. Krush started to attack me. I summoned my pet and then dismissed it. The first 2 tames I got feared away, but the 3rd was a charm, luckily because I almost killed him and it was a drawn out battle and anyone could have come over for “help” if you know what I mean.

    So now I have him and I am very excited. I ran around the house jumping up and down and my heart was racing, lol.

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