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Gar UI Updated

I still need to update my screenshots and description, but I didn’t want to keep you waiting any longer. Click on the image above to go directly to the download page.

Be sure to open the ReadMe.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, please post them in the comments below.

Quick and Easy Install Instructions

  1. Download the package from WoWInterface and extract it to your desktop.
  2. Navigate to your WoW directory.
  3. * * * IMPORTANT * * * Drag your existing WTF and Interface folders out onto your desktop. This step allows you to keep a backup of your existing UI.
  4. Copy and Paste or simply drag the contents of the GarUI package into your WoW directory. I recommend copy/paste just in case you need to start over for any reason.
  5. Open your WTF backup folder and copy/paste or drag/drop your into the GarUI WTF folder. This isn’t abolutely necessary, but it allows you to retain many of your in-game settings (e.g., camera distance, mouse settings, etc…).
  6. Drill down through the contents of the WTF folder, renaming the generic folder labels as you go.
  7. Log into your WoW account.
  8. Click on the AddOns tab on the character screen, then make sure Load Out of Date AddOns is checked.
  9. Log in with the character who’s going to try on my UI.
  10. type in: /reflux switch GarUI

A couple of install screenshots to further illustrate…

Gar UI AddOns

Reflux switch

Gar UI

At this point, the UI should be configured more or less. You’ll likely have to move the chat frame manually. To do this, just hover over it, then right-click on the General tab and click Unlock Window. Move and resize the chat frame as needed.

The UI is set up to work out-of-the-box for 1920×1200 resolution monitors, with the UI scale slider at this position…

Gar UI Scale

In my tests, I found that my Unit Frames needed a little kick in the ass in order to get them to their designated location. To be sure they’re positioned as intended…

  1. Type: /suf
  2. Go to the Profiles tab
  3. Select Default from the Existing Profiles drop-down, then switch it back to GarUI.
  4. Unit frames should reposition slightly.

If you’re not running at 1920×1200, then you’ll probably need to adjust things a bit. One thing you’ll need to tinker with is KGPanels. Nearly all of the panels are parented to their respective addons, so if you reposition an addon, the panel will follow. If you need to adjust the size or position…

  • type in: /kgpanels config
  • navigate to the panel you need to adjust, then nudge it with the config settings.

KG Panels Config

I hope you like the UI! I’ll try my best to answer any questions you may have, but hopefully this post gets you up and running.


Gar UI in a raid


  1. Snipe says

    I really want to try this UI out but every time I try to install it I end up having issues.. My screen never looks like it should after installation. Maybe you can tell me what I am doing wrong? I was tryin to include a screenshot after installation but I cant seem to do that either. Thanks in advance.

  2. =_= says

    how do u resize those bar , my resolution is 1280×960 (something like that) ???
    they all seems so small in my screen

    • says

      If you want to resize only the bars:

      Type: /bt4
      On the left, click on Bar 1, Bar 2, etc… On the right, drag the Scale slider to where it works for you.

      To make everything a bit bigger you go into your game menu, then Video options, select the Advanced option and adjust the UI Scale.

      Hope that helps.

  3. Arnanu says

    Hey Garwulf,

    First of all, thanks again for the awesome UI!

    I have a bit of a problem with the raidframes.
    I had to resize some things since i don’t play the reso that is intended.
    Now i can’t seem to move the raidframes inside the black box as you can see.

    Could you help me out please?


    Arnanu, Bladefist EU

  4. Norm says

    Thanks for an awesome update and tweak!

    The only disturbing thing in your otherwise flawless UI is the Blizzard raid frames tab to the left. Maybe you left it there for a reason but if not, you can disable it via SUF.

    • says

      I’ll check that out Norm. I looked for a solution to that problem at the time, and the only thing I saw to do was run a macro after each login.

      I’ll check in SUF and see what I see.


  5. Difool says

    Thanks for the great UI.

    I had a hitch I had to debug that didn’t have anything to do with your config, but I thought I’d share it here in case others have had this problem.

    With the 4.0.1 upgrade KGPanels stopped working for me. No mater what I did (delete, wipe out my saved variables, reinstall) they just wouldn’t render. I decided just to uninstall and call it a day.

    Then loading your UI, I just could NOT get the panels to render. To make a long story short, I went into /KGPanels config, and under layouts there were “None” and “Difool SV”. There was no GarUI layout. If anyone knows where KGP stores it’s layouts give a yell, because it certainly isn’t in Saved Variables.

    I deleted that layout, and then started your instructions from the very start, and – BINGO! – It worked exactly has claimed.

    So TL’DR: If you aren’t getting the panels (and things like Recount are looking funny), then:
    1) /kgpanels config
    2) Look under “Layouts”, if you see an old layout that you created before, and no GarUI, then optionally export that layout and then delete it.
    3) Start Gar’s instructions fresh from the start.

    • Difool says

      Actually, I also seem to have a similar issue with Recount, and Omen (other add-ons that I have used and configured). In both cases my old profiles are still there, and seemingly because of that, the GarUI profile loads as default, not as intended in the GarUI. This isn’t a huge deal, as I can reconfigure that profile, but it is interesting.

      Anyone know where these add-ons are storing their profiles? I’ve certainly blown away the WTF, Interface (as well as Cache and Logs) folders before installing, but the old profiles still exist, and seem to slightly trip up Garwulf’s UI deployment a tad.

  6. Same Guy says

    hey gar, for some reason my email isnt working right now so here what i was gona say.
    It seems that GarUI was not in the list of profiles. the list consisted of, Default, hunter, and Lilvoljin-winterhoof. (lilvoljin is my hunter)

  7. Same Guy says

    I am gona try to rebuild your UI as it is extremely good and i really want to use it for WoW so do you have any pics of all the hidden frames and bars in view of GarUI 5.0?

  8. Wuss says

    Ok so i’ve been looking a little closer at reflux and in the install notes i found this.

    When you download a mod, please be sure that the mod is compatible with your translation of wow. Some mods only work on the US versions, while some only work on some of the various European versions. These variations are called “Localizations”.

    I dont know about Slyse or Same Guy but i am on EU sever since i live in the UK is it possible this is a sever compatability issue with some of the downloads. Are there any EU server users that have had success installing GarUI?

    I need to go out now but when i get back i will be looking into “Localizations” for the mods included in the UI

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