New Spirit Beast..?

Ghostcrawler has apparently been spotted on the beta realms in the southwest waters of Vash’jir.

Ghostcrawler - New Spirit Beast..?

…and he’s packing his Nerfbat in the event any courageous adventurers dare try to tangle with him.

Ghostcrawler's Nerfbat attack

This cracks me up.

Initially I thought this to be a joke, but now I’m not so sure. I mean it could just be an Easter Egg goof for beta testers, but ya never know…

It’s fitting really… a Spirit Beast Crab named, Ghostcrawler

Check out Mania’s Petopia Forum for the official sighting thread.

Thanks Anj for tipping me off to this. :)


  1. Gewehr says

    I got him today at 9:00 after i farmed for him all day and right after i got him i got the raven lord lol today was my luckie day

  2. Huntressliza says

    I just tamed him this morning. Was walking the areas he walks and after 4 hours I finally found him on Gnomeregan at 7:30AM server time. He is easy to see when he is out and Track Beasts helps a lot

  3. Wuss says

    My heart still pounds wildly as i type this, I just tamed GhostCrawler. Sweeeeet :)

    For anybody intrested cords are 12.3 – 84.7 in the Abyssal Depths, Vash’jir.

  4. Neinna of Windrunner says

    This is what I’ve gathered just out of personal experience on Ghostcrawler. His Nerfbat (tee hee forum gods…) hits about every second for ~4958 and reduces your stats, and it’s an AoE. I sicked me lion on him to hold aggro while I called a guildy over to tame and it nearly killed me, not even aggro’d on me. I decided it’d be best to dismiss and feign and just follow him. He walks around a good part of the Abandoned Reef (which doesn’t look like it’s effected by phasing, if any of Vashj’ir is) HE VANISHES AT RANDOM. If you’re looking for him, you may miss him on the first pass. When he vanishes, he just plain falls off the face of the earth for anywhere between what seems like 5-15 seconds and no one can see or interact with him, it seems. The Abandoned Reef is just that. Abandoned. Chances are you won’t see anyone just passing through, it’s off on its own with no mobs (other than critters and GC) and no quest should send you there.
    At 85, I have 99k health with just quest rewards and random drop Monkey and Bandit gear. I survived the 10 sec tame, but with less than half health. I can tell you I wouldn’t have lasted a 20 sec tame, so bring bandages and pots if you worry about being interupted. He could kill an 83, probably, just on his own. After the tame, he makes crab noises AND cat roars when sent in.

    Well, hope all that may help some lucky little hunter. Good luck, guys!

    • Drach says

      Thanks for the great info! I bet if he’s like the other crabs in the area, they tend to “burrow” for a period of time and then pop back up. Thanks for the good info, I probably will never use him, but just for the sake of having all the spirit beasts i’m sure I’ll give it a try once I get 85!

    • Diana says

      Holy cow! I can’t thank you enough for your info AND the luck you must have given me!!
      I was looking and looking but not too sure if I had to do quests in the area or not to maybe open the zone since it looked so dead and empty. Then I found your info, and knew it was the right place, looked back in game moved like 20′ from where I was just sitting and HELLO!!! There he was!! Yes he hits hard, was amune to my Ice trap, but got him and I can NEVER thank you enough. ::huge hugs::

    • Shotmyfoot says

      One huge tip I recommend when taming this pet, is to use FREEZING TRAP!!! Take your trap launcher and just freeze him. Then he is frozen in a big ball of ice for about a minute. So you could freeze him, do your little happy dance then go and tame him while he is in ice. Do that WHENEVER you are taming a pet; I did it when I tamed dungeon bosses, the famed Devilsaur and it works like a charm. Good luck to all!

  5. Lyck says

    He’s available in retail (as is probably obvious from the date of Vercha’s post), and is blue-transparent (the same as other Spirit Beasts). I’m pretty much quest-geared at 85 and tamed him without needing to use any tricks (just swam up and tamed). Didn’t get the exact coords, but the location mentioned above is accurate.

  6. BodomChild666 says

    I find it funny how no one commented on the fact that his attack ability is called “NerfBat”, i think thats actually pretty jokes. xD

  7. Pence-korgath says

    I would literally killhim and find out his respawn timer and make sure to kill him each time its up for his atrocities to hunters.

  8. bradden says

    He now has the same skin model as Arturiuss and Gondira yet somewhat more purple than them but much better than above. I also tamed today before beta servers went down the new lion in Twighlight Highlands that has the same skin model as the Alliance guild mount. Last night tamed Terrepene the new rare turtle and I can tell you even though he is level 81 he hits harder than Krush ever did had to use similar strategy with increasing my haste very tough tame. Wish I knew how to imbedd images to your site, sorry.

  9. says

    It’s nice that we have a new spirit beast in the area but isn’t it kinda disappointing that it doesn’t seem to have a unique skin based on the screenshot? Aside from the blue markings that are barely noticeable, it seems to look just like an ordinary green cataclysm crab (Green Deep Sea Crab accdg to Petopia)… i personally think that it’s ok that it’s a crab. but I wish it could have taken a unique, and i mean a rare-one-of-a-kind-uncomparable-and-striking skin that no other mob in game could possibly have… but that’s just me :)

    • says

      He’s a Spirit Beast, so he’s got the Roar of Courage (Horn of Winter type agility/strength buff – – very awesome), Spirit Mend (a nice insta-heal + HoT), and the Spirit Walk (prowl) ability. He’s a Ferocity pet btw.

  10. Samson says

    Greetings fellow azarothorians! I woke up today and saw this picture of this new awesome creature and I was like OMG! So excited! I cannot wait for this. I have been waiting foreverrrrrrrr for Cataclysm now*shaking and crying* WOOOOO!

  11. Felisa says

    I never, ever thought I’d say this…but…this is a spirit beast I think I’m gonna pass on. It’s UGLY. UGLY. UGLY. UGLY!!! *sigh* Sorry for sounding like a complete girl (I am one, after all), but the other spirit beasts were pretty. :( I was looking forward to something fantastic and fluffy to tame. At least I won’t be missing out on any skills by skipping that thing.

  12. Elendiil says

    Very cool, my guildies and I were just wondering last night if there would be a new spirit beast. Grats on taming Skoll !

  13. Bradden says


    Just tamed him this morning in the southwest corner of the abandoned reef he appears and disappears just as you are about to tame him also makes it hard to find him. He has about 1.5 million health so those that are not hunters will find him nigh impossible to kill. His skin is okay he has spectral blue markings and all of the spirit beast ferocity talents.

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