New Spirit Beast..?

Ghostcrawler has apparently been spotted on the beta realms in the southwest waters of Vash’jir.

Ghostcrawler - New Spirit Beast..?

…and he’s packing his Nerfbat in the event any courageous adventurers dare try to tangle with him.

Ghostcrawler's Nerfbat attack

This cracks me up.

Initially I thought this to be a joke, but now I’m not so sure. I mean it could just be an Easter Egg goof for beta testers, but ya never know…

It’s fitting really… a Spirit Beast Crab named, Ghostcrawler

Check out Mania’s Petopia Forum for the official sighting thread.

Thanks Anj for tipping me off to this. :)


  1. Gewehr says

    I got him today at 9:00 after i farmed for him all day and right after i got him i got the raven lord lol today was my luckie day

  2. Huntressliza says

    I just tamed him this morning. Was walking the areas he walks and after 4 hours I finally found him on Gnomeregan at 7:30AM server time. He is easy to see when he is out and Track Beasts helps a lot

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