Loque’nahak Q&A

Q: How long did it take you to locate and tame the Spirit Beast once you set out to do so?
A: About 12 days and an average of 4-6 hrs searching per day.

Loque'nahak - Spirit BeastQ: Where did you finally tame Loque?
A: Southern spawn location southwest of The Skyreach Pillar.

Q: What time of day was it?
A: Approximately 1pm server time.

Q: Did you know Loque’nahak was going to be there?
A: No.

Q: Were you camping that location?
A: Not really. I was only there about five minutes.

Q: Had you seen Loque at all during the 12 day search prior to taming, and if so, where?
A: Twice. Both times at the spot west of The Nesingwary Base Camp.

Q: What time of day was it when you spotted Loque’s corpse the other 2 times?
A: 11:44pm server and then again the following day at 5:51pm server. 18 hours, 7 mins apart.

A: Is Loque on a 6 hour spawn timer?
Q: I believe so.

King KrushA: Is the spawn timer related to the other rares in Sholazar Basin?
Q: Perhaps. Loque spawned in the spot Krush was killed 12 hours earlier.

Q: Did you patrol for him or camp one location?
A: I tried both, but mostly patrolled.

Q: Would you recommend patrolling for him or camping?
A: I recommend patrolling. There are too many spawn locations to just bet on one.

Q: Should I try to tame Loque once I reach level 76?
A: Absolutely not. Wait until you can get Cold Weather Flying.

Q: How important is it to have a flying mount when trying to find Loque?
A: Very important.

Q: How long does it take to cover all of the spawn points in the basin on a flying mount?
A: About five minutes.

Q: How long does it take to patrol on a ground mount?
A: Too long.

Q: Is it true that Loque’nahak is only out for ten minutes at a time once spawned?
A: No. Loque would never be up that long before being killed or tamed.

Q: How many spawn points did you patrol?
A: 5 for the first 10 days, then 7 the following 2 days.

Q: How many spawn locations are there for Loque’nahak?
A: 7 that I am convinced of.

Q: Where are they?
A : Right here, shown on the map below.

Loque'nahak Spawn Locations

Loque'nahak Spawn Locations in Sholazar Basin

Q: Is Loque’nahak worth all of the trouble?
A: If you’re into extremely uncommon pets that look incredible, then absolutely.


  1. Sierena says

    Been out in SB 3 days. 4-6 hours at a time. ( I have school too) hunting Loque. Flying around periodically to see if he spawned anywhere else. I hope I get him soon. I have seen other hunters as well around Nessingway where I am camping. And some Paladins Y.Y aiming to kill. I hope I find him soon.

  2. Chris says

    Thought I should mention, I have 3 Loques now, caught them all within a two day time span, and the first two were south west of the sky reach pillar, and the last was his most northern spawn near the mountains.

  3. Chris says

    Haha I might as well share my story too.

    I was searching for her for about 3 days, 3-6 hours a day, patrolling all 7 spawns.

    I ran into King Krush twice before I even saw Loque once…

    Luckily for me, the first time was all I needed :)

    I found her south of the sky reach pillar, and stupid swarm of bugs almost screwed me out of her.

    I had to FD to get the aggro off, hurry up and drop the freezing trap, and had to auto attack her to pull her towards the trap because I undershot it :O

    The craziest part is not even one second after I tame her, I get slammed with arrows and some enemy hunter kills me.

    He camped me for like 15 minutes, but it’s cool because I got Loque :)

  4. Lacy says

    I have been looking for 2 days now.. about 4-6 hours a day (I have school), and have not seen him at all. There isnt even anyone in the area to claim him, so I guess anyone looking for him has his spawn time for my server… That, or im the most unlucky hunter alive, wich I wouldnt doubt.

  5. fumanchu says

    I’ve been hunting Loch’Nahak since early this morning. It’s now 6pm. I have seen hide nor hair of him or any of the other rares that spawn in the basin. I HAVE seen A LOT of alliance around and I ganked a few of them and got ganked once myself. After that I decided to just keep dodging them so i could find and tame the beast. Next post i make will tell you he’s mine. Time to win :)

  6. Whosthedaddy says

    Man u lucky dins i really want loque nahak keep searching and never seem to find it skoll and gondria was lucky find but i need loque

    • Xuenlou says

      That’s probably why you don’t have any luck.. Telling ppl fuck you isn’t giving you the best Karma ya know..

  7. says

    Is it just me, or have I been extremely lucky with my spirit beasts lately? Friday I tamed Gondria from Zul’Drak. Sunday I tamed Arcturis from Grizzly Hills, and today, Monday, I tamed Loque’Nahak from Sholazar Basin. All within 5 minutes of searching total time in each zone. I feel good. :)

    • Snuzzle/BB says

      Oddly enough I have been finding these real easy as well.

      Thanks for the infromation. All spotted withing 5 minutes.

    • VenomArrow (Burning Blade) says

      Lol same here, except i find a lot of pets (Or at least the ones i caught) Spawn around 5:00 – 7:00. I got Karoma yesterday (Wed) at 5:30 p.m. (around then) Then today (thurs) I caught Sambas around 5:30 a.m. (around then again), and Skoll an hour later (same day). Im trying tonight for Loque’nahak :3 Keep you posted when i find the lil guy!

    • Mimmi says

      I feel pretty lucky, without much time spent I tamed Terror from Hyjal at 2 am server time, then I tamed Gondria that afternoon at 1:15 server time, I then proceeded to find King Krush at 1:30 server time and later that evening, without even searching I tamed Arcturis, the following day I tamed my beloved Loque without looking, I accidently ran into her without even looking. I was flying got my mount stuck at top mountain came back to her right beside me. I would say pretty lucky, I am now out to find skull lets see how long since I only began looking for them 12 hours before I first tamed terror my studmuffin.

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