Tips and Advice For Hunters Seeking Loque’nahak

Since I have yet to tame him, I am by no means offering a blueprint for success. However, after spending probably a collective 30-35 hours (at least) looking for him, I have a few pieces of advice that may help others.

Update: With so many high level Hunters after Loque, new information is filtering in daily it seems. Most notably (and unfortunate) are the addition of new spawn locations. From what I’ve been reading, it appears now that there are a minimum of 7 spawn locations for Loque’nahak.

  • Loque’nahak spawns in at least 7 known points across Sholazar Basin. (see map)
  • Before seeking him, wait until level 77 so that you can fly around the basin instead of riding a ground mount.
  • He is on a 6 hour spawn timer.
  • He is only up for approximately 10 minutes once he spawns (I’m assuming this has to do with his transition between the physical and spiritual worlds… I dunno).
  • He will probably not last 2 minutes once spawned before he is ether killed or tamed. I am on a medium population server and it is crazy busy in the basin.
  • Once he is killed, it will take approximately 20 minutes for his corpse to disappear. It is believed that the 6 hour timer starts at the moment of his despawn.
  • If you find his corpse and are a skinner, have at him. Skinning him results in a blue cape drop.
  • Level to 77 so that you can get Cold Weather Flying. This makes things so much easier.
  • If you are a skinner I suggest camping him west of The Nesingwary Camp. Even if you don’t get Loque, you will get rich.
  • Don’t try to find him until you can fly.
  • The east and south spawn areas are also good places for skinning, and they are pretty close together. You can grind gorillas while you pat back and forth between the two points looking for him. The downside is, this place is usually teeming with other players. Lots of competition.
  • To cut down on travel time, you can sit atop The Glimmering Pillar and use Eagle Eye to scout the two northern spawn locations. This obviously requires a flying mount. This also may be contingent upon game settings as well. The downside is, the precious several seconds required to fly down to him may be long enough for someone else to reach him first. It still can be helpful to rule out those two locations before heading off to another.
  • If you have a friend who can help you, have them sit at the western location. Set your hearth to the Nesingwary Camp. No matter where you are, if he should spawn there you could get to him in just over 30 seconds.
  • Get an addon called RareFinder. It sounds an alert and displays a message on your screen if you target or mouse over a rare. After days upon days of looking you can start to fall asleep at the wheel. This helps prevent that.
  • Did I mention you should wait until you can fly before trying to find him. 😉

Lastly, make sure you are using a target macro. I use the following:

/target loque
/target king krush
/target aotona

Spam it while you are flying around and it will target any of the rares in the area. There are claims that only one rare can be present in Sholazar Basin at a given time. However, I have read stories to the contrary. It’s also said that their spawn timers are related. I don’t know whether any of this is true or not, but it’s a good macro to use. If you’re looking to tame King Krush also, like I am, then defnitely use it.

I’ll update this if I can think of anything else. Ultimately, taming Loque’nahak is pure luck. It’s a perfect example of being in the right place at the right time.

Hopefully my right place and right time is coming soon. 😐


  1. Gary says

    I’ve been trying to tame Loque’nahak for several years off and on, but this week I have don’t nothing but try to tame him. I have all the other spirit beasts cats, actually pretty easily done too, but this is crazy. I have been getting up at 4 am and search all day and until I can barely hold my eyes open. Any help would be appreciated greatly. Whisper me Drhast, Alliance.

  2. Doubleh says

    hey im almost lvl 76 and i am totally hunting and tameing Loque’naha i am wondering how long did it take you to find him? because i dont gwt to play wow alot and im afraid it will take me neer for ever to get him

  3. Zaytian says

    I’m on my 3rd day and 2nd round on my search for Loque. On my 2nd day and 4th round I came across King Krush near to the Suntouched Pillar…I tamed him for the hell of it (it wasn’t Loque, but atleast it was something).

    My first round of the 3rd day I was told I’d missed Loque by 15 minutes, damn! So I’m hoping today will be the day. I’ll let you know if I find him!

  4. Abbey says

    I’ve been tracking this cat for about 24 hours now and I’ve been to all the location’s a guy told me he tamed the cat at 9am this morning with the 6 hour thing the cat should spawn again by 1pm or later can’t find him…. /sigh

  5. msdwallace says

    ok so this 6-10hr spawn time is bull, i camped all 7 of his spots with help and npc scan hitting /reload ui every hour for 14 hours straight! i was attacked by a horde around 8:50pm server time by 9pm i hit the 7 points and still no sighting, by 9:21pm negotiations with horde were over and i was free to resume with no interference, flew by the camp scan went off and there was his dead body, please understand how hurt and crushed i was. and the horde guy flew over to me apologized and cried on my shoulder as i cried over loque’s body! i resumed the hunt a few hours later it is almost 5am about 7 hours from his last spawn and still no sign of him. Blizz really shouldn’t make killing these guys an achievement or at-least not killing them all, 1 should be enough that way everybody goes after the stupid bird and not loque. /sigh back to my hunt

  6. charles says

    Sitting on top of that pillar does not work for the northernmost spawn. Eagle Eye immediately fails. for the spawn to the left of the pillar it works.

  7. Arradia says

    Just found and tamed Loque’nahak on Dalaran at 5:01pm Eastern server time. He spawned at the Northwest location near the water, close to Sambas. Hope this info helps & happy hunting to all my fellow hunters.

  8. hordegasm says

    wow. i was reading ur site and all the comments(while im on my flying mount in sholazar) and decide to go on wow and go to the next marked spawn spot….there he is in a freeze trap (not yet being tamed). i didnt know what do and started dismissing my current pet to tame him..then the damn alliance charater started taming loque once he saw me. im in such shock right now, i dont know what do with myself…. go cry in a corner or search for another spirit beast. i think both. the search is still on. *sigh*

  9. Moonie says

    Iv’e been looking now for hours and haven’t found a single sign, no corpse nothin. is that normal??

    Gundrak Server

  10. Preb says

    Hi Garwulf,

    I have a question about your macro
    /target loque
    /target king krush
    /target aotona
    Do you need to click evry second on the macro.
    Or is it automatically that your char. target the mob?

    p.s.: I LOVE YOUR SITE <3 xD

  11. nickolas says

    I can now nocfirm with out a doubt that the respawn timer is not 6 hours exactly. i was flying around at 10 pm and found him getting tamed be a hunter, so i olgged on 6 hours later and he was no where to be seen. when i went back out on a whim exactly 10 hours and 36 minutes later and found him

  12. Dreavyn says

    welp! im starting my search right now :3 wish me luck!
    this was very helpful, always come here first before deciding to tame anything x3

  13. Cheiza says

    Booyah! Was fooling around doing marco’s trying to figure out how to target him and this beauty spawned right in front of me @ 2:09pm! My heart was racing…I dropped the trap, he leaped right on it in front of me and I got him! Finally after waiting last night and this morning he is mineeeeaahhhhhh!!! 😀

  14. MangyRat says

    I looked for this bastard of a pet for 8 hours straight. This was just after Cata came out. Me and a friend we’re camping, I had the left side patrol, and he had the right. Flying up and down the sides looking for this thing. A few hours before my friend turned up, I managed to get Krush. NPCscan went off, just in time for me to see him raping a 77 gnome warlock, was pretty hilarious. I watched on as he got his kill, then I tamed him. Then after a few hours, and spamming general offering a reward, I get a pm from a DK in the area, he said he had just killed it. I said to him ‘Man I’ve been spamming general every 15 minutes for the last 8 hours, you’d think you would have the decency to ask if any hunters were looking’. These spirit beasts SHOULD NOT be achievements. I reckon Blizzard should make them like Sambas, that only drops the vendor trash, thuough I still haven’t managed to get him, because some assholes just find it amusing to kill things for the fun of ruining someones day. Luckly for me though, I camped Arcturis for 12 hours without any competition, apart from the odd gank from ally’s flying from the camp above. Got Arcturis. Also got Skoll after a guildy noticed he had spawned and offered to camp him for me until I got there. Also got Gondria after having her spawn right under me, and the fire turtle in Hyjal. Got him after an Orc Warrior asked in general if anyone wanted to tame :) It all really comes down to luck, being in the right place at the right time, and how kind people in the area are. Whether their going to ruin a hunters day or make it.

  15. Grizzlyadams says

    2nd time ive found him dead wish ppl stop freaking killing him and blizz change it he doesnt need to be a achievement to kill

  16. gourish says

    i was searching for loque and all of a sudden i saw king krush he killed me 10 times

    but i still tried to tame him ,and i succeeded . and when returning to the nearest camp to repair my stuff, i saw loque near the large bone of a dino and i tamed him too
    that was so epic.
    i am so happy

  17. Raven says

    As far as timers being in relation, I killed King Krush and IMMEDIATELY had Aotona spawn in front of me. Don’t know if this helps or discourages, but there it is.

  18. Em says

    Just wanted to add, it seems to be a hell of a lot easier now to tame him now Cata is out. I have been after this pet for months, with no luck. I had a free day yesterday so decided to look for this awesome pet. I went to Sholazar about 9am UK time and did a quick /who check, and it was literally just me and a DK in the whole place for Alliance. King Krush spawned at approx. 9.25am, as I already have him I let him be and put a message in general just in case, and he was there for at least half an hour before he disappeared (don’t know whether he was tamed/killed or what). I alternated between circuits of the basin and stationary, and finally, at about 1.25am I managed to tame Loque at the spawn site south of the Nesingwary base camp. This was on Lightbringer EU. Also, the previous evening and approx 11pm as I was crossing Icecrown, I killed Putridis the Ancient. So I would honestly say, anyone after the Northrend rare mobs, now is the best time!

    • Silentrider says

      I agree. I spent days/weeks looking for Loque before Cata. Took some time off WOW to play other games and came back this week. Found and tamed King Krush on Monday; Loque on Tuesday; Beast (UBRS) yesterday and Kroll this morning before work

      Love my hunter

      BTW – The Beast has lost his Boss title :-(

  19. jortrazz says

    just got him i was about to log off and decided to go to 1 last 1 the northen monkey on east side im so excited still shaking it was

    8:45 pm realm time nagrand
    jortrazz me troll hunter

  20. jortrazz says

    been looking for 2 days wen i started kk was already dead and havnt seen a spawn of anything, been going nonstop round sb with my friend goin opposite way for bout 8 hours :(

  21. Dimes says

    I had been camping the same spot for days and left to check out another spot. when I came back a death knight was looting his corpse. I wanted to cry and turn alliance just so I could level and hunt him down. All he could say was “sorry, if i knew…”

  22. Sean says

    Lol just as I was reading this post for Info i saw him but then 1 sec before i got there a hunter was taming, so much sweating

  23. Josh says

    Ok ive done the circuit to all the spawn points for 3 whole days now and i havent seen loque or kind krush. I decided to give loque a break and i went to every other spirit beast spawn and couldnt find any. Im reaally frustrated and im wondering if i shud camp at one location where loque spawns or do i keep looking?

  24. spen says

    I looked at this guide for the first time just now, and I’ve never tried to find him before. I checked three places on the map and found him at the third, at skyreach. Got lucky I guess.

  25. Nazoril says

    After 4 hours of searching.. I see NPC scan pop up, and a belf warlock runs RIGHT infront of my frezing trap, and kils him…. You dont even know how pissed I am.

    • Grizzlyadams says

      ohhh ya i do i asked a DK hey man if u see loq i’ll throw you some gold he says no thanks im here to kill him for a achievement and i’m like WHAT!!!! Well next day comes i find loq dead the guy IMs me and says hows it going i said not good my cats dead again his like oh really hr later i get a necklace in the mail that loq drops it was from the dk with a note that says though you could use this.

  26. Preb says

    Thanks for these great tips. I am now working on my second spirit beast to capture.
    I have Arcturis but definitely want the other three also.I am now looking for loque’nahak.
    I have been a few days looking for him/her. You say in point 4 ”He is only about 10 minutes after he spawns” Are you saying that you can find him 10 minutes before he returned he simply disappears or remains disabled until you catch him or die?
    Sorry for my bad english. = P

    P.s: your site is awesome

    • says

      This guide is pretty old, so it’s difficult to say if this theory still holds true.

      When I posted this, Loque was the only Spirit Beast in the game, and was in very high demand. The 10 minute theory could have been more or less based upon players’ notions that 10 mins was about all the time you’d have to get him, otherwise someone else would either kill or tame him during that window.

      My guess is that Loque will not despawn, but will remain out until tamed or killed, just as all other pets. But again… this is just my thought. I still can’t say for certain.

      Glad you like the site Preb. 😀

  27. Horseahorde says

    I just want to say thank you for your guides I recently turned 80 and decided I wanted to hunt the spirit beast. So my first day I obviously looked around for Loque but nothing to much happened so I went to Skolls spot nothing same with the bear. So I finally ended up in Zul’drak and who did I see on the far east side of the map Gondria. Tamed no problem. So after that success I still wasn’t quite happy without Loque. I searched for 3 days (this being the third) and this morning about 6:00 a.m. I came up on the eagle spawn point the one furtherest north. When I was coming up on it I kept saying in my mind this is it hes gonna be here this is it. and sure enough my NPCscan went off and there he was standing in all his glory. I set down my frost trap and was so nervous I stepped in front of it when i did my concussive shot at it. I stepped back though he went in it and while I was taming it just stood up held my fist in the air and said yes! lol anyway just wanted to say thank you your guides really did help. Time to start my next goal and thats skoll.

  28. koganinja says

    a hunter tamed loque and within 10 secounds king krush apperd so no way are they link also 6 houre timer is untru it seems to differ from sever to server

  29. couger says

    cool looking cat, didnt have much dificulty getting it, but I was a little dissapointed. Its as small as most of the cats, but with a glowing face, and its special move -spirit strike- looks impressive, but only does 23-29 damage, and I am currently at lvl 79 with a 900 dps.

    • says

      Like most pets, it is a shame to see it shrink so much after taming. However, it does look awesome… at least I think so. The roar is great too.

      As for the sub-par DPS… I hear ya. They’re not that bad, but it’s a bummer that they’re not closer to the top for BM.

      All in all though… a very cool pet.

  30. Garwulf says

    Good luck to all those of you still looking to tame Loque. All I can say is, be patient. When she’s ready to be tamed, she’ll appear. That’s how it happened for me anyway.

  31. Tschala says

    Well, recently i found him near Nesingwary Camp.

    Thought: Wow, this pet looks awesome. And it is a rare elite.

    But since i am a Warlock i had to kill him.
    And did i mention i am a skinner to, so i skinned him as well?

      • Sasha says

        Why? If Loque spawns in front of me, you can bet your sweet bippy that I’m not going to waste time asking if there are any hunters around who want to tame him. Not when there’s the Frostbitten achievement to get.

        • Dick Move says

          You won’t waste your time asking if any hunter needs it, so I can bet my sweet bippy that you’ll pointlessly kill it.. You probably wasted that spawn for someone who’s been looking for that pet from a few hours to a few days..

          • Jericho says

            Im a hunter and if i wasnt and saw him id kill him for achieve , people have just as much of a right to try and get the achieve as we do to tame .

            I myself had him killed like 3 times in front of me . It happens .

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