Click on the images to see embiggened pics of this badass new Spirit Beast.

Arcturis the Spirit Beast Bear
Arcturis the Spirit Beast Bear
Arcturis the Spirit Beast Bear
Arcturis the Spirit Beast Bear
Arcturis the Spirit Beast Bear
Arcturis the Spirit Beast Bear

You Hunters that are into the nifty pets… you’re going to want this guy. Trust me.

Arcturis Spawn Map
I know he’s just another Spirit Beast retread with a new skin, but he’s a frickin’ bear, and a bad ass one at that!

He has no special emotes, but he does have some quirks to him. I’m assuming that Blizz has some final fixes to make before the patch goes live.

First off, he runs at normal speed while prowling. This is something I’m sure they will address.

Also, I’m not sure if other bears do this, but if he’s in the standing position at the beginning of a charge, he charges standing up. It’s pretty effing cool. He looks like a comet speeding towards his target.

I’ll tell you one thing… I really hope they add more spawn points for him, because if they don’t, he’s going to be very difficult to tame. He’s so close to the lodge that you could probably see him plainly from the taxi. He’s also in a Grizzly Hills questing hot spot right near the river. I haven’t patrolled for possible additional spawn locations, because, well…who has time for that?! Not I. πŸ˜†

I’m pretty beat tonight so this is all I have for you, but I’ll try to get some decent video footage of him tonight or tomorrow.

Happy Turkey Day Peoples! πŸ˜€


  1. says

    I got this awesome pet at about 9:30 realm time.
    I made a macro to target Arcturis so i would just spam it over and over and… you get the idea. So i came out of a bg and i started boredly spamming the button… and the little screen thing pops up with his name! I was so excited… this pet is AWESOME!
    for anyone that wants it the macro was /target Arcturis. anyone who knows how to make one probably should do this. I just found it made it a bit easier.

  2. Ely says

    Just got him!!!10:02pm est. I was looking for him casually for about 2 days. Logged on and within 10 min I had him. :) On Laughing Skull

  3. Lokeep says

    Got him 2:18 am today! His special ability is healing, awesome! He spawned right in front of me and no other hunters around so taming him was “easy peasy”. Can’t wait to get leveled high enough to go for the spirit cats! Good luck, hunters!

  4. berrell says

    been hunting arcturis for about 10 hours and no spawn yet , is anyone on caelastraz server to give me some idea of timer, pls

  5. Un luck hunter says

    Noo i just fucking reading those comments and then look at wow and some is Tameing it !! Noooo ;((((

  6. InsaneAngel says

    After camping for 4 days, aprx 21 hours total, I logged on at 7:21 am server time Bleeding Hollow (while getting kids ready for school) and there he was just walking around at the normal spawn point north of Amberpine, he is a yellow on the map don’t look for red dots, drop the freeze trap move behind it and tame.. so happy… did a dance.. all is well :)

  7. Mikey G says

    Camped the spot for an hour when he spawned, was in the middle of a tame when an Alliance Hunter showed up and killed him… grrrr

    • Scot says

      That is why you have to shoot him once before he hits your trap. That way you are not out, atleast you have the loot if worse comes to worse.

  8. Firunirner says

    Was camping him for several hours and he spawned around 18 mins after the hour. Then as usual my luck runs out and horde prick killed. He said he just also killed skoll

  9. Bolgar says

    Hey. I had camped this place for like… a week and a half and always in the middle of another hunter taming. Then today i logged in and found a draenei trying to find it. I hear logging in about 5 minutes on the hour and waiting works. So i did. I had afk’d for a few seconds and came back to try to go quest. i came in and all of a sudden i see a big blue bear walking on top of me. I freaked out and tamed it and the hunter had come right as i finished. She was like DUDE!!!!!!!! Im like… UmagsdgG…. I couldnt type i was so excited. Thanks to the huntsman’s lodge… And a friend of mine who helped out. I love him.

  10. boathed says

    hi i campin lightbringer-eu for arc and just wondering is anyone outhere thats seen him th last 48 hours as i hav been campin here all day since this mornin hopefully he’ll turn up i hav npcscan and the macro

  11. Rogatchik says

    In the last two days, i’ve tamed Gondria, Skoll, Ghostrawler, Arcturis and Terror spinner, Karoma is my final hunt. For now.

    P.S i tamed Loque on christmas morning, it felt like a present from Blizzard.

  12. ExotiqIndigo says

    k…i just had my first serious wow moment. so about a week ago i come up with the plan to wait until cata drops and camp for arcturis while everyone else is mobbing the new content and racing to 85. around 1:45am est this morning, i show up near amber pine lodge and there are two lvl 80 hunters camping in the spawn location. im a little disappointed by all the company but then again its not like i had the most original plan. one of the hunters starts pestering me by yelling that theres no way anyone will steal arcturis from him, challenging me, emoting rudeness, etc. so i try to play it off like im not competition and start slaying grizzlies for some quest i have. even if i couldnt tame my bear, i at least wanted to see the exact spot he spawned in. iv never been good at camping, so i log off after maybe 10min. A quarter to 3am(est time when cata goes live) i figure since im still up, why not just log on and see what happens. Im standing next to the water watching the grass, 3am comes and goes…still nothing. I figure ill give it ’til 3:15. 3:12am I yawn, and through my squinty, wide-mouthed vacuum impersonation…the screen blurs and there he is! i almost choked. i tagged him, threw a freezing trap and tamed. i was so pleased that i randomly hit one of my “happy emote” macros and the chat box stated that i was pleased with my spirit beast. it was so sporadically true i almost cried(and im not even sensitive like that). so i h.stone back to org to show off, but then i figure my “plan” might work for loque as well, so i make the long trip back out to s.b. circle it once, give up, post up in dal and log off. i just caught arc., so im super pleased anyway and decide to get some sleep. internet junkie that i am(i dont sleep), i get on here to find the exact locations and macro for loque(since this is where i got all my arc. info) and plan to hunt again later in the week. i read a few posts to familiarize myself with key areas, look at shoes, do girl stuff. 4:20ish awake and bored, i log back in and decide to do some real camping. inspired by my arc. catch, im resolved to actually put in work this time. maybe loque would come to me(as so many posters stated) i thought skeptically. i fly from dal and eventually cross into s.b. from ice crown. im in the southern area not really paying attention, i test the macro once to see if i did it right and i almost sh*t myself when it targets loque. i crash out of the sky trying to find a safe place to pull him without catching any mobs. blah blah blah i tame him. arcturis @3:12am and loque @4:26am, same morning, wow xmas came early for me :D. Everyone who posted advice, tips, and encouragement…THANKS!!! If not for yall, i wouldnt have even bothered and placated myself with my old white core hound. Sorry the post is so long, just wanted to throw some encouragement out there too(esp to the lazy skeptics like me lol) The moment you catch them is totally worth it!!!

  13. Yushin says

    THIS IS AWSOME!!! I was waiting only for 30min and I kept on logging in and out from where the spawn was gonna happen and all of a sudden when the last login from where I was standing at and looked up and there he was above me! My heart was pounding and excited! Thee only and one spot in here 31,56 for the spawn coords.

  14. Shots says

    Well i camped his spot until midnight for a total of 10 hours and decided to go to sleep. in the morning i had to go to work, when i got back today at 2:00 i saw his dead body under me :(

    • says

      They killed Arcturis!!!


      Seriously though… what a waste. Killing a SB should give you a debuff of some sort, as they’re akin to endangered species in the real world.

  15. Shots says

    Well been camping for about 8 hours now started at 2:00 pm server time on Daggerspine Fear was he next to the river further down or what?

  16. Fear says

    I just tamed him.

    He was down lower than said, just pacing. I didn’t get the coordinates but you could NOT see him from the camp. So i think they might have added more spawn locations.

  17. twinmoon1 says

    anybody know how often he appears on the nazgrel realm. rumor has it it will reappear right after a patch, so i am going to try it after the next patch.

    • rusco says

      god i feel awful for forgetting to write importaint stuff in a single message. The tame’s were done on Wyrmrest Accord server (RP server), it is a pacific time server and beware, when it comes to spirit beasts, ive met a few good ppl and a lot of hostile ppl 😐

  18. Brandon says

    So I have been camping Gondria for a week, no luck. Decided at 7 am to check for Arcturis, he was there the first time I looked! Got to be the easiest Spirit Beast to get.

  19. Alex says

    21h respawn timer, apparently. Resets after maintenance downtime. So some maths can give a handy guide: if your server is usually back up from weekly maintenance at 1100h on Wednesdays, then (assuming he gets snapped up quickly by people when he spawns), he’ll generally be respawning early in the morning on Mondays and Tuesdays. I found him wandering about at 0830h on a Monday.

    Also, he curently (patch 4.0.1) is not hostile, so he’s a yellow dot on “Track Beasts”; and I found him wandering on the steep slope right next to Amberpine Lodge (i.e. on the eastern bank of the river, not down in the river with the Grizzlies).

  20. silvre says

    Got him using Eagle Eye from a distant after a horde hunter with uber gear try to hunt me down at the spawn location while camping for close to 24 hrs. Since I was NE I landed a distant and shadow melt before activating Eagle Eye and then NPCScanner pop up and says “Gondria Npc located” by then the horde hunter already left the place. I manage to tame when another 80 lvl horde hover above and letting me tame the bear before leaving, phew! Died twice by horde hunter and friggin rogue by dropping on top of me while flying and killing me. This is on Laughing Skull server. My first SB was Skoll, it was a 3 hour camp at the gas plate. GL to all GM hunter and happy hunting. Don’t give up.

  21. Exaktheit says

    Camped him for about 2 hours yesterday. Logged off to update video drivers, logged back on and a guy had JUST finished taming him. After looking up his spawn timer I decided to just camp it since I knew the exact time he was tamed. So far I’ve been sitting here for 12 Hours and 15 minutes straight and there is no sign of him. So whenever you read 8-12 hour spawn timer, don’t believe that horse crap. These spawn timers are totally random, as I’ve found first hand with Loq as well.

    • Exaktheit says

      Ok 14 Hours 30 min and still no sign of Arcturis. The server resets soon and I really don’t think hes gonna spawn again.

  22. Spiritdancer says

    Finally was able to get Arcturis after only about an hour of waiting. Was actually spending days trying to find Skoll though. Found him at approximately 6:30-7:00am on Azjol Nerub. Have NPCScanner, and it popped up. After initially freaking out, I jumped off my mount and started taming without icetrap or anything. You really don’t need it for him. Got him at the coords 30, 55 approx. Good luck!

  23. Mailduck says

    Alright, so, had a very fun/hilarious/rewarding hunting session for this guy.
    Sat around constantly Monday-Friday morning. Didn’t want to raid, get gear, ect. My mind was set on getting him.

    After I had been waiting at his spawn point all Monday, someone told me “You know, a guildee I know tamed him just 30 minutes before you began.” My heart sank, but I didn’t give up yet.

    Tuesday, I woke up at 7 (which is 4 hours earlier than usual) to camp his spawn. At 10:00, I left with my boyfriend to grab some breakfast for thirty minutes, and when I returned, no bear. I was informed that another one of the guy’s guildees had tamed it, the one time I was out..

    Wednesday, as I was flying out to Grizzly Hills, I managed to find Skoll just sitting there in Storm Peaks. (lucky catch) Still no bear.

    Thursday, like every other day, I had many Hunters prowling around me as I sat there, hopelessly waiting. I was even ganked a few times while I was studying for an exam by 74 Warlocks. It has been literally two days since Arcturis has been spotted.

    I grew impatient, and my man (who had been waiting with me for the bear the entire time) suggested we do a heroic. When I left, I didn’t load in, so I was forced to restart the game. I knew by that point that Arcturis was most likely there, mocking me. When I logged in, my mini map (which I was used to seeing two colored dots on) had an additional neutral one. I then watched as Arcturis walked up the hill towards me, with my man screaming “HE’S UP HE’S UP TAME HIM NOW!” I swear to God, I was in too much shock to even function properly. I somehow managed to put my pet away, ice trap him, and tame him, all with shaky hands. I am just so lucky as to find him without the other dozen Hunters around..

    This occurred on Detheroc, 12:10AM server time, at the usual spawn point. (30,56) Named him Baloo. (:

    So. After countless hours of waiting on a 48+ hour spawn time, I finally captured Arcturis. For anyone doubting, he will spawn eventually, so just give him a chance. (And your hands WILL shake once you find him πŸ˜‰

  24. Stonemaul says

    Found Arcturis @ 2am loc. 31.25, 55.39 I had just found Gondria before him at 11:30pm and then flew to Grizzly Hills and kept myself up high… couple hours later… He’s right under me… I was so excited two in just a few hours… Ice trap… tame… my spirit beast… finally…

    • Stonemaul says

      And to be clear it was Oct. 14th @ 2am… Much luck to you all… I had two other hunters stop by but was nice enough to not stay and take my spirit beast I was camping…

  25. Aiyannah says

    I tamed Arcturis about three days ago. Started camping 10pm Dragonmaw server time and he spawned right in front of me (where everyone says he’s at) at 1:45am. so only 3 hours and 45 minutes of camping, yay! I am not sure if and when anyone killed or tamed him after me, but my bf saw him spawn and tamed him at 9:45pm. so between the time I tamed him and the time my bf saw him again, it has been 20 hours.

    I too felt the rush and could not stop saying “oh my god” before and after taming. My hands shaking and texting everyone who I knew who played WoW at 2am haha. Oh the accomplishment. It’s fun hunting rare pets πŸ˜€ I am on a pvp server so it was difficult getting by. I hate how it is beside an alliance town where lower level horde players aren’t so fortunate. I was lvl 77 and there were ally lvl 80 hunters and rogues killing me. luckily they had left and were out of sight when arcturis and I met eyes, hehe. good luck to all you hunters out there!

  26. Soleless says

    Here is the most useful information I can give regarding finding Arcturis:

    Realm – Feathermoon
    * Spawned at 0015, 13 hours after server restart which was at 11am. Did not go afk so this is confirmed.
    * Spawned everyday after that exactly 22 hours from previous spawn. (Ex. 0015 Wed, 2215 Thur and 2015 Fri)
    * Every spawn I witnessed has been 15 min after the hour.
    * Quite possibly on a random 10 or 12 hour spawn, but only positive of the 22 hour spawn time.
    * Spawns just east of the river on the hill near the group of three trees and then walks down towards water.
    * I found him 5 times this week so info is credible for at least this server and since the restart. Each server and/or restart may play a factor in spawn times.

    Hope this will make it easier for all of you out there looking for this beauty.

  27. Raptorknuts says

    Has anyone seen him spawn on Dalaran? Been camping it for a few days now and I’m getting red eyes waiting for him. Definitely a must have!

    • Raptorknuts says

      OMFG, I really meant Destromath. not Dalaran >.< See, I am really needing to sleep. But I need this bear first. Oh Arcturis, where are you?

  28. Smeraldino says

    Hi everyone,first time i write on the site,so gratz to garwulf,i always stay tuned! :)
    Spotted arcturis just an hour ago on crushridge,dismounted and slowfalled near the beast when i saw two allies hunters that probably wanted to tame him.. (I’m orc hunter) in the afternoon i was able to tame an oil stained wolf,with the help of one of these several hunters!so i just let them tame arcturis,running around in eyes of the beast with my oiled wolf :) . It would be fantastic if episodes like mine happen more frequently on my server..never had someone to help me with the oil stained wolf for free until yesterday :( now my beasts are Krush,Loque,Skoll,Ancestral(oil stained wolf),and…..Garwulf!!(Old Cliff Jumper) had to abandon nuramoc to tame cliffy..but i wanted a unique wolf and gave him your name,cause your site and information helped me several times :)

  29. Kat says

    GOT HIM!

    I wasn’t able to login at *exactly* ten hours, it was closer to 10.5/11 hours. I camped him from 7-ish until 9, logged to an alt for a few, and logged back. Continued camping til I gave out around 2 am. Logged in this morning at 8:13 and all my add-ons went off. There he was right in front of me! Of course I got taming jitters, and hit freezing trap then tame beast. I had read about him breaking out of ice blocks and laying the smackdown on level 74 hunters who dared to face him, but he was tamed the first attempt, without incident!

  30. Kat says

    I am on the hunt for this for my 74 belf hunter.

    My 80 troll hunter has Arash-Ethis the rare windserpent from Feralas, Lupos the wolf from Duskwood, Loque’nahak (my favorite!), the Albino Devilsaur, and the wolf that used to be a Worgen (it was only a few days, but man was it fun).

    I have NPCscan set up, and I log out at the spawn point. Well, last night I camped him for a bit, but I had to log out around 11:30, I was tired. This morning I logged on around 9:30, and after 15 minutes NPC scan goes NUTS, and I about had a heart attack. I abandoned my pet, and tried to target… nothing. It was someone’s pet. A troll hunter. I whispered her and said your pet gave me a heart attack! She said she just tamed him 30 minutes earlier. I replied back “Now I really hate you (kidding, congrats)”

    And she told me it had spawned last night just after I logged off, and some alliance hunter had KILLED IT just for the heck of it. I have no respect for that, it’s not even part of an achievement! Anyhow, according to this very lucky hunter it spawned right around ten hours after it was killed. I plan to log back in around 9.5 hours after the time she tamed it, and keep camping.

    • says

      Good luck Kat, and be sure to check back in and let us know if that holds true. I’d certainly like to know if Arcturis is on a 10 hour timer and I’m sure many others would as well. :)

  31. Nightstorms says

    I tamed him last night on the Argent Dawn server. Good Luck, I got the other 3 just by luck but I camped him for 6 hours. (My guild leader tamed last on our server, so I used his time as a point of ref.)

  32. Nazoril says

    Been camping the spot north of the lodge for about.. 9 hours straight, (called in sick for work) Still NO sign of him. I dinged lvl 74, ran all the way over there, and have been camping every since. (Still camping as im typing this) Wish me luck πŸ˜€

  33. Ateri says

    YES! I sat around for 14 hours + He spawned Magtheridon, Server time 3:40! I hope this helps a LOT of people. I know I couldnt find the server spawn time ANYWHERE’S.

    I was reading everyones responses to how they handled this tame, with shakey hands and panicing through laying down that first trap, I had thought to myself ‘There’s no way in hell Im going to fumble or experience that heart pumping, blood boiling rush’. I was about to leave my computer AFK to go get ready to go out- Figuring that he wasnt going to spawn, because according to everyone else he’s on a 24 hour spawn rate.
    As I move my laptop off my lap I spot a HUGE blue blip on the ground, NPCScan did NOT go off (Even after clearing my cache this morning) so I sugest NOT relying on this add-on. I didn’t really make anything of this huge blue monster, because NPCScan had not alarmed, then I second looked it, it was the spirit bear in alll his glory :D!
    I gasped and mutter ‘oh my god’ as I in a hurry dropped from the air, recieving bounds of fall dmg shooting off the first trap, missing my target completely, waiting for CD, laid another one. He does laeap towards you, so you will want to set your trap quite a ways in front of him. Panic set in as the freeze trap worked it magic, now my hands started shaking xD
    My tame was over in about 5 LONG seconds, and the frost trap didnt even wear off in time for me to recieve any additional damage from the beast. I couldn’t believe I was actually feeling this way towards a tame in a VIDEO GAME! I guess it is the thrill of the hunt x].

    He spawns RIGHT where everyone say he does, however- The night previous to my tame I was sitting with a few other hunters on amberpine hill, talking about this spawn. A fresh level 74 hunter said she spotted it the night before, on her way to turn in quests- Unable to tame it (too lo of a level) she didn’t bother with it. She said she’d spotted the bear at around 2:30. So a 12 hour -/+ a few hrs seems to be the general spawn timer.

    I hope this helps even one person. Good luck and enjoy hunting :D!

  34. Ateri says

    Anyone know the sighting time for Magtheridon, I’ve been sitting in that exact location for about 14 hours now, it’s 3:30 server time, NPCScan has been quiet, no luck.

  35. poouchkilla says

    wow. i got my arcturis the very frist day i tryed looking for it. πŸ˜€ all i really did was just log out where he spawns at and when i logged in, i saw him and tamed.

  36. Marshal84 says

    Tamed him about 12:30 pm server time (3:30pm est). Camped right where everyone said he was seen at. Started camping around 11:30 am est. Tamed him while a lvl 74 horde hunter was sitting not to far from me but looking in the wrong direction (lol)!!! Luckily i was not afk when he spawned.

  37. Feign says

    Tamed him just about 2.50am server time Proudmoore approximately 20hrs after I saw him last (dead). I’m a happy hunter today as today is my birthday! so great wow present this year! I got all 4 SB now… I need more stable space, I have Old Cliff Jumper as my normal pet.

    Good luck all.

  38. Sandii says

    I just tamed this fella! My hands are still shaking. Tamed at exact spot shown on map. Tamed at 5:15am on Grizzly Hills server.

    I was on my pally in Sholazar Basin a couple of nights ago and saw Loque. I knew my hubby wanted him really bad so decided to wake him up and help him get Loque instead of switching over to my hunter. I kept hoping I would have some good karma for passing Loque to my hubby….guess I did! :-)

    • Sandii says

      BTW…Loque was located at the Southern spawn point furthest east at 4:00 am on the dot – Grizzly Hills server.

  39. Rushmoom says

    So erm, I messed up with this guy big time. Was on my mage questing when I saw him, freaked out and logged my hunter, who was in dal with only a slow mount, so I yelled at my bf to get over there and tag it (he has epic flight) so he did. I flew over there as fast as my little wind rider would carry me, and there he was still, hitting on my bf. I quickly changed spec, forgot about my pet, distracting shotted the bear to get its attention, then started to tame, Even forgot to put a trap down so he starts killing me, my bf heals me, bear goes to him /facepalm. So then i shot him again, hes getting pretty low health now….tried to tame, remembered my pet needed abandoning, so whistled him, and he killed it. My pet killed the bear! I couldn’t believe it. Prime shot at taming him and I messed up. So I’m hoping to catch his respawn seen as i know when he last died. I feel so bad :(:(

  40. AvaAdora says

    So, last night started camping out for this bad boy. Had no luck yesterday, so logged out around 3:20AM at his spawn point just in case I would find him when I logged it today. My ex was leaving for work, so I figured while he was downstairs watching the little one, I would hop on just in hopes of spotting Arturis. I just kind of figured I wouldn’t have much luck since he is a new spirit beast.

    Logged in around 3:30-4PM and guess who was standing before me? None other then Arturis. I was freaking out, screaming as I let my current pet go, set down a frost trap, and hit tame. As I was taming him, the entire time my ex was over my shoulder telling me I was going to die. Luckily, I was one hit away from dieing when I tamed this spirit beast. Making him my first spirit beast tame. I was so excited I got him, my entire body was shaking.

    Wish me luck on when I hit level enough for the other spirit beasts xD

  41. La'ani says

    Amazingly enough – I tamed Skoll earlier today [2 server time for Sentinels]. I started camping for Arcturis, figured I’d never find him the same day. So I queued for a random. The group ended up falling apart so I left early. I was flying around when I got invited to the weekly when all of a sudden…-BAM- NPCScan went off and there he was…in all his glory.

    With trembling hands I switched Skoll to my BC armored worg and sent him free, put down a trap and tapped him. I ended up breaking my own CC out of nerves – and yes, he hits hard. xD

    But, I got him! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  42. Sajgel says

    Found Arcturis. tried taming but it said untamable. Do you need the Beast mastery talent to get him?

  43. ivan says

    cuanto tiempo tarda en apareces este puto oso se donde esta porque lo estaba domando y me cateron 5 allis que me mataron y mataron al oso y ahora no aparrece haci porfavor respondannn

    • says

      It can take awhile because he has only the one spawn location. Longer if you’re on a high population server or PvP server.

      Patience and a little luck is all it takes.

  44. SULLA says

    I don’t use adds, just logged out around 1500 and came back at 0300 next morning, and Arcturis was there at 31,55 in Grizzly Hills. Popped Freezing trap and tamed. He doesn’t do so well with mobs as he does in PVP, which is beautiful. Is a blue streak in the charge. Fills out my collection of Olm, The Evalcharr, Mother Fang and Cranky Benj.

  45. says

    Spawned at 12am server time ally beat me to it, camped in same spot for 23hrs he spawned again (11pm) and I tamed, almost lost to another ally :)

  46. Mogul says

    Had Acturis frozen and taming at 3:20 on Garrosh US just now and some mage came along and killed him cause he said he doesn’t like hunters. What an ass!

    • Mogul says

      Thought I had replied to my post but anyhow, tamed Arc 22 hours 40 mins after the mage killed it. Tamed Loque 2 days later at the most northern spawn point in Sholozar. And tamed Skoll and Gondria within a half hour today! So turned into a good week for this hunter.

  47. Puffinator says

    Tamed 1:49 AM @ Stormscale EU.

    right below Amberpine Lodge by the lakeside.

    Camped him straight for 8 Hours 24 Minutes.

    Good luck Hunters!.

    P.s hes awesome.

  48. dienbeast says

    Got the beast at 6:45 pm 2/22/10 a few seconds bf he spawned the wife says” there he is” got me all anxious, no bear, i could have thrown her into my piranha tank, then my kid brother says”there he is” started telling him to “F” off, and there he was, lol i almost fell out of my chair getting to my keyboard, 3 other hunters, noone interrupted

  49. Eopa says

    I tamed Arcturis at 12:21am server time on Illidan. He spawned in the exact spot everyone has said he does- right below Amberpine Lodge. I had been camping there since 9:00pm server time so less than three and a half hours! I have silverdragon as the addon to find him, but I think I saw him spawn before it went off. NOTE: I was MM half way through the camp before I realized, so make sure that you are in the right spec to avoid any mistakes. Getting him was an awesome Valentine’s Day gift! Good luck and happy hunting!

  50. Abhor says

    I’m so happy! 8D I just tamed Arcturis, my very first spirit beast. I’ve been after Loque, but Arcturis is just as well! I’ve never had a bear pet before, so I’m glad he’s ferocity (because I prefer ferocity pets). Tamed him like ten minutes ago (6:21-ish pm server time) on Silvermoon. No idea what I shall tame him, but I had gone to go to H PoS and came back with a new crossbow AND to obtain my new pet. =3 He’s adorable!

  51. Reddogz/Horde Hunter says

    Hit LVL 74 and had to have this bear (like the post above he hits HARD died first 2 trys)camped him and 2 days later there he was started to tame and here comes LVL 80 allie player kills bear and me. he’s tells me not going to happen. guess he kills bear everytime he spawns because I have been camping for 2 weeks with no luck. we need more spawn points.

    • says

      This alliance guy sounds like a real prick. You need to bring some muscle with you to Amberpine and teach him a lesson. πŸ˜‰ Have any guildies you could call to act as escorts? if not, you might make a note in general. I bet there’d be some players who’d help you in your plight by stomping him into the ground.

  52. Arlia says

    Found and tamed him at around 4am server time, 2 hours after taming Skoll >.< I hope theres a new Spirit Beast coming out soon, i have nothing to do now lmao.

  53. Drkhunter says

    So would everyone agree that he is a 24 hour spawn? I understand that the spawn could be + or – an hour or two but does anyone have evidence that he hasn’t been seen at 8 or 12 hour intervals? I saw him at 5:00 in the morning. Am I wasting time looking for him outside of 3:00 to 7:00?

  54. meg says

    hey, i caught him last night at around 1am…. was just wondering, can i only use him when in beast mastery spec? i also have marksman which is obviously better for dungeons and raids and would love to have him there too. (this may sound a silly question, but im new to hunter and heard that if i didnt store him in a stables and then change back to marksman i would lose him) could someone please help? :)

    • says

      You won’t lose him if you switch back to MM, but you’ll be unable to use him unless you’re BM. You must have the 51 point Beast Mastery talent in order to tame and utilize Spirit Beasts.

      Just spec MM for raids, then use Arcturis while in BM spec for your dailies, etc.

  55. Darkdraco says

    Just tamed him at 7:45am (Dreadmaul/oceanic server time). Only took my 1 minute after dinging 74 so I’m realy stoked I have him till I ding 80!

  56. Tharachin says

    I’ve tamed this gorgeous creature about a week ago on ED-EU at the same spot everyone else tamed him, after camping him on and off for 4 days. Even my boyfriend helped by running my wow in the background while he was working at home and I was doing some chores. I’m not here to brag (altho ANYONE that owns this cutie has a reason to brag πŸ˜‰ ) but I do want to point out a small problem both my boyfriend and I came across. We both had in-game sounds tuned to that they’re also playing when one is alt-tabbed, but my boyfriend’s NPCscan went off when he tabbed back into WoW only to see it already getting tamed by another Hunter. Same thing happened to me, I was alt-tabbed for a few minutes without any NPCscan sound until I tabbed back in. Fortunately for me there weren’t any other Hunters around at that point so I was able to tame him yay ^^
    Named him Aedeche, which is the name of a bear god. Third spirit beast for me, the only one missing is Loque but tbh I CBA to camp for her at this point :)
    Good luck to all of you trying to find and tame Arcturis :)

  57. WhiteDragon says

    Tamed this beauty this morning on Korialstrasz. 8:08am server time. Coordinates 31,55 just north of Amberpine. Spawned right on top of me while I was reading a book and npcscan went off. Besides loosing my heart to my throat had no problems taming him. One other hunter was camping at the same time and I saw a Belf hunter camping on and off throughout the day (little does she know I tamed him an hour after she logged the first time).

  58. Koroo says

    there are at least two confirmed spots according to Thottbot and a few comments on WoWhead one on the cliff southwest of Grizzlemaw at 47.47 and the other at Amberpine by the River at 30.56, which seems to be the popular sighting spot

  59. Moonmystery says

    I tamed Arcturis today at 1.27 pm realm time (European realm, server Terrokkar. )he spawned right in front of me at the spawnpoint North of Amberpinelodge indeed at the place from Michaelvick’s screenshot (the one where the hunter indicates spawn position) Here is a list of spawn times from my days of “camping”and checking if he was there, hope it can help someone tame him too. Happy hunting all !

    List of times when Arcturis did and didn’t spawn ( to get a view of his spawn time)( during my camping days..:)

    16-12-09′ : 10.50 hr. PM Arcturis was tamed.
    17-12-09′ : 04.00 – 05.00 hr. AM No Arcturis…
    17-12-09′ : 10.00 – 11.00 hr. AM No Arcturis…
    17-12-09′ : 4.00 – 17.00 hr. PM No Arcturis…
    17-12-09′ : 10.00 – 23.00 hr. PM No Arcturis…
    18-12-09′ : 1.30 hr. PM Arcturis was tamed.
    19-12-09′ : 11.30 – 01.30 hr. PM No Arcturis..
    19-12-09′ : 1.27 hr. PM Arcturis was tamed by me !

    So I believe his spawn time is 24 hours..

  60. Manny says

    Got him tonight. Had my NPCScan on but I ended up getting logged out because I was AFK (had to bake some stuff… I know, don’t ask). Anyway, I log back in, NPCScan stays silent (because Arcturis was cached) but I still hover the little yellow dots on the mini map and there he was. Laid the trap, tame, 30s later I’m a happy bunny.

  61. Kate says

    I just tamed Arc. He’s so awesome. I hovered on my flying mount for about two hours. I fell asleep at my keyboard and happened to wake up and there he was. It was all luck for me. I had an ally hunter come up to watch. They didn’t give me any trouble and cheered and burst into dance with me after I got him tamed lol. Good luck to those who want to tame him =)

  62. says

    Just taimed him at 12:51Am Realm Time at the same spot! i camped there from about 9pm i think not really sure so wasnt too bad :)
    i’ll go back there in 12 hours time to see if it is a 12 hour spawn timer and post and let u know!

    hope this helps!

    Happy Hunting.

  63. whiteapple says

    i got him yesterday around 20:00 frostwisper realm,

    i agree give more stable slots.

    but the lvling of the pet go very fast so thats a good thing took me 1 hour and a bit to lvl it from 75 to 80.

    long camping trip and a lot of cursing at 2 low fuck alliance but got it and happy.

    good luck to all the hunters who are still on the camping trip

  64. angryrabbit says

    i caught him yesterday in that exact spot
    I hunted for loque for 2 hours a night, every night for 8 months until I caught him.

    I dont play my hunter much and only yesterday decided to log in to look for the new spirit beast.
    checked the lodge for location, flew to grizzly, complained to my guild for 15 minutes about having to “abandon” my hive queen and how i wish blizz would change the term to “set free” when the bear spawned.

    I hadnt even set my bars up for taming, had the wrong trap keybound, I had to feign death 3 times and reset him before I finally tamed him.

    so yay

  65. Phazeshift says

    @ My previous above post

    Waited all over again and finally Caught Arcturis at 9:45 ST Server Frostmourne, Mind you this was after finding him dead and straight camping till now.

    Found him dead at 4:30 PM ST and found the next one at 9:45 AM ST so that’s around 17 hours of possible respawn time….. Newayz im glad i got my new Spirit Bear

    Good Luck to all the rest of you

  66. Phazeshift says

    Camped 14 hours for this thing and decided to play Dota on one screen while having WoW and addon alert run on the other screen.

    After playing for a while, i notice my character just getting logged off for being afk for too long, i log back in and see Acturis dead below me.

    I have been emo ever since, thx for reading this. Fuck blizzard afk booting mechanics……..

  67. Chris says

    Got him after nearly 12 hour long camp- 7am started and 6:45pm got him, awesome looking pet. On Turalyon real 645pm. dont know if it helps but i know the guy who claimed him before me and he took it at 11pm the previous night- so maybe 20 hour respawn? anyway good luck to you all and keep at it

  68. Kaeleer says

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    * Aggramar

    * 66. Re: Arcturis… anyone seen it yet? 12/10/2009 08:27:47 PM PST

    quote reply
    edit delete
    Got him at the “main” spot loc tonight at 10:14 pm est (9:14 server). Spawned at 31.3 , 55.6, on Aggramar.

    Good luck to all camping. Also I started camping 8:15am server. No idea if he was tamed or killed elsewhere but I can guarantee he didn’t spawn by me before that!

  69. Dwraith says

    Tamed this bad boy on Nesingwary @ 9:45 server time. Logged of my priest after ICC 25 and logged on my hunter who was parked at Amberpine. Flew down to river and back up and he spawned right beneath me just on the river side of the tree in all the pics. Thanks for the info Garwulf, this has to be a server first have yet to see any other hunter with him.

    • Arganor says

      I lucked out tremendously on Arathor. Turned 74 last night, at about 1500 Pacific I flew to Amberpine. He spawned within minutes of my arrival (or was already there). First attempt failed miserably (damn this boy hits hard), and called in a buddy paladin to spam-heal me. He had to fly in from Dalanar on a crappy computer, and arrived just barely in time to get me started just as a Orc came to.. cheer me on at this point. Very classy of him; wish I could arrange for the return of favor.

      No camping, no sore losers, one very beautiful beast.

      Now to replace that oil-stained wolf I’d grown fond of. Maybe with a spirit wolf…

  70. Fentonal says

    My thanks again Garwulf – great info as always.

    Although it was heartbreaking to say goodbye to Kilminster the devilsaur, when I spotted Arcturis (same place as everyone above, EU Sha’tar, 18:35 this evening) I knew I had to do it.

    Getting hooked on that “heart in the mouth” feeling when NPC_scan pops (though tbh you don’t need it for this one, real easy to spot)… but… but… well it wasn’t quite the same as having flapped around all over the place for three weeks to find him like I had for Skoll. Don’t get me wrong, he’s fantastic, I’m still buzzing, and of course the cachet of having about the rarest pet on the server is fun – I can’t resist hanging around in Dullaran, bear behind (so to speak), popping off everyone else’s NPC_scan, but the chase does seem to be almost as good as the catch. Didn’t even have time to think of names for him… ‘Rupert’, ‘Fozzy’… no rush I guess, I think he’s gonna be with me for a while.

    Guess I’ll just have to keep going for the TLPD !

  71. Elinowena says

    Oh I almost cried! I hung around that exact location all day, got the NPCScan add (so i could do my chores at the same time)at 10:30 pm my add went off, but i was too late!!
    He was murdered!!! LOL
    No chores tomorrow!!

    • says

      Grats MV!

      Now be sure to take care of him, or I’ll drop the dime and send the ASPCA after you. No drowning him if his DPS is sub par. πŸ˜‰

      He looks pretty cool when charging eh? Kinda like a comet.

  72. Sylvester says

    Damnit, I already have Skoll, Gondria and Loque’Nahak. If they keep bringing out more spirit beasts I’ll run out of slots in my stables completely!

    • says

      @ Sylvester

      Blizz needs to add a Spirit Beast or exotic pet stable IMO. All of these dangling carrots are going to cause undue stress and conflict among the pet collectors. Either that, or they could create some variance between the different Spirit Beasts and their abilities. That way, at least you wouldn’t have 3-4 of the exact same pet. A tanking Spirit Beast would be just fantastical.

  73. Yaone says

    Woot grats on catching him, he still eludes me on the ptr *sigh* and as for his teeth issue you are right, when you look at him from the side in big red the teeth look fixed, but straight on, ya they are still rough.

    Also, the pics you have make him look amazing! I have only seen him twice on there but now I am going to have to find who to let go in favor of this new pet!

    I really need more stable slots. :( But I guess if it comes down to it, Gondria will be set free even tho that kills me haha

  74. says

    @ lawman

    It’s kind of strange that the PTR has been up this long, yet no one’s mentioned finding him at another spot in Grizzly Hills. I sure hope that they add at least 1-2 more locations or else it could make for some unfriendly competition. Especially on PvP servers.

    @ Rades

    When Arcturis charges it looks incredible. Because he’s near transparent apart from his mane, he looks like a comet hurling at his target.

    I’ve not had a bear since the pet talents overhaul prior to WotLK, so I was unaware of this. Bears couldn’t charge back in the old days.

    @ Kassiopeia

    I hope so too. Anyone flying into Amberpine Lodge will immediately see him. not to mention, it’s going to be a clusterf**k right there for weeks unless they add more spawn areas.

  75. Kassiopeia says

    Seeing as all the other spirit beasts have several spawn points, I’m pretty convinced that it will be the same for this lovely creature. Agreed that the current spawn point will be incredibly frustrating, being so close to the lodge.

  76. Rades says

    Regular bears do indeed charge standing up! I lost my mind the first time I saw it on my new solo-ing bear pet. I think it happens a lot, because they stand to cast one of their abilities/buffs, and then immediately charge. :)

  77. lawman30 says

    I, too, have been worried that his spawning in a questing “hot spot” is going to cause some REAL trouble taming him. I really hope they make some additional spawn points in some more “out of the way” areas of Grizzly Hills.

    If the patch drops after Christmas, I hope Santa gives us hunters (or AT LEAST Beast Master hunters) more stable slots!

  78. Uchikoma says

    Have they fixed the nasty teeth bug when you use Bestial Wrath? not logged onto the PTR for ages so not seen if there have been any more patches.

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