Click on the images to see embiggened pics of this badass new Spirit Beast.

Arcturis the Spirit Beast Bear
Arcturis the Spirit Beast Bear
Arcturis the Spirit Beast Bear
Arcturis the Spirit Beast Bear
Arcturis the Spirit Beast Bear
Arcturis the Spirit Beast Bear

You Hunters that are into the nifty pets… you’re going to want this guy. Trust me.

Arcturis Spawn Map
I know he’s just another Spirit Beast retread with a new skin, but he’s a frickin’ bear, and a bad ass one at that!

He has no special emotes, but he does have some quirks to him. I’m assuming that Blizz has some final fixes to make before the patch goes live.

First off, he runs at normal speed while prowling. This is something I’m sure they will address.

Also, I’m not sure if other bears do this, but if he’s in the standing position at the beginning of a charge, he charges standing up. It’s pretty effing cool. He looks like a comet speeding towards his target.

I’ll tell you one thing… I really hope they add more spawn points for him, because if they don’t, he’s going to be very difficult to tame. He’s so close to the lodge that you could probably see him plainly from the taxi. He’s also in a Grizzly Hills questing hot spot right near the river. I haven’t patrolled for possible additional spawn locations, because, well…who has time for that?! Not I. :lol:

I’m pretty beat tonight so this is all I have for you, but I’ll try to get some decent video footage of him tonight or tomorrow.

Happy Turkey Day Peoples! :D


  1. says

    I got this awesome pet at about 9:30 realm time.
    I made a macro to target Arcturis so i would just spam it over and over and… you get the idea. So i came out of a bg and i started boredly spamming the button… and the little screen thing pops up with his name! I was so excited… this pet is AWESOME!
    for anyone that wants it the macro was /target Arcturis. anyone who knows how to make one probably should do this. I just found it made it a bit easier.

  2. Ely says

    Just got him!!!10:02pm est. I was looking for him casually for about 2 days. Logged on and within 10 min I had him. :) On Laughing Skull

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