The Garwulf UI V. 3.0

For the most recent version of my user interface, please see this page.

A Place For Everything & Everything In Its Place

My Hunter User Interface
This was one of the philosophies I used when building this new user interface. Every single addon was configured and placed with meticulous care. I really wanted to create a clean, balanced and functional interface, with a large uncluttered field of view.

An All-Purpose UI

My Hunter User Interface in Arena
My interests are varied, so I wanted a UI that could adapt to every single game play situation. I created a UI that provides me with enough necessary and important info while raiding, yet provides a clean and unobstructed view when PvPing.

All Killer, No Filler

Clean Hunter UI

I wanted my UI to be attractive, but I didn’t feel the need to overload it with superfluous addons. Everything I’ve included in my UI is there for a good reason. The graphics in WoW are beautiful in my opinion, so why goop up your screen with a bunch of crap.


Garwulf UI for Death Knights

I also wanted my UI to integrate easily with my other characters. Although it was built around the needs of a Hunter, I wanted to be able to use it with a Death Knight, Warrior, Druid, etc… without any stumbling blocks.

Lean and Mean

The Garwulf UI is very efficient

Because I tried to keep the addons to a minimum, my UI is very easy on resources. With QuestHelper, AuctionLite and Gatherer disabled it typically uses less than 16MB. I suppose you could disable the 3D portraits for even more efficiency, but why would you want to do that..?! They’re so pretty! :D

No Stone Left Unturned

My UI while Possessing a Keep Cannon

I’ve tested it extensively to make sure that it functions and displays properly in just about any situation, which is one of the reasons why I’ve waited so long to showcase it.

It Uses Godzilla Font for the Combat Text

Godzill font for MSBT

That’s just… well… cool! You could use whatever you want, but why would you want to use anything else..? ;)

The Main Ingredients

The following list contains many of the primary addons I use to achieve the look and core functionality of my UI. I use the Curse Client to manage and update 99% of my addons.

Action Bars

Bartender 4

This is the best action bar mod I’ve found. I’d messed with a few others in the past, but once I discovered Bartender I’ve used it exclusively and have never looked back. It does pretty much anything and everything you want it to do.

You’ll notice that I only have 2 visible action bars on my screen. Those are mainly there for cooldown monitoring, as I have every single one of my abilities tied to a keybind. I have 3 action bars set to invisible, and one on the far right of my screen that only appears on hover-over and while out of combat. The game menu is just above my mini-map and also set to invisible unless hovered over while out of combat.

Unit Frames

Pitbull 4

Although it’s still in development, Pitbull 4 is still my choice for a Unit Frame addon. I’ve tried a handful of others, but haven’t found another UF addon with as much to offer as Pitbull 4.

Pitbull is a lot less plug ‘n’ play than other unit frame addons, but once you get comfortable with it I’ve found it’s pretty easy to work with.

I use it for 6 different unit frame layouts. I have it configured to display me, my pet, my target, my focus, party, and party targets. This is a very basic setup which works for me, but you can configure it to show quite a bit more if needed.

My frames are set to fade out when out of combat, provided I’m at full health and mana. This is a really nice feature, which makes the UI even more disgustingly clean. Thanks to Jroaeyl for reminding me of that setting. ;)

Buffs & Debuffs

Satrina Buff Frame

This addon is just bitchin’. I love it so much that I use it for all of my buff and debuff displays. I have all of the Pitbull 4 buffs and debuffs disabled.

I have it configured to show my buffs and my pet’s buffs on the top left of the screen. I only need to refer to them once in awhile, so I like them out of the way. Debuffs are another story though, so I like to have them right around my and my pet’s unit frames.

My target’s buffs are showed right above the unit frame, with raid-wide debuffs off to the right of the UF. Debuffs that I apply are shown with bars just to the right of my target’s unit frame. I also have another set of debuff timers specifically for Explosive Shot and Serpent Sting placed right above the enemy cast bar, and right below my character. I have them there so it’s easy to see how much time I’ve got remaining on my Explosive and Serpent ticks.

Cast Bars

Az Cast Bar

Due to the stale development on Quartz, I was prompted to find a new cast bar addon. AzCastBar is a highly configurable, customizable and easy to use cast bar replacement. It can handle just about anything, plus it has a few additional plugins available that can expand its functionality. For instance, I use it for my BG timers.

I have ACB set to display my target’s and focus’ cast bars, along with my cast bar and swing timer. Enemy cast bars are located right in between the player and target unit frames. My cast bar and swing timer are just above the pet action bar.

Combat Text


MSBT rules. It’s not only a fantastic addon for customizing the look and feel of your combat text, but it’s also a great cooldown and spell alerter. Although you can go nuts with customizations, but it’s pretty much ready right of the box with only a few tweaks here and there.

Raid Warnings and Notifications

Big Wigs

If you raid, then you’ve got to have an addon that provides warnings and timers. Big Wigs fits the bill for me. I have my timers set to display on the left side of my screen, notifications just above my toon, and the proximity warning above my unit frame.

Threat Meter


A must-have addon for heroics or raiding. Knowing how much threat you’re generating in relation to the tank is extremely important. In addition to the bar graph, you can also configure Omen to display other warnings as well. If you don’t have Omen, then follow my link and get it.

Damage Meter


The standard for damage meters and raid statistics. Most everyone uses one of these anyway, but in case you don’t, start now. Recount is the only way you’re going to know how much DPS you’re bring to a party or raid. It’s an excellent tool for evaluating yourself.

Raid Frames


Grid is easy to configure and low profile, which is why I use it. As a DPS’er, I use it for only a handful of things and it fits the bill perfectly. It gives me a quick view of our raid composition, tells me when we’re ready to pull, allows me to focus and misdirect an offtank on the fly, shows me who’s still up, who’s offline, etc.

Helpful Hunter Addons

These are a few addons that I find useful for the Hunter class in particular.


An awesome addon that’s wonderful in its simplicity and effectiveness. You specify certain thresholds at which it notifies you when you’re either running low on mana, or are near full mana while still in Aspect of the Viper. I have mine configured to sound a warning as well as display an on screen message. You could do something similar with Power Auras, but probably not as easily and effectively as you can with Viper Notify.


I mainly use this for PvP, as I find it helpful for gauging safe distance from opponents’ hostile attacks and snares. It’s also useful when raiding, as it gives you a clearer idea of range when dealing with bosses who have deceivingly large hit boxes.

Power Auras Classic

This is perhaps my most treasured and relied upon addon. It can be configured to do just about anything as far as spell alerts and notifications are concerned. I have it configured to display:

  • Lock and Load Procs
  • When Black Arrow is ready
  • When Kill Shot is ready
  • When Serpent Sting is not up on my target
  • When Hunter’s Mark is not up on my target
  • Low health warnings for myself and my pet
  • Mend Pet spell timer
  • Trinket Procs
  • An aura when I’m not in aspect of the Dragonhawk
  • An aura when I’m in Aspect of the Viper

Power Auras gives you loads of options for configuring how these auras display, plus you can attach audible alerts to them as well. The reason I like it so much is because it presents critical information in a type of head up display format right where you want it.

I find this addon to be invaluable for Survival Hunters, as it makes managing Lock and Load procs and DoT uptime so much more efficient. I use it when playing all three Hunter specs, but for Survival I think it’s a must have.


OmniCC displays an actual cooldown timer right on top of your action bar skill icon. It’s very simple, yet extremely effective. With OmniCC there’s no guesswork as to how long you have before that next shot or ability is available. It’s a useful addon for any and all classes, but I wouldn’t want to go Huntering without it.

Everything Else

The rest of my addons are mainly for convenience and/or to doll up the UI.

  • Align – Align allows me to indulge my anal retentive side by providing me with a grid backdrop that allows me to position all of my addons with meticulous care. Just type /align to turn on/off the grid. It’s that simple. It makes for a more Feng Shui UI.
  • Atlas Loot Enhanced – This addon is great for browsing loot tables, looking up craftable items, reputation rewards, and more, all while still in-game. Great for passing time while taking a Gryphon taxi.
  • AuctionLite – I used to use Auctioneer Full Suite until I discovered AuctionLite. It’s a lot more thrifty on resources and still does everything I need it to do. Once you’ve performed the lengthy initial scan after installing, AuctionLite is then able to run entire scans of the AH within moments. It’s very lean and extremely efficient. Try it out.
  • Bagnon – I’d always avoided inventory management addons until I gave Bagnon a try. The feature that sold me on it was the ability to search my bank and alts’ inventory at any time. It’s extremely useful for finding out which character has those Eternal Airs that you need.
  • ButtonFacade – This addon works with SatrinaBuffFrame and Bartender 4, by applying nice fancy skins to my action bar buttons. Why go through the work of configuring a custom UI and not slicken it up a bit with some pretty buttons.
  • ButtonFacade: Apathy – My button skin of choice.
  • Chinchilla MiniMap – Chinchilla gives you control over the look, size and postition of your minimap, as well as what is displayed. I like mine as minimalist as can be and Chinchilla gives me the ability to do that.
  • Fontain – Fontain allows me to apply one universal font to all of my addons without having to manually configure each one. I use Calibri for pretty much everything except for MSBT.
  • Gatherer – This is an essential addon for anyone with gathering professions. It remembers nodes that you’ve mined or herbed, and also notes where treasure chests were looted. It displays icons on your world map as well as your minimap. After a good period of data collection, Gatherer will enable you to patrol specific routes for fruitful gathering runs. It’s functionality is enhanced if members of your guild also use it, as it will input their data as well.
  • Gladius – Gladius is an essential addon for players that like to arena. It’s a configurable unit frame addon that displays your opponents’ health, mana, cast bars, PvP trinket cooldown, and more. It also allows for easier targeting and focusing. If you arena, then install Gladius.
  • GoGoMount – A very simple addon which will select the fastest mount available depending on whether you’re in a no-flight zone or not. It’s a cool addon for those that have multiple mounts, as its default configuration will allow it to randomly select from your available mounts. You can also set it to only utilize specific mounts if you want. After you install it, all you do is create a macro with the text: /click GoGoButton, and you’re done.
  • kgPanels – kgPanels provides the proverbial icing on the cake. It doesn’t provide any extended functionality, but it does enhance the look of the UI by allowing you to configure attractive background panels for other addons. I just use it to put nice uniform panels of the same opacity behind my addons, but kgPanels can do so much more. You can add fancy textures, borders, and behaviors to each of the panels if you wish.
  • NPCScan – This is an addon I’ve covered in previous posts, which notifies you when a rare spawn is near. It displays audible and visual notifications, as well as a targetable unit frame. A must have addon for Hunters out camping rare spawn pets.
  • Postal – Postal’s greatest asset is the ability to grab all of your mail in one click. It also has other convenient shortcuts which make sending and receiving via Azeroth’s postal system a lot easier.
  • Prat 3.0 – Prat extends the functionality of chat by allowing you further customization of how chat is displayed, filtered, etc.
  • QuestHelper – Does what the title says. It helps with questing by providing you with a quest itinerary, as well as displaying handy icons and an ant trail on your world map. It can also show you taxi flight times, quests party memebrs are on, etc. The one caveat with QuestHelper is that it devours memory. I only use it on alts that I’m leveling and have it disabled on all of my other characters.
  • RatingBuster – This is a nifty little addon that enhances item tooltip information by showing how stats translate to you, and how other items compare to the ones you have currently equipped. It’s especially handy for determining if items are upgrades or not.
  • SL Data Text – SLDT is a super simple and lean addon for displaying information such as: the time, inventory space, durability, gold count, coordinates, zone title, memory usage, latency, guild members online, and more. It will show as much or as little as you want it to.
  • TipTac – TipTac is an enhanced tooltip addon. It gives you customization over how character, item and ability tooltips are displayed.
  • TipTac Talents – This little plugin adds character specs to their tooltip, so you can get a quick idea of someone’s spec just by hovering over or targeting them.

So there ya have it. That’s a pretty in-depth look at the UI I’m using at the moment. I was planning on delving a little deeper even, but I feared you guys would have my head if I didn’t post this soon. ;)

It’s not vastly different from other UIs I’ve made in the past, but it is very much improved in a lot of ways. I’ll post a link to my UI compilation once I get some installation instructions written for it, but this post will at least give you something to chew on for a bit.

Update: 6/08/2010

My UI has been updated since this post. The basic layout is quite similar, but a few of the addons have changed. For more information on the most recent version of my user interface, please see this page.


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    Hi, always i used to check webpage posts here in the early hours in the break of day,
    for the reason that i like to gain knowledge
    of more and more.

  2. David says

    Icant get the Bartender4 to work.. everything works except like bar1 2 3 4 5 so i cant get my skills up Hmm =/

  3. Aylana says

    For some reason I don’t have your profiles, I copied your entire Addons folder so I can’t have missed something.

    Other than that, thanks alot for your hard work! :D

  4. Jawen says

    I tried to install this this weekend, I did what the directions said, and updated all the mods before entering the game as well (maybe this is part of my problem, maybe I shouldn’t have updated?) And I get tons of UI errors, and things just don’t look the same after moving as many mods over to the Garwulf profile. Would it be possible to redo this with the latest patches, etc? Thanks!

    • says

      It’s coming. I’ve been spending some time with it the past few evenings.

      I like to play with a UI for awhile before making it public, so that I have time to work out any problems I see. Most of the stuff I’m doing right now is cosmetic, aside from my Power Auras – I’m still adjusting them.

      I’m hoping to be able to post an update within the week.

  5. supreme says

    Hey, great UI!! I have 1920×1080 res and i cant seem to get everything in place and in order. Do you have any tips?

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