Almost back…

For the loyal few that still return here once in awhile in hopes of seeing something new up on the home page, I once again apologize for my sudden disappearance.

However, those of you who’ve followed the site for any length of time probably also know that I’m good like that. 😉 I tend to go off the grid now and again without warning, but that doesn’t mean I won’t resurface at some point. In fact, I’m still looking forward to WoD and I noticed just last night that I’ve had beta access for nearly 3 weeks.

Downloading the beta client as I type this… :)

Due to my inactivity as of late, I’m sure the changes will be overwhelming, but I’m anxious to have a look. I’ll check back soon. :)


  1. Ancksanura says

    Welcome back!! Looking forward to what you have to say about the new expansion. I’m waiting until it’s released to get into WoW again – December isn’t coming fast enough. Though I did go crazy and buy 30 games in the Steam Sale which I should probably play while waiting…

    • says

      Hello Ancksanura! Good to see you!

      I’m looking forward to what I have to say about this expansion as well. I’m hoping to explore the beta some over the next few weeks, and also get caught up on all of the changes past, present and future.

      The new character models look great, and I noticed a cool new effect where some plants are responding to their environment as you move through them. Overall, the game looks really nice and I can’t wait to see the updated Outland content!

      And Garrisons!

      • Ancksanura says

        Oooh that’s nice with plant effects, I love those tiny details. Just saw screenshots of the updated Tauren females today – looks fantastic – glad I got my Tauren Druid restored! Looks like I’ll have to sub WoW earlier to get the Horde bike before September 30. Maybe I’ll wait a bit and see if they release a public beta to have a play around – you’re getting be excited about it!

    • says

      Thank you, Brew of Darkness!

      The longer I’m away the harder it is to return, but I am anxious to start playing a bit (and blogging some as well ;)). What little discretionary time I have for gaming is influenced by what my son’s into playing at the moment, and lately it’s been Minecraft, which by the way…I’ve become an expert at. I have the shirt to prove it! 😉

      Minecraft Experts

      I’m anxious to get back to some huntering though! It’s time!

      And this site needs an overhaul as well, but I’ll try not to think about that too much. Baby steps.

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