Introducing… SKOLL!

Skoll, the new Spirit Beast in Patch 3.2

Please excuse my cheesy Strongbadian heavy metal moniker of this new Spirit Beast. I am a little sleep deprived at the moment and feeling a bit loopy.

I had a feeling that Blizzard wasn’t going to limit the Spirit Beast models to cats only. While my preference was for a black worg with a red aura, this incredibly awesome looking blue wolf with an electrifying aura will do nicely. ;)

Holy crap that thing is cool looking..!

This new Spirit Beast was recently spotted on the 3.2 PTR. His name is Skoll, and he can be found lurking in the Storm Peaks. Skoll is a neutral mob just like Loque’nahak and Gondria, so be on the lookout for the yellow dot on your mini-map if you happen to be looking on the ptr. He is of course an exotic pet, so only Hunters with the 51 point Beast mastery talent will be able to tame him.

Skoll, an exotic Beast Mastery pet in 3.2

According to a few of the Hunters that have tamed him, Skoll can be found on the Snowdrift plains and in the Foot Steppes. Both of those locations are also known spawn areas for the Time-Lost Proto Drake, so I imagine getting this guy won’t be all that easy. I’m sure more locations will be known in the next few days, so count on me posting a map once more locations are verified and confirmed.

He possesses the same abilities, Prowl and Spirit Strike, as the other two Spirit Beasts. I’m not sure yet what his howl or growl emotes sound like, but I’ll be sure to find out. I am downloading the 3.2 patch as we speak. :D

I won’t be able to patrol for him until maybe later tomorrow, but I am making a point to acquire this guy on the public test realm. I want to tame him before the patch goes live so that I can get it out of my system before I go and abandon one of my prized pets. The last thing I need is another Ferocity pet, especially an exotic one.

Christ… I’m gonna end up abandoning my worm for this stupid thing, I just know it. More stable slots please!!!

Skoll has Spirit Strike and Prowl abilities.

View more screenshots of this incredible new Spirit Beast discovery here. More breaking news on this amazing new exotic pet over at Mania’s Blog.


  1. Lolagirl says

    I just found this guy after on and off searching for him. i was VERY happy when i found him and have named him Thor after the thunder god. i now how the rare kitty from sholazar basin ( i forget the name) and skoll. now to tame Sambas!! :)

  2. Taylor Harvey says

    I dont know if im just extremely lucky or what but i got skol and Gondria in about an hour of each other. ^.^

  3. Spiritdancer says

    GRRRRRR!!!!! I am on Azjol Nerub server, time 9:00am. Camped different spawn points, and knew I should have stayed in the Bruunhilder village one. Anyway, nice person let me know that he had found the corpse of Skoll right near the metal disk. Can’t believe someone would just kill him for the hell of it. Anyway, if any of you are out there, please put it in general chat that you found him and I’m sure a hunter is going to reward you!!! Don’t KILL it!!!!!

  4. Felinin says

    I forgot to mention, taming Skoll made me a member of the 4SB club! But I don’t suppose that’s uncommon these days. The following is OT here, but I thought I’d share it anyway…

    My fifth slot was a normal kick-ass raiding wolfie, but the other day I was catching up with quests for my soon-to-be-had Loremaster title in one of the Netherstorm ecodomes when something unexpectedly (and monstrously) bit my bum. I turned to see my Stinkybear (Arcturis) doing a chase dance with the devilsaur Tyrantus, right through a pack of small fry raptors, as our loveable, unpredictable pets will do. I had little choice but to cast Misdirection on poor old Stinkybear and Volley them all down to dust.

    Well, after that encounter the BM in me said “Rightho, TR, I’ll show you who’s the boss around here!”. Like King Krush, he fears, so I had visions of having to use the “BW, Abandon Pet, Fear, FD, Heal, start over” method of taming him; but this one, unlike King Krush, stays quiet in a Freezing Trap, and he was easy to tame without getting feared, bitten or stomped.

    So that’s my stable – stable, as it were, for now – until Cataclysm. I can’t wait to see what new exotics they will be giving us!

  5. Marat says

    Just tamed this guy at 3:48am server time on Whisperwind-US. Camped the disc by Brunnhildar with SilverDragon and NPCScan running. Let WoW sound play in the background while I read some blogs. Tabbed back over to WoW to make sure I didn’t get kicked for inavtivity and Skoll spawned just as my screen popped up. Only camped for 2-3 hours.

  6. Felinin says

    Here’s something I thought was not possible…

    I just tamed Skoll at the Bor’s Breath spawn at 3am server time on The Sha’tar (EU), after camping for hours over the last few days. A few seconds later, a 78 BM hunter I know called me to ask for a hand with Sirana Iceshriek, just on top of the opposite peak. When I showed him Skoll, he said his NPCSCAN went off for Skoll, and I said of course it did… this is Skoll!

    He insisted it was not a tamed Skoll, but a spawn. I said no, not possible, it’s my pet. He said no it isn’t. Anyway, we parted company agreeing to disagree, but he whispered me a few minutes later saying he had found Skoll on the Snow Plains spawn point.

    Has this happened before? It was a very quick and easy tame… he spawned almost underneath me, I landed close to him and popped a Freezing Arrow between us, a tag shot, and then an immediate macro to /stopattack and /cast Tame Beast. He came out of the ice block licking his jaws in gentle submission and begging for a bite to eat. Maybe with a very quick tame (or kill?) the rares do respawn like this?

    Now I have to find and apologise to that hunter for contradicting him!

    By the way, I named him Hati… the brother wolf of Skoll in the Norse legend. A fitting name for a Nelf pet.

    • Poppy says

      Yeah, ive heard that SKoll has some pretty messed up spawn times, good for you anyway!

      My first spirit beast to find was Loque, after a month, then Arcturis, I logged on and he was there, Then Skoll, I logged on flew down a montian and he was there, now gonna camp Gondria.

      Ghia, steamwheedle cartel (EU)

      Luck guys!

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