Got Gondria?

Got Gondria?

Based upon the coordinates provided by over three dozen site visitors, I’ve created a new map for Gondria’s spawn locations in Zul’Drak.

I’ve also indicated the most common confirmed spawn locations from hottest to coolest. So far, 77,70 seems to be the most likely spot to find Gondria by far.

Map of Gondria's Spawn Locations in Zul'Drak

Since my only unsuccessful hunt for Gondria was conducted on the 3.1 Public Test Realm, I cannot confirm whether or not he/she patrols. I’m going to assume that Gondria hovers around in one spot similar to the only other tamable Spirit Beast, Loque’nahak.

Here is a complete listing of the coordinates for Gondria’s spawn locations in Zul’Drak based upon nearly forty confirmed tamings by site visitors. They are listed in order of most common to least common, with 77,70 being by far the hottest location. The coordinates are rounded off to the nearest whole number.

  1. 77,70
  2. 66,78
  3. 63,43
  4. 69,49
  5. 62,62
  6. 62,52

If you’re a Beast Mastery Hunter and you’re looking to add this beautiful Spirit Beast to your stable, then be sure and check out my previous post regarding the NPCScan addon.

If you don’t want to mess with NPCScan, you can look for Gondria the old fashioned way by using a target macro.

/target Gondria

Spam this macro as you patrol around Gondria’s known spawn locations. If you have any trouble locating Gondria, then simply cast a Hunter’s Mark to help you pinpoint the location.

Like Loque’nahak, Gondria is a neutral mob, so there will be a yellow dot which will appear on your mini-map provided you have Track Beasts activated.

Good luck to all you Hunters still seeking, or planning on seeking this majestic creature.


  1. Angelica says

    I found her instantly at 62,62 but I had forgotten to dismiss my pet so another hunter tamed her before i got the cance… now i’ve been looking for hours :(

  2. Imogen says

    So I decided I wanted Gondria…
    I already have 4 spirit beasts. I went to the aera and there was 2 other hunters… Flew around for 10 mins and then i found her! I wanted to tame her before the other hunters came so I flew down but I had forgotten to dismiss my pet so I couldnt tame… And somehow my pet managed to attack her and kill her. Felt like killing myself. Guess I will be going back to look in 8 hours.

  3. Jessie says

    I been on the hunt for spirit beast, but I found Gondria on my first try at 62,62. He was easy to tame, I just put down a freeze trap and tamed him. No struggle what so ever… Then I didn’t know what to name her XD

  4. aspen says

    I cant believe this shit.
    Saw this article, randomly made me want him, was prepairing having to run around zul drak all night
    but right when i flew to zom torga and walked out of camp to the left there he was amongst the rest of them
    hope you guys hunting find him soon too!

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