Got Gondria?

Got Gondria?

Based upon the coordinates provided by over three dozen site visitors, I’ve created a new map for Gondria’s spawn locations in Zul’Drak.

I’ve also indicated the most common confirmed spawn locations from hottest to coolest. So far, 77,70 seems to be the most likely spot to find Gondria by far.

Map of Gondria's Spawn Locations in Zul'Drak

Since my only unsuccessful hunt for Gondria was conducted on the 3.1 Public Test Realm, I cannot confirm whether or not he/she patrols. I’m going to assume that Gondria hovers around in one spot similar to the only other tamable Spirit Beast, Loque’nahak.

Here is a complete listing of the coordinates for Gondria’s spawn locations in Zul’Drak based upon nearly forty confirmed tamings by site visitors. They are listed in order of most common to least common, with 77,70 being by far the hottest location. The coordinates are rounded off to the nearest whole number.

  1. 77,70
  2. 66,78
  3. 63,43
  4. 69,49
  5. 62,62
  6. 62,52

If you’re a Beast Mastery Hunter and you’re looking to add this beautiful Spirit Beast to your stable, then be sure and check out my previous post regarding the NPCScan addon.

If you don’t want to mess with NPCScan, you can look for Gondria the old fashioned way by using a target macro.

/target Gondria

Spam this macro as you patrol around Gondria’s known spawn locations. If you have any trouble locating Gondria, then simply cast a Hunter’s Mark to help you pinpoint the location.

Like Loque’nahak, Gondria is a neutral mob, so there will be a yellow dot which will appear on your mini-map provided you have Track Beasts activated.

Good luck to all you Hunters still seeking, or planning on seeking this majestic creature.


  1. Angelica says

    I found her instantly at 62,62 but I had forgotten to dismiss my pet so another hunter tamed her before i got the cance… now i’ve been looking for hours :(

  2. Imogen says

    So I decided I wanted Gondria…
    I already have 4 spirit beasts. I went to the aera and there was 2 other hunters… Flew around for 10 mins and then i found her! I wanted to tame her before the other hunters came so I flew down but I had forgotten to dismiss my pet so I couldnt tame… And somehow my pet managed to attack her and kill her. Felt like killing myself. Guess I will be going back to look in 8 hours.

  3. Jessie says

    I been on the hunt for spirit beast, but I found Gondria on my first try at 62,62. He was easy to tame, I just put down a freeze trap and tamed him. No struggle what so ever… Then I didn’t know what to name her XD

  4. aspen says

    I cant believe this shit.
    Saw this article, randomly made me want him, was prepairing having to run around zul drak all night
    but right when i flew to zom torga and walked out of camp to the left there he was amongst the rest of them
    hope you guys hunting find him soon too!

  5. riannahn says

    i’ve been trying to tame this thing for 3 days now and nothing does anyone know the spawn rate? as much as its a beautiful cat i honestly cbf waisting days on end trying to get it hell 3 days is stupid

  6. Jason says

    Help me! I’m trying to find gondria, but she’s cached, I deleted the cache but she still is cached! Help me! Really wanna tame her

  7. Melody says

    Hi! After 3 evenings of 3 hours a piece I finally got her! It was 8:30pm central time on Korgath. I’m Horde. She was at 61, 62 so not a location listed! Good luck!

  8. Troller says

    I actuly found Gondria at the first spawnlocation i loocked, i remember reading ”tag the mob” i ended up 1shoting him.. sadsad

  9. Akii says

    I found her behind the altar of Har’koa. Thought to my self that one last patrol wouldn’t hurt before i left and my gut told me to go there first and my macro went off and a yellow dot appeared in the middle of red dots. Dismounted while in flight, dropped trap, and started taming, i was close enough that she didn’t pounce. Then shortly after a hunter asked if anyone say Gondria over general chat ๐Ÿ˜›

  10. anaton says

    got him at7:00 pm pacific time in the south east location were he spawn flew in and there he was had to fight of a bear and two cats but wow was happy to see a spirt beast been looking for 3 days for one

  11. Trinzen says

    I logged into World Of Warcraft and startet searching for “King Krush” the big Raptor in Sholazar Basin, i found him after 3 min and i was like o.O. 10 Min after around 18:03 i took a daily route for Gondria. At 18:05 my NPCscanner freaked out and my hands was shakeing at the start i dident know what to do but i took a random pet and kicked it away and startet taming gondria. At 18:06 i was a really happy hunter ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Goodluck to all hunters that want that awesome pet!

    – Trinzen Kazzak EU –

  12. Larry says

    I just got him…at 77,70 with a realm time of 1845…and found Skoll at 30,64 at 1900 realm time. Not high enough to tame so I killed him.

  13. Brandon says

    Tamed gondria today at 12:10pm server time on Silvermoon. At coord 77,70 and spent a grand total of 7 hours camping that main spot.

  14. Sabriel says

    Good news i found her she was between the altar of queltz lun and harrkoa by the trees
    at 12:54 pennsylvania time cant rmember the time zone lol

    good luck to all those who are looking for her!!!

  15. Sabriel says

    i keep looking for gondria and alas i think my luck is fading .. got articus then next day found loque right after some creep told me if i didnt pay him some g he would find it and kill it before i got there. lol got loque and now im circling gondrias spawn points and not finding anything…
    :( . worst part is i have no idea how to use npc scan lol . but ill keep looking
    and any tips would be appreciated ^-^

    shadowsong server

  16. matt says

    Im a bit old school and have never used a addon but after two weeks of searching for gondria and loque at the same time i knew this was a challenge I have not had in training yet. I came on about 11am server on zangarmarsh. As usual i was camped in the air over one of loques spawn spots. After 2 loops of the basin i said ill go to zul. Ive been doing this like i said for a couple weeks. I landed in zul and bam the npcscan i added last not went off and scared the pee out of me. Ive never heard it before!. I got all excited and he was right there at the 62.62 location. I calmed myself a bit,killed the mobs by him, dismissed arcturis, dropped my trap and got him with ease. Now to get that dang loque. I cant find how u clear the cache for vista only xp? can anyone point me in teh right direction?

  17. Gudit says

    Well finaly i got Gondria after 3 days of gank and 1 lost …. 1 lost its couse i found her and ffs didnt had lvl 77 to tame so so i caled a good friend of mine to Tame her so he will have it …. i was so pised and later on that night i did go to Arcturis place and heck after 1 hour the Bear shows up and omg i was on rogue ….i did fast relog on hunter took health stone couse i have that one there and yessssssssssss tamed Arcturis…. and another day pasesd and on 3 day after i did a Dungeon i did pass again on Gondria places respw pushed my Macro and omgggggggg there she was…. i did fast dismount and Tamed hes ass……. i will look on this Web to see if i can put pictures with me and the pets so you see…. So i was kinda happy took me 3 days to get 2 imba looking pets…

  18. Shaudaria says

    I wanted to be the only one I see from Demonsoul to say that I caught her after about 12 hours of looking ๐Ÿ˜› I caught her at 10:20am Est time at 66,78!!!! She just popped up !!! I was so excited

  19. Mark H says

    1/8/2011..Time 16;20 Coords 62;62..Thats when and where I got Gondria. It took me 2 days playind 10 hours a day. And yes..It was worth it! My advice is be patient and keep parolling the area’s shown on the map above. Thanks to this site……

  20. candy says

    OMG i finallyyy got himmm he was located in the 63.43 spot i was just about 2 give up and i thought id fly over once more and there he was i neally cried lol he is amazeinggg
    so 12:30pm 7/1/2011 hopefuly from here sumone can calculate a spawn time :)
    goodluck people

  21. Cerea says

    thought that i would share my story here since this sight has helped me alot. I started my search for Gondria yesterday patroling all the known spawn locations and my wife camped near by at 77.70 as it seemed to be one of the very popular spawn areas, after about 9 hours I was about to give up and say the hell with it, but my wife said if you want it you will wait the time for her….so I waited longer…I decided to camp awhile and let my wife patrol…another hunter had said that he had tamed gondria and my wife asked him to come show her she wanted to see his new pet…the hunter wouldnt do it…so we figured he was full of it and still camped and patroled the areas, my wife had to get up to do something so she camped and I patroled again until she came back at this point I was totally ready to give up on this cat and move to looking for the time lost proto drake instead…but I went and patroled the areas again not thinking I would locate her after 11 and 1/2 hours had already passed….I circled around the area by stairs and my npcscan went off I jumped and targeted her dismounted and noticed another hunter flying above the area in hopes that I would get her…threw down a trap and started my tame…gondria froze in my trap, then I get hit by a passing bear that decided to attack while i’m in mid tame…I was like oh crap its over I wont get her…then I get attacked by a sentinal that was an elite at the same time i’m like holy hell its not gonna happen….then the hunter came down to tame gondria and by that time she was mine and went straight to work on helping kill both of these pests…not even being speced or fed she killed these mighty quick….but now i’m proud to say she is mine after a long awaited 11-1/2 hours of pure boring patrols….she was tamed at 11:30pm on dragonblight…at cords 63.43
    so yes it takes a long hard wait to tame these pets if you really want them, without my wife I wouldnt be able to stay there and keep doing this she really pushed me to keep waiting and looking and it was well worth the wait she is amazing….her growl is awesome…I hope my other spirit pet tames are as exciting as this was lol what fun lol

    good luck to all hunters out there and keep pushing for what you want…even if its boring as hell lol

    Pet – Twilight

  22. Dryfter says

    After eleven days of camping and cross referencing with fellow hunters I finally found Gondria! At 2:41am server on Cenarian Circle I tamed him on my hunteress Darkstryder after having done a spare of the moment pass over, not expecting to find him.

    I remembered to get right up on him before placing my icetrap, as one post on here suggested. Freeze, tame…hold breath and hope he actually found me to be a worthy companionable spirit and there we are.. Renamed him HeartofGlass and he will now be my constant leveling and venturing companion unless he needs a break from people constantly trying to pet him. Soo…. happy right now.

    To those that still are struggling to find him hang in there! You will! He literally metamorphisized from the chill air on me. Happy Hunting!


    • Dryfter says

      Forgot to post it, but I found Gondria at the 63, 43 spawn point. Also is anyone else excited about some of the appearance makeovers of this new patch that is being put into effect as we type and read?


  23. ashaantha says

    actually adding to my previous post, found him at 5am brisbane aust time.. at the first spot i looked :) .. also between 5am and 6am i found skoll and loque’nahak .. so happy to find 3 oput of 4 within 1 hr

  24. silvre says

    Found him at 69,49 using Eagle Eye after 4 days of camping at 10:40 pm server time Laughing Skull server. There were others looking for him too horde and alliance. Took a couple of snap shots of the NPCscan alarm, before, during and after taming W00t! I was thinking of giving up when NPCScan popup “GONDRIA NPC found” with an alarm. Announce in the Zul Drak channel that Gondria was tame at 10:40 pm server time. This is my final spirit beast in my stable. Good luck to all BM Hunters and may patience be with you.

  25. TULLY says

    got gondoria on the turalyon website @ 12 58 server time on the turalyon site on the nw side of the steps right in the corner. easy as pie to tame. woo hoo took me a week 6 day os whic we going after skoll! good luck hunters!

  26. Miklosmiklos says

    I had given up for the night, and was bumming round Zul’Drak telling my Guild Azerothian Variations on classic nursery Rhymes and NPC scan Popped… Scared the life out of me but it was near the crater of Mam’Toth or whatever it’s called (69,49 area on the map provided above). Good hunting, ’tis a magnificent beast.

  27. Nightscreamr says

    Ok, i started my search for Gondria on 15/10/10 on and off through the day. At 17.05 my mobile rang so i went to get it (i was afk over 66.78). I was gone no more than 1 minute, came back and started to fly towards 77.70. Well my computer went mad saying Gondria had been spotted, next thing you know another hunter has tamed her :( When i looked at the clock it was 17.10.

    Anyway, i got up today 16/10/10 and started my searching at 8.00am. Nothing. My partner decided to help me and he camped 66.78 while i was flying to the others. At 11.45am i was flying near 77.70 when my computer went mad. It was Terror Spinner, i killed him for the achiev as nobody was about who wanted him. Continuing my journey i carried on for another 50mins but decided to tab out to read this site. My partner was shouting at me, at 12.45 Gondria spawned below him at 66.78. At first i didnt twig and flew round getting stuck in trees everything was in slow motion, i was at 77.70 location at the time lol. Tamed Gondria there and then at 66.78 ๐Ÿ˜€

    I was testing out Gondria and did a quest and at 13.10 i killed Zul’Drak Sentinel, so it turned out today the 16th has been and excellent day for me.

    So you guys know all the action was on Twilight’s Hammer EU :)

  28. hunjay says

    ok i tamed her a while back, found her within seconds of looking found her at 66,78

    i use a addon called silver dragon, its great, scans for any rare tameable beasts as your going with a extremely low cpu usage, works basicly like npc scanner but allot easier to use and causes less lag, seriously try it out :)

  29. sara says

    just got him, 12:15 server time Uldaman US, im using the silverdragon addon kinda like NPCscan saw him as soon as i flew into the zone. frost arrow, tame. it was cake. my friend is soo mad at me. she’s been looking for over 7 months. he was at 66, 78 just walking in circles. now i just need to find Loque’nahak, =]

  30. Corey - Synthess says

    I confirm Gondria to be at 63,43 and 77,70. When i wasn’t BM i used to see her alot near 77,70… Now i am Duel specced Marks for raiding and BM for shits and giggles, I found her at 63,43.

  31. Spirithunter says

    No luck atm, No NPC scan, can’t get it, and I’ve been to all of her spawn points. She must’ve allready been tamed on Arathor.

  32. Alfonse says

    I was over at the 63, 43 spawnpoint at around 7:30 server time and had gone to pick up food. When I got home the alarm had gone off but she was nowhere to be seen. If she was tamed or killed at that point that would have only been 2 hours or so till she spawned again at 69, 47. I had been flying around and stopped to hover over 63. 43 again and was about to log for bed when I decided to go just over to the crator at 69, 47 again and the alarm went off. I didnt believe it but there she was. Frost trap..tame..mine! :) Just tamed Gondria on Drenden @ 10:38pm server time.

  33. Nami says

    Finally tamed her at 2am server last night on Garona at the 63, 43 spot, after 3 weeks of constantly flying around Zul’Drak for all rares.


  34. Noexcuse says

    March 10th 2010 I tamed Gondria on Winterhoof server at 9:50am Server time..
    it took me 4 days..


  35. biggy says

    hi. got her tonight … (thurs morning) 00.02 uk time on bloodhoof eu. right outside zim torga. i had been searching all week. i have done too much flying down to grizzly for arcturis and back to storm peaks for skoll . oh well ive got my first spirit beast and im well happy :)
    Cheers for all the advice on here :)

  36. Aeonares says

    I tamed her this morning at 63,43 right by the stairs around 3:12 am server time. Ty Garwulf couldnt have done it without the website help.

  37. Mastidon says

    After a full day of camping the given locations of Gondria I caught her. I caught her at the 69, 49 location about 7:23 p.m on Hellscream which was almost exacly 4 hours after i had tamed terror spinner in the spawn point for her just east of there.

  38. Guest says

    Tamed her last evening at about 10 am at 77/70. NPCscan came up and I needed a few seconds to distinguish her from the snow :).
    It’s a beautiful pet and was worth the 2-3 h of camping and flying around for last two evenings.

  39. Feri says

    just tamed Gondria last night at 11:30pm server time location 69.49 on Dalvengyr server after 2 days of searching for it finally got it.

  40. Doli says

    Hey Garwulf,

    Just wanted to say thank you for this map. A few months back (right after Skoll was introduced, figured with most hunters looking for him and Loque being way rare, Gondria was my best bet), I made a macro that generated all the spawn points on my tour guide addon, and I would just fly around every now and then over all the points to see if I could nab my own spirit beast. Well, I got him last night before bed, at 66,78. Easy as pie.

    Happy Thanksgiving, and thanks again.

  41. Playboys says

    63,43 for me….saw Gondria in AV and had to have.
    Took 10 mins…tried 3 locations then 63,43 for me,
    pretty cool. Great post for us dummies.

  42. Leozap says

    I found Loque!!1 min ago, haha. came back from work, logged on, and she’s right there waiting for me, what a chance is that? 3days and i already have two of the three spirit beasts, I see skoll is waving at me!!haha

  43. tlcred7 says

    I saw someone with her in Dal. asked them where they got her, they took me to where she was at and she was right there in front of me. I landed and trapped her then tamed here it was easy. Good Luck to all that is looking for her.

    • says

      @ tlcred7

      That was quite a stroke of luck you had there. Not to mention that player was pretty cool assisting you with finding the spawn location(s). grats!

  44. Leozap says

    20min after I tamed Gondria, My frind told me his addon found Loque’nahak!! I flied there with my 150 flying mount, and she was gone. one of the reasons for hunter to have epic flyer!! T.T

  45. Leozap says

    I got her just now!
    Location: 66,78
    I camped her until 6AM this morning, then i fell asleep. I logged in right after i woke up this afternoon, and she was right in front of me!!

  46. Caellia says

    Found her yesterday (11.11.09) at 62.62 about 4pm on my hunter on aszune. just ran out of the town and she was right there. i unfortunatly was only 76 :( so was running around Zul’drak frantically trying to level. went to check back about half an hour later (still hadnt levelled) and she was gone, no body so i assumed she was tamed :( damn.

  47. Fentonal says

    Just to confirm that the 77,70 co-ords are hot ! Great info, many thanks.

    Was in the area and thought I’d just have a quick look on the off chance – lo and behold Gondria was waiting for me ๐Ÿ˜‰ Dropped a freezing trap & tamed – piece of cake !

  48. Togie says

    Got the chance to tame it today september 20 ’09.
    Camped him/her for a long time, best tip that i can share is; DONT CAMP. DONT MAKE CIRCLES OVER AND OVER!
    Make 1 round first around Gondria’s spawpoints, he/she aint there go to the other rare elites in Zul’drak, if ya kill those first you have a higher chance to Tame it en locate it. On youre map use track beast it WILL show up as a yellow dot. Do use NPC-scan.

    if all those info helps you out taming him/her, do mail me. ill respond late cause of spammers.

  49. Nnof says

    I just tamed Gondria last night, 21.30 GMT, 14.30 Server time US-Blackrock using the target/spamming macro – confirmed location 63,43, just sat there.

    Yes, *she* is absolutely beautiful :), the screen shots don’t do her justice.

    The only thing was Iโ€™d just turned level 77, so I was in a mild state of panic when I targeted her first and managed to let her kill me. Fortunately the graveyard wasnโ€™t too far away and I ran back and she was still sat in the same place, so I can confirm the other posterโ€™s observations that she never wanders far from the spawn points.

  50. Rilmandra says

    Just got him as well (10.00 AM at Sporeggar) at 69,49. Thanks for all the tips placed in here, it made finding Gondria real easy.

  51. Pelle says

    Just got him :) 1am (GMT+10) at 66,78. My first flight over this area. Thanks to the map on this site!! And thanks to the script below…

    /tar gondria
    /script local t=UnitName(“target”); if (t == null) then t=date(“%S”) else PlaySound(“RaidWarning”) end; DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(t)

    If you can’t see him after the alert, then throw out an “Hunters Mark”

    Throw out your “Freezing trap” and then work your best… “Tame Beast”.


  52. Gnomemor says

    I got him at 10:20 pm on Lethon at 66, 78. I hadn’t been looking in ZD very long before I found him…I got very lucky.

  53. Legalt says

    Hi just got Gondria at 68, 77… been camping for 6 and a half hours behind the altar and he spawned right infront of me! The npc scan addon works so good. Use it if you can get it… thanks for the info on spawns :) works great. Also this is the third time i’ve heard him spawn behind the altar.

  54. Dawnwind says

    Thanks for the help – I tamed Gondra 7/5/09 1:34pm Grizzly Hills server coord 69.49 – loaded NPC_Scan, and flew the circuit of the 6 spawn points at random intervals each day from 7/1/09 to 7/5/09 – Good luck to all and be patient!

  55. kovenant says

    tamed yesterday, nordrassil realm, 7:20 am realm time at the 77,70 spawn point. checked spawn points several times daily since the patch. hope this helps someone.

  56. Maulisha says

    Got mine a bit ago 63, 43 area… Used this macro and kept flying about a cpl days:

    /target Ghondria
    /stopmacro [noexists]
    /script PlaySound(“RaidWarning”)
    /run RaidNotice_AddMessage(RaidBossEmoteFrame,”THERE HE IS !”, ChatTypeInfo[“RAID_WARNING”])

    *** nifty little macro that makes a raid warning when he’s tgt’s and there… fly and spam while listening to iTunes

  57. Mavr says

    After camping 77,70 for 2 days, unexpectedly just got Gondria at 61.7,62.5 which is the same as earlier reported 62,62. Realm Barthilas, time 12:20pm. Called her Bagheera. Good Luck taming.

  58. Tryout says

    Got the beautiful cat this morning:-) After three days of patrol….at 63.43….
    Now I have to do BM whatever I do;-)

    Good Hunting

  59. Aveline says

    Tamed him last night on Vek’Nilash-US. He was wandering at 67,77. Thanks for the location info and the plug for the NPCScan addon. Now I have a great new pet!

  60. Uchikoma says

    61.37 seems to be the order of the day on Darkspear EU, I tamed him there, another mate tamed him there, but another had him at 62.52

    Lots of people on Darkspear seem to be camping him at 73.65 though.

  61. Bradden says

    Both myself and a guildmate tamed Gondria at 77.70 adn he does just basically roam in a triangular pattern above the bears there. As to the DPS I have not seen a reduction in my DPS in raids since I booted my cat for Loque or Gondria like other hunters maybe I have a better shot rotation not sure. After all the hours hunting for them and finaly getting them DPS does not really matter especially when Loque goes in for the Kill and makes the raid group deaf from his awesome roar. For those of you who have not tamed either keep at it you will get one or both I consider myself lucky and blessed to have both. I have found the add-on silverdragon to be much better at finding rares, unlike npcscan which will ding even if it has been tamed silverdragon can be setup where it will not ding unless they are tameable.

    Good Hunting!

  62. says


    Thanks for the info and the screenshot.

    I’ve only seen Aotona twice. Once dead, and once alive. That’s one less time than I’ve seen Loque, so I’m guessing Aotona is going to be a difficult tame for Hunters that want it. I still haven’t seen a Hunter with him on my server.

    I think it’d be so cool to have Aotona out along with the Hyacinth Macaw non-combat pet. Of course then I’d have to get exalted with the Bloodsails for the title and the regalia. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  63. says

    I found Gondria twice, first time on my hunter and tamed her, second time on my druid. I spent about ten minutes watching her, she doesn’t patrol, just wanders in a kind of triangle, but never far from the spawn point.

    The first time I came across her was at 77.70 (where I tamed her), the second time was at 66.78.

    I asked in all the channels and even jumped on a hordie to ask in their trade, and made an orc hunter very happy. Can’t have someone kill it… So, all in all, Gondria was wandering around unspotted and unkilled for at least 20minutes! This was at 3am ST, and not many people on my realm either know about her, or seem interested (Loque is still a favorite amongst the hunters).

    Ah yes, realm is Steamwheedle Cartel-EU

    PS, brief post on Aotona, I’ve been searching for her for two weeks now, and in all my WOTLK time, I haven’t even come across her dead body!

  64. Dalaila ShadowsongEU says

    I wish we could tame these rares while playing MM or SV. I love Loque’Nahak for example but heรฌs taking dust in the stable: poor damage, low utility, BM-only. I switch to BM for grinding low-level instances only and in that occasion a tank pet is mandatory.


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