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I achieved this milestone last Saturday night. Most of the achievements are pretty silly, but this one is great. It boldly says, “you’ve been playing this game way too much”… ;)

Actually, 50K over 3+ years is not really that hardcore, especially when you consider I’m a glutton for PvP. However, if you were to add up all of the honor kills I’ve amassed from all of my toons, I’d be well over 100K. I have a level 19 Hunter with over 30K alone.

Ever since I participated in my first Warsong Gulch battle somewhere around level 35, I became hooked on the PvP aspect of the game. I’ve always enjoyed pitting my skill against real life players, as opposed to predictable raid bosses and such.

Although I really enjoy the thrill of progressing through end-game raid content, it doesn’t grant me the same satisfaction as a well executed arena win, or a hard fought BG victory. PvE is “fun”, but to me it’s easy-mode compared to PvP. In PvP, you actually have to use most of your skills, not just a few of them. PvP is both fun and challenging, and the rewards are greater in my opinion.

With that said, I want a damn Gladiator mount someday!!!

Well that dream may be a little out of reach for me, but I’d at least like to hit Rival in Season 6. I’d like to be more competitive in arena, but as with anything else you want to achieve in this game, it requires sacrifices. Some of which I’m unable or unwilling to make, which is a huge reason why I’ll be hard pressed to crack a 2K rating.

I feel that in order to be successful in arena, you need to have a lot of things going for you, such as:

  • You need to be a pretty skilled player who knows their class. This part I don’t really have a problem with. I know the Hunter class very well and I can hold my own against most anyone.
  • You need to know the other classes’ abilities, cooldowns, strengths and weaknesses. I could use a little help here. While I am familiar with most of the fundamentals concerning the other classes, to truly be a stud in arena requires you to know your opponents’ capabilities backwards and forwards. I’m working on it though. ;)
  • Your partner(s) must want to win. This is huge, because if you’re competitive, yet grouped with casuals, you’re going to have a tough time. Your teammate(s) must be willing to go over strategies, strive to be competitive and learn from the losses. My current teammate is a skilled and competitive guy, so no worries there.
  • Your team should be balanced in such a way so that it can counteract many other opposing teams. I often fail here, because I almost always play with friends, as opposed to finding anonymous players who happen to play the ideal class for me to partner with. My guild is relatively small, and there are literally a handful of us that are active PvPers, so the pool from which I have to draw from is very small. My teams are typically fun, but we eventually hit a wall we can’t overcome at some point and it can become frustrating.
  • You need to be familiar with the terrain in the arenas. I’m pretty good here. Apart from the 2 newer ones, Ogrimmar and Dalaran, I’ve been in the other 3 a zillion times. After having queued some in Season 5, I’ve gotten pretty familiar with the two new arenas though. It’s important to know your weaknesses concerning the given terrain, especially as a Hunter, with our horrible LoS issues.
  • You should be pretty well geared. Unlike a good raid group, where folks in blues and greens can get carried on to success, arena requires each player to be fairly well geared. There have been some rare exceptions in the past, such as in earlier seasons when Druids were so ridiculously overpowered they could queue with some greens and still faceroll to 2k+ with a well geared Warrior. However, by now you should probably plan on having a decent amount of epics, with at least a few pieces of PvP gear thrown in for resilience and stamina. My gear isn’t fantastic, but I think I can be pretty competitive with it during the start of the season.
  • You and your partner(s) should be on Ventrilo or Teamspeak. There is no way to be truly successful in arena without it. Having instant communication with your teammate(s) is key. This cannot be properly accomplished via the chat window.  :-|  I usually try to be on Vent, but if I end up arena’ing into the late night hours, I usually try to go silent, as to not wake the sleeping wifey or baby. My present teammate dubbed me, “Whispers”.

There are many other points to cover, but those are some that come to mind first. I may elaborate on, or edit this post later, but for now I need some sleep. It’s late and I’m knackered.

I just wanted to have some babble for you to read this morning, since I’ve been having a hard time keeping things as updated as I’d like to lately. I didn’t want to let the site go yet another day without some fresh Gar’isms. I still have a lot to discuss, such as… what exotic pet I dumped, which new pet I tamed and why, why I specced the way I’ve specced, my first week of arena in Season 6, why I’m somewhat considering a return to Beast Mastery, …WHAT..?!

Stay tuned…



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