Attention: Hunters Who Are Looking To Tame Gondria

Gondria the Spirit Beast

Gondria, the New Spirit Beast

As I’d previously mentioned in a comment somewhere on this site, there is a mod available that should greatly help in your search for Gondria, Loque’nahak, or any other rares you may be after. My buddy Blaquespell had alerted me to a mod which he found that makes searching for rare mobs quite a bit easier. He’s been casually trying to hunt down the elusive Time-Lost Proto Drake in the Storm Peaks, and this addon has been helpful for him (even though he hasn’t been lucky enough to find it yet).

The mod is called NPCScan, and is available for download off of WoWInterface. The NPCScan addon pretty much replaces a /target macro, and automates the task of finding rare spawns. It automatically scans the area for any rare mobs that you haven’t encountered, and targets them without the need to mash a macro. Plus, NPCScan has the same range as a targeting macro.

While the addon is active, it will automatically scan while you’re exploring an area and alert you when a rare spawn is found. Basically, it detects mobs that aren’t stored within your game cache. The catch is, once a rare mob is located it will no longer alert you to it unless you clear your cache. Clearing your cache is an easy process and is completely safe.

To clear your cache, just navigate to your World of Warcraft folder, open it and delete the Cache directory.

  • On a Windows machine: C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Cache
  • On a Mac: Macintosh HD\Applications\World of Warcraft\Cache

The process is worry-free, because your cache directory gets automatically rebuilt upon your next login. If you were to say, happen upon Loque’nahak’s corpse, you’d need to clear your cache after logging. This would ensure that NPCScan would alert you next time Loque’nahak was spawned.

NPCScan will also provide a “cache warning” when you log in. If any of the listed mobs are ones you’re still searching for, then you will need to follow the steps to clear your cache.

The Catch: Hunters Read This!

Since NPCScan cannot differentiate between tamed rares and rares yet to be tamed, it will go off if a nearby Hunter has tamed a rare spawn, like Gondria for example. By default, it does not account for rare tamable beasts. To fix this however is relatively easy.

The first thing you’ll need to do is get the NPC ID for the mob(s) you’re searching for. To do this, just search for the rare spawn in a database like Wowhead‘s. Once you find it, there will be a number at the end of the url in your address bar, which is the NPC ID.


Browse to the rare mob's page on WoWHead, then copy its NPC ID from the address bar.

Open up the NPCScan options menu by typing in, /npcscan. You’ll see a configuration screen with a list of rare spawns. To enter in a new one, just type the name and NPC ID at the bottom and hit the + icon. That’s all there is to it.

Entering Rare Mob ID's into NPCScan

Open up NPCScan and add the NPC ID

NPC IDs For Some Popular Rare Spawn Pets

  • Gondria: 33776
  • Loque’nahak: 32517
  • King Krush: 32485
  • Aotona: 32481
  • Nuramoc: 20932
  • Rak’shiri: 10200
  • Sewer Beast: 3581

When NPCScan detects the rare spawn, it will alert you with an audible alarm, a targetable icon, a message in chat and flashing red borders around your screen. You’d have to be asleep to miss this. The small NPC icon and target frame can be repositioned on your screen by holding down ctrl and dragging it with your mouse.

NPCScan Rare Mob Target Frame

NPCScan will automatically alert you when a rare mob is in targeting range.

There are many other options available for this great addon, but I suggest you download and install it to get a feel for things. Hopefully my explanation and short tutorial here will help get you started.

Lastly, here’s an updated map for Gondria’s spawn locations in Zul’Drak.

Gondria's Spawn Locations Map

Map of Gondria's spawn locations in Zu'Drak.

Good luck and Happy Huntering!


  1. Shale says

    JUST TAMED GONDRIA! FIRST TIME LOOKING FOR HIM. If it hadn’t been for this addon I wouldn’t have seen em. Blends in with the snow very well.

    • thetravellor says

      Wow addons work on both mac and PC, just download the addons zip file, extract the contents into /applications/world of warcraft/interface/addons

  2. Nímh says

    I dont know how big npc/scan range is but it must be huge. It sounds off that the scourge giant has spawned at the top of Icecrown even though Im in Dalaran, and 5 times now its said Time Lost Protodrake is up but no way in hell could I find him.
    On a good note though, since Cataclysm launched Northrend is practically deserted, so u have more chance to tame the rares before someone kills them. Good hunting.

  3. Tickletease says


    I just got done with an instance and ported back to SB and NPCScan popped Loque’ .

    CONFIRMED: NPCScan will target aprox 10/20 yrds past the overlay circle AND Loque’ himself was pat’ing aprox 10 yrds OUTSIDE of his green colored overlay pat area.

    Hope this helps!

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