This Ought To Scatter The Troops Somewhat

Updated Gondria Spawn Locations

As I’d stated earlier, I was hoping there would be multiple spawn locations for Gondria, and indeed there are. This map I created shows the most recent locations where the Spirit Beast was found (I rounded off the coordinates).

If you haven’t seen BRK’s video on it, you should check it out. Gondria is definitely more flattering when viewed live. I like the whispy vapor mist it has. Still not enough to make me ditch Loque though. 😉

This thread is another good place to check for updated info. There’s some Hunter jibber-jabber, as well as more screenshots.

Good luck people. See you on the PTR.


  1. alice says

    i killed gondria today ;/ came out of a battle groundwith pet on agressive… and he killed him in 2 hits…. i…. can’t even say how upset i am. and stupid… fucking stupid

  2. Fireboltz says

    Looking for gondria badly and i cant seem to find her , and once she is killed how long is it till she is respawn plus what is the main place she is going to spawn? Please Answer

  3. CrY says

    Just found Gondria at 11:30pm on Stonemaul @ 61.54, 62.75 So awesome! Some months ago I tried looking for Gondria and camped for hours and flew around like crazy but could never find this spirit beast… Today I figured I’d look again… and I left to get a drink and when I looked up there was a yellow dot on my mini map and yay!!!! GONDRIA!!!!

  4. Kayanna says

    well yesterday i was questing with my partner, he decided to go and make a coffee so while i sat bored i thought to myself why not check gondrias spawn spots and to my suprise the first spot i cheked my npc scan went off its nut i just about pissed myself and procceded to tame but got completly pissed about the fact i was one lvl under and could not tame so i had to kill the beautiful creature :(

  5. Flutchi says

    Im lvl 76 atm, i got arcturis at 74 by mistake :D, and then when i dinged 76 i went to sholazar for some herbing, and i spot Loque!, so now i got 2 and im waiting to ding 77 for gondria now 😉

  6. Abhor says

    I just tamed Gondria on Silvermoon at roughly 1pm ST. He’s so cool! I really wish they would fix the spirit bear (Arcturis) so he sounded like a proper spirit beast. =/ Now I just need Skoll and Loque’nahak to finish my spirit beasts!

    • says

      It’d be nice if all the Spirit Beasts had unique roars, or at least shared Loque’s.

      Good luck with taming Skoll and Loque’nahak. Loque should be fairly easy to get, as I think most of the attention these days is on Arcturis and Skoll.

  7. Trunine says

    I got this guya couple of days ago. I just decided to look one day and the first spawn point i looked at i found him. Just depends on how lucky you are

  8. Assann says

    i went striaght to zul’drak after posting my comment earlier and thought y not check out the locations while i wait for bg and i found Gondria on the eastern side of zul’drak right inbetween the two stair ways,grizly hills border

  9. Mike says

    “found mine at 77.6 70.3 just close border of grizzly hills top of the Thor Modan side”

    Is confirmed. After about a week or searching whenever I had downtime, I tried coming here to look for other possible spawn points and FIRST PASSING I found him. Happy Hunting fellow Hunters!

  10. Lectio says

    When i first heard of Loque’nahak, i thought it would be another few days of searching for a rare pet, but Loque was different. His spawns where dotted everywhere, he spawned in zones that were full of lvl 80 miners eager to gain the achievement of killing him. after a few weeks of Loque i gave up. I then heard about gondria and didnt even attempt looking for it, i then saw a guildmate with it and asked him how long it took for him to get it. he said he got it ‘in the same day i started searching’. That tempted me to have a quick fly over zul’drak, i thoroughly searched the eastern border between zul’drak and grizzly hills and found gondria, my heart was in my mouth when i was taming her. and it was all worth it. for whom ever decides to search for this beautiful pet, thoroughly search the eastern borderline, you never know, you could just find her like i did

  11. says

    Elviself! I like that. ‘Course I’m a huge Elvis fan. 😉

    That’s awesome man. Grats on getting your cool new spirit beast, and good luck with Loque if you decide to continue after him.

  12. russell mills says

    try to make this short but its an amazing story.took me a whole day to find humar back when i was just a few lvls higher than him,loved that cat.took him to 80 with me.spent 6 months looking for Loque.sometimes with humar sometimes with a dissposable pet.other night i thought i got all night ill stable humar and find that damb Loque.after about 6 hours with no luck i gave up.but since i already had a dissposable pet with me i thought id go to and see what else was out there for cool pets.had never heard of Gondria.get on petopia and see this cool new spirit beast.i look up the spawn points and pick 1 to start with southeastern most.on the flight there i was thinking im either never going to find this cat or itll be right there waiting for know it man.right there waiting like it knew i was coming for it.i still dont have Loque.but ive got humar in the stable and now i have Gondria without spending a minute looking for him.must have been ment to be. :)Elviself

  13. BT-hunter says

    I found Gondria today just South of Zim Torga at the 62,62 loc around 10am on a Saturday. Mob must have just spawned or I was really lucky (or both). I have a macro setup to target all the rare elite names I wish to stable which helped a great deal. Taming went pretty much the same as it was for Loque, with the exception of the other cats in the area I found Gondria in that agro. Keep an eye out for that yellow dot on your mini map. I was so stoked and was in such a panic to actually see the cat I kept flying over it and out of range till I finally remembered to look at my tracking. Good luck to others on the hunt.

  14. Fathios says

    Fathios @ Sargeras: I named it Hubris, after my long lost pet who I originally tammed as Rak’shiri. It’s kinda cool that I can reference it as a ghostly version of my prior pet that has returned from the dead :P… Anyways I had decided to use this one Mob Alert Addon and it seemed like most people get this beast betwee 2-4 am server time. So I decided to take a nap with my ferret and blast the surround sound so that when Gondria spawns, the alert would wake my ass up. I had a little thing on my keyboard to keep from AFK status.. A couple hours later, the plan worked! I found him prowling around [63.43] @3AM and I jumped off my mount and almost died but i froze him and tamed it and then went back to sleep because i need to get me rest for work in the morning :)

  15. Allesandro says

    Blizzard is trying to make those of us who blew our miinds figuring out how to tame the ghost wolf off that shammy in duskwallow pay for dual spec just so we can whip out a pet to show off… I’ll keep my ghost wolf for now, but im gonna check out the spawn points tonight

  16. DarkDiamond says

    Got it after 23h cycle. my guildm8 tamed it at 13h st, l waited 8h, then started to search non-stop for 14h (my guildm8 helped me) so we found Gondria at 10 h next day at 63/43. beautiful cat, GL to all who`s searching him!!! it was worth not to sleep for that. (Ligtning`s blade server)

  17. says

    I only just stalked petopia’s new pet skins page today because of the 3.1 patch downtime, but whoa, I have to get this guy. Good thing BM seems to be somewhat viable for raiding in 3.1 as well.

    Tracking him down (multiple spawn locs) and taming him before the angry Alliance do is going to suck, though.

  18. satyr says

    Got it this morning at 62.52 near Har’Koa – Grizzly hills border.

    Appears as a “yellow” dot. So not hostile. Has leap to attack, but freezing trapable.

  19. Dalaila Shadowong-EU says

    Oh man… that reminds me the those camping days spent for the other spirit…. Loque… aaahhh !!! :)

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