The Patrol For Loque’nahak

When commenting on yesterday’s post about Aotona, one of my readers asked me to share the path I used to patrol for Loque’nahak. Well, because it’s been awhile since I posted on the subject, I decided to throw together an updated map for Fushae and the other folks at home. The new map contains my route, as well as some additional spots you may want to check for other rares in the Basin.

Sholazar Basin Rares and the Loque'nahak Trail

I took my original map of Loque’s spawn points and added King Krush and Aotona to the mix. I can’t confirm or deny, but some people seem to think that the spawn times between the rares are connected in some way. Knowing when the other rares are up or have despawned may help to narrow down possible respawn times.

It is possible, because it just so happened that the time I did manage to find Loque’nahak I was actually waiting for Krush. He had been killed roughly 12 hours earlier, so I decided to return 12 hours later hoping he’d respawn. Instead Loque popped up right in front of me. I thought, ooohhh… bonus! Here’s what happened next.

The Loque’nahak icons on the map represent locations I feel are legit. There may be more, but I can’t put my stamp of approval on those.

The same goes for the King Krush locations. I’ve personally only seen him in 2 places in the basin, but I’ve viewed screenshots that definitely show him by The Maker’s Perch and Nesingwary Camp.

Aotona I’ve only seen twice, and both encounters were in the spot I’ve noted on the map. Wowhead shows additional spawn points, but I dunno. I wasn’t camping Aotona.

So there ya have it. If you’re looking for any of the rare beasties in Sholazar I hope this helps. Also, be sure to mash yer macro when patrolling the area.

/target Aotona
/target King Krush
/target Loque

Rare Finder is a nice addon to have if you’re serious about finding one of these pets or completing the Frostbitten achievement. I’d link to it, but I’m not finding it on Curse or WoWInterface at the moment. I recommend using Wowmatrix for all of your addons anyway, and it’s definitely in there.

Aotona was a good distance away, and only was targeted by my macro for a second, but Rare Finder sounded an alarm and put a message into my chat screen showing what I’d targeted. I quickly circled around until I retargeted her and then went in for the kill. It was me or the parrot. Hunter vs. Macaw in a fight to the death. Polly got no more crackers that evening. ;) Alright… enough tom-foolery. Go get your pets people!


  1. æsh says

    Yeah i just found Skoll and Loque; Guys dismiss your pet before start the greedy tame.

    My good friend Karoma the wolf spirit was so pissed i found these to companions that he instantly killed them both. Very sad day for me i am just pissed so hard! Good luck taming

  2. Sean says

    So I JUST tamed both Loque(1134pm server, Thrall(est). Aug, 6, 2012) AND Aotona with in 45 mins of one another.

    I’ve been here for 7 hours, with making stops in SP and ZD. I haven’t seen King yet but will start looking again soon.

    Also I tamed Skoll 4 hours ago 730p server i think and Gon an hour before that. I tamed Arcturis at about 2am server(I think) that Gondria and a buddy tamed him again 930p server(I think) almost a solid 10 hours after I tamed it.

    I hope this helps for anyone who is still looking to tame these and is curious about timers. All 4 were tamed with in about a 5 hour window, 5 including Aotona.

  3. Thomas says

    After several days of searching, Loque finally decided it was my time. LATE last night, I made a final round looking to see if it was my lucky time. Instead, I found King Krush. I already have this fiesty fella. So I made note of the time (10PM server time). So going on the presumption of a 6-hour spawn time, I made sure I was awake before 4am server time. I woke up and signed in at 3:48am server time at 36, 30 (West of The Savage Thicket) .. and my heart sank. I quickly hit my Tame button and Loque granted me permission to tame him this time. So I went off of two pieces of information for this: 1) He has a 6 hour spawn time and 2) Loque spawn at a point near King Krush. Are the factual – or coincidence? I do not know – but I do know that I finally have this BEAUTIFUL creature – and now I am off to try and get the TLPD. Good luck and do NOT give up!

    Izare – Alliance

  4. David says

    Just tamed Loque’nahak. 4:50 am server time. Alliance-US Darkspear. 35.2, 28.7. I freaked out when I saw him and accidentally exited WOW as I tried to maximize the window. Luckily the few other people hunting him didn’t find him before I could log back in. Got Arcturis about an hour before also. Good Hunting!

  5. spaceranger says

    About 10 minutes after I logged on I went to the gorilla spot when the alarm went off..I was so excited after searching 4 days..and I saw him…..DEAD……. :,( fml Dx

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