Free Loot, Anyone..?

I’m tossing out a few free loot codes — 24 to be exact. Nothing too amazing, but you could win some fun stuff, including a few pets and some other amusing items.

Visit for details.

Anyone interested in a Demon Hunter’s Aspect loot code?

Thought so…

Visit This Page To Enter


  1. fran says

    First day is great. I’ve tried some of the new macros to great success and the hunter pets are just waiting for me. I know it because i have already found 3 sets of prints.

    • arilen says

      I am unable to reply to the email that said i was a winner, i get a error saying

      Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

      I sent you a email via the contacts page with the full error listed there.
      Thanks for the Loot ( Purple Puffer ).
      hope to receive the code soon

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