Garwulf Hunter UI Ready for 5.0.4

Gar UI Update for 5.0.4

I’ve uploaded my updated UI compilation to WoWInterface.

The changes…

Power Auras is still being updated for 5.0.4, so I’ve elected to go with WeakAuras for the time being. The name is deceiving because WeakAuras is actually quite powerful and highly customizable. In fact, unless Power Auras comes out with some cool additional features then I’ll probably just stick with WeakAuras.

I’ve configured eight auras which are included in the updated UI.

Garwulf Hunter UI WeakAuras

Here’s a look at the WeakAuras that are included in the UI update.

These auras are replacements for some of the same auras that I used before – only with new looks. I’ll probably add some more over the next week or so, but I didn’t want to delay the update any further. So, you get 8 auras an that’s it. ;)

Other than the change to WeakAuras, the only other thing that’s different is the addition of that mini trap bar just above my pet bar. I put it there to offer a nice vantage for trap cooldowns and Trap Launcher on/off status.

I’ve noticed that if you leave the WeakAuras Options enabled it will start to devour memory, so I have the options plugin disabled by default. If you want to add any auras, or change some of mine, then be sure to enable the plugin from the addon screen and then disable it again once you’re finished.

SLDataText seems like it might still be in the update process for 5.0.4. It’s not throwing back any errors, but some of the modules are not available (most notably, guild and friend status) and there are others that are not working. I did configure it best I could though.

Anyway…it’s ready to rock, so go get it!

Garwulf Hunter UI on WoWInterface


  1. Charisse says

    Can you tell me if there is a way to get just the Weakauras strings? I’m new to weakauras and you have just about everything I’m looking for, other than something to nag me when I’m late with Kill Command. Thanks in advance

    • says

      It does, provided all of the addons are up to date, but the version I have on WoWI is in dire need of updating.

      I’ve been slammed and unable to get to that. I have great intentions, but not enough available time and energy. ;) It’s on my list though!

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