Garwulf Hunter UI Ready for 5.0.4

Gar UI Update for 5.0.4

I’ve uploaded my updated UI compilation to WoWInterface.

The changes…

Power Auras is still being updated for 5.0.4, so I’ve elected to go with WeakAuras for the time being. The name is deceiving because WeakAuras is actually quite powerful and highly customizable. In fact, unless Power Auras comes out with some cool additional features then I’ll probably just stick with WeakAuras.

I’ve configured eight auras which are included in the updated UI.

Garwulf Hunter UI WeakAuras

Here’s a look at the WeakAuras that are included in the UI update.

These auras are replacements for some of the same auras that I used before – only with new looks. I’ll probably add some more over the next week or so, but I didn’t want to delay the update any further. So, you get 8 auras an that’s it. 😉

Other than the change to WeakAuras, the only other thing that’s different is the addition of that mini trap bar just above my pet bar. I put it there to offer a nice vantage for trap cooldowns and Trap Launcher on/off status.

I’ve noticed that if you leave the WeakAuras Options enabled it will start to devour memory, so I have the options plugin disabled by default. If you want to add any auras, or change some of mine, then be sure to enable the plugin from the addon screen and then disable it again once you’re finished.

SLDataText seems like it might still be in the update process for 5.0.4. It’s not throwing back any errors, but some of the modules are not available (most notably, guild and friend status) and there are others that are not working. I did configure it best I could though.

Anyway…it’s ready to rock, so go get it!

Garwulf Hunter UI on WoWInterface


  1. Charisse says

    Can you tell me if there is a way to get just the Weakauras strings? I’m new to weakauras and you have just about everything I’m looking for, other than something to nag me when I’m late with Kill Command. Thanks in advance

    • says

      It does, provided all of the addons are up to date, but the version I have on WoWI is in dire need of updating.

      I’ve been slammed and unable to get to that. I have great intentions, but not enough available time and energy. 😉 It’s on my list though!

  2. Ancksanura says

    Oh one question (been awhile so not 100% up to play), I have a UI set up already, if I copy over your WeakAuras folder from your addon will that automatically configure the auras or is there a way I have to import them eg with Power Auras? Thank you for your help!

  3. Ancksanura says

    Thank you for the great guide Gar :) Back to WoW for a whee while, was kinda worried your Power Auras weren’t updated till I Googled WeakAuras and boom got your site.

    • says

      I’m assuming you want to move the target tooltip. Type /tip and click the anchor button in the TinyTip config. Drag the tooltip frame where you like it.

      As long as you check the Load Out of Date AddOns option before logging in – the nameplates should load as normal.

      Hope that helps. :)

      • Luxefaire says

        Hey Gar. Hows it going? Thank you very much for all the work you put in. I’d very much like your weakauras string as it is the best I’ve seen. Or maybe tips on how to work it out of the folders that came with your UI

      • franco says

        thank you Garwulf, for your answer i have another question maybe you can help me is there a away the raid groups could show the debuffs? like for raids ?

        • says

          Sure, you could configure the raid group to show char debuffs, but the frame would need to be reconfigured. With my settings, it’s too small to use for displaying raid debuffs.

          Type in: /suf

          Unit configuration > Raid > Auras > Enable debuffs

          You can then configure how big you want them, how many to display, etc.

  4. Logan says

    Hi i have a problem with this UI update, ive used it before and had it all looking nice but now since i updated i have the bar at the bottom which shows stuff like ; currency, if there is mail, gold, bag slots. Which is stuck in the middle of the screen and i can not move it at all, any help on how to move this?


    • says

      Hey Logan, the addon you’re talking about is SLDataText. Type in /sldt config – then click and drag the status text to where you want it.

      This is a whole new version of SLDT. I can’t remember exactly, but I think I had to reconfigure it. My old profile info doesn’t carry over into this version.

      Hope that helps. :)

  5. Nick says

    Hey Gar, my resolution is 1680×1050. How can I unlock bars background (sixth bar???) and move other frames. Also, as I am russian, font isn’t correct (i mean it shows “????????”).

    • says

      To unlock the bars: type in /bt4 and uncheck the Lock option at top-left.

      The bar background is parented to action bar 1, button 1, so it moves with the bars.

      If you want to resize the bar background: type in /kgpanels, then go to Active Panels > Bars. You can adjust the panel width and height.

      For the font issue, I’d suggest disabling the Tekticles addon.

  6. Martin (UK) says

    Hi Gar. Just a suggestion for an addon to take a look at if you havn’t already.

    Ovale Spell Priority

    This is the most powerful addon I have yet come across, to the point where I think you could have a debate as to whether it is “fair” or not.

    Nonetheless it’s available and if you put questions of fairness to one side it is very effective.

    In an nutshell what it does is advise you on what ability is best to use in a given circumstance.

    So out of the box it comes available with PVE scripts that use simulationcraft to help you perform the ideal dps rotation. The scripts are very powerful, interacting conditions like buffs, stacking cooldowns, set bonus effects can be and are taken care of.

    Further these scripts are open and available to customise. So, still for PVE, you could tailor for the mechanics of a special encounter.

    And, though it is designed for PVE, it can be adapted for PVP use. This is far more fluid, but Ovale can take care of this, you can easily add extra icons to cater for the wider range of situations you need to be aware of. For example one specifically for your pet to warn of ccs/health and suggest what to do. Or one for your focus to monitor cc state/casting.

    All of this is ofc possible with the standard UI + addons but what Ovale does is
    – let you condense functions spread across many addons into one. e.g. I have a massive Powerauras collection. I expect to radically cut this, maybe even remove altogether.
    – you can embed complex logic that makes decision making/priority setting much easier.

    • says

      Martin, thanks for the suggestion. I haven’t heard of this addon ’til now, but I’ll try to give it a look.

      It doesn’t sound like something I’d use, but it could be a worthwhile addon for those looking to get a head-start on their class without having to spend loads of time researching rotations, etc.

  7. Sheppie says


    For some reason Omen and Recount are not showing any data. The windows are there with the headings, but no information is pulling in them. I have tried resetting them and changing settings, but still nothing. Any ideas?

    Thanks for all the work you put into this.


    • says

      Sheppie, hopefully you’ve gotten this sorted out. If not, then the only things I can think to do would be to make sure the versions of Omen and Recount are up to date. And… another thing you could try would be to manually select the GarUI profile within each addon’s options.

  8. Rivals says


    Awesome UI!
    Got some minor problems though, trying to change SLDataText to 24H clock and with %H:%M and it spams me with LUA errors and drops the FPS. Forces me to re-install the add-on as i completely fucks up and won’t respond.

    And I’ve a problem with Raven, can’t move any of the anchors. If I drag them they just reset.

    Anything familiar?
    Do you know a fix for this or should I ask the Authors for the add-on’s?

    • Sheppie says


      I had the same problem with the bars in Raven, but if you go into the options for each bar and scroll to the bottom, there is an X and Y offset and I just used those to change their positions on the screen. For some reason the drag and drop is not working, but this was how I moved them on mine.

  9. Aryi says

    Okay, I’ve deleted my old file, deleted the saved variables for SUF and ACB and copied the files from your UI package again, then restarted the game. This time (with the Blizz default settings) everything was super small and the positioning was off as well, but somewhat better looking.

    I fiddled with my UI scale until the bartender bars, minimap and chat window looked to be the same proportions as I had seen on your screenshots and then the used reflux to load the GarUI settings and don’t you know it, now everything looks great and is where it belongs.

    I ended up with setting my UI scale 3 ticks below 1.0. Thought this was worth mentioning in case anybody else runs into the same problem.

    Anyway, thanks for listening and thanks for creating this awesome UI pack :)

    • says

      Aryi, glad you got this figured out, but sorry I wasn’t able to respond. I have an unfortunate habit of ignoring site comments and emails when life gets a bit busy outside of the WoW-universe.

  10. Aryi says

    Hi Gar,

    I’ve been using your previous UI as the basis for my raiding UI and it’s the best UI I ever had. I figured it would be a good idea to switch to this new version to get rid of all the additional clutter I had accumulated in the meantime.

    I installed it today and noticed an annoying problem that I remember having had with the previous version as well but had forgotten about until today:

    The positioning of some elements (most notably the unit frames and castbars) are off somehow. They aren’t centered horizontally on the screen, the castbars belonging to specific frames (target, focus, etc.) aren’t positioned properly attached to those frames, some unit frames are positioned over other UI elements like the bartender bars or the minimap and the unit frames appear bigger than in your screenshot.

    I do have a screen resolution of 1920×1200 which leads me to believe that it could be an issue with UI scale, or the specific scale of those addons. My UI scale is 1.0, SUF and ACB are scaled at 100%. When I change the global scale for SUF it gets somewhat better, but I haven’t managed to find a value that makes it fit. Do you have an idea what I could be doing wrong?


  11. Âlfray says

    Hey Gar, I’m having some issues with tekticles after the 5.0 update. Do you know something about the author, if he’s going to fix this or so? Or is it possible to fix it by myself? All setting are pretty much adjustable in the lua.
    So let me know if you know something^^
    BTW: Are you using your traps by clicking? Or with a macro by one keybind? Just wondering about the trapbar in your UI^^

    • says

      When I uploaded the UI last week this was not an issue. I logged in earlier today and saw what you are talking about. I’m not sure if the addon dev, Tekkub, is still playing or not. If it doesn’t receive an update within the next few days, I’ll look for an alternative.

      One workaround is to replace your desired font(s) with the default ones. You paste the fonts you want into the WoW directory, renaming them as the default font types. Not sure if this is still possible, but it’s worth a shot. If I end up going that route I’ll post quick instructions on how to do it.

  12. Felthrian says

    I don’t use your UI as packaged, but I have for a long time been a big fan of the UI as a start-off which I then spend a few hours tweaking to my own likes – Patch 5.0.4 however, mainly due to my tweaks, raped and mutilated my UI like no other patch ever has.

    So I’m glad it’s been uploaded, I can start again now and hopefully not have to keep looking at the ugly mess I’ve had to be looking at since the patch 😉

    Thank you for your hard work as always!

  13. merc669 says

    So far all is fine. Except I cannot figure out how to move the timer when I mount my mounts. Its at the bottom and tried various means to move it. What controls this one and where can I unlock it and any other frame to move it? Thanks!!

  14. Apsalar says

    There are updates for SLDataText and it’s guild and friend (plus all else that was removed from, or never was part of, the base addon) plug-in on wowinterface.

  15. Amourice says

    I would appreciate just having the weak auras strings to grab. :) I am quite happy with elvui but no power auras makes me a sad panda.

  16. lawman30 says

    Gar I was wondering if you could tell me about how much memory this UI package requires. I have an older machine and I’m anticipating that I’d need to turn these on only for when I pvp as I doubt my machine could handle it all the time.
    Thanks for the great tips and awesome explanations of your choices/setups.

    I am sooooo looking forward to getting back into the groove here with the upswing from MoP.

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