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After a bit more testing, I’ve settled on this build and I’m enjoying it immensely for BGs.

My BM PvP Talents for Patch 5.0.4

My updated BM PvP build for Patch 5.0.4

My specialization is still Beast Mastery, of course, and I’m running with a Ferocity specced Spirit Beast…of course. Old habits die hard. ;)

OK, so I really need to try Narrow Escape, but I’m having a hard time letting go of Posthaste. The CC removal (root and snare, anyway) + run speed buff is so useful in so many different situations.

I’ve found that heals and caster DPS are just redonk since the patch, so I elected to drop the new Binding Shot for the tried and true Silencing Shot. This has helped me burn down casters a bit easier and keep those pesky healers under control, plus it’s free (costs zero focus).

Although I did find it fun to play around with, Binding Shot just doesn’t feel as useful to me as Silencing Shot – for what I’m doing. It has a fairly long cooldown (45 seconds, as opposed to 20), the 5yd radius seems exceptionally limited in-game, it costs 20 focus, and I don’t like that it uses a target circle – especially since its range is a bit short. Personally, I’d prefer if it were a standard shot with a 40 yard range, with the offset being that it only affects one target. I feel it’d be more reliable this way, plus it’d be easier to cast while kiting.

I still need to try Exhilaration and Aspect of the Iron Hawk, but Spirit Bond is right there with Posthaste, as one of the talents I’m pretty attached to.

I switched from Dire Beast to Thrill of the Hunt yesterday and haven’t looked back. I can pretty much remain in Aspect of the Hawk – spamming Arcane and Kill Command all day long. The proc rate is just stupid, so I very seldom find myself focus starved. I also like that it’s a passive ability, which means one less button to push. That’s always a plus!

Bestial Wrath + Blink Strike -and- Blink Strike + Intimidation are just too good. I am loving Blink Strike for PvP and doubt I’ll be removing it from my spell book.

Here’s a really good macro you may want to try if you’re a Beast Master with the Blink Strike talent. It pops your on-use DPS trinket, casts Big Red & Rabid, then sends your pet on its target to deliver the pain. This opener can drop a poorly geared level 85 to about 50% health. Follow this up with a Kill Command + Intimidation, Arcane, Arcane, Arcane, and that should put you on the winning end of things. ;)

Bestial Wrath + Blink Strike Macro

/use 14
/cast Bestial Wrath
/cast Rabid
/cast Blink Strike
/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()

Here’s a screenshot showing my pet dropping over 90K on a target dummy in less than a second.

Blink Strike + Bestial Wrath

An enraged Blink Strike crit will get an opponent’s attention.

Glyph Changes

I dropped the Camouflage glyph in favor of Mirrored Blades. I like being able to move around while in stealth, but I think it’s something that’s probably more useful for arena. Mirrored Blades is great – especially if you monitor your enemy’s spell casts. It’s nice for throwing a CC or huge damage spell right back in a caster’s face.

My other two major glyphs are still the same as before. Animal Bond for the small buff to healing -and- Master’s Call for double the freedom from roots and snares.

Alright, so if you’re a BM Hunter struggling to have PvP success post-patch, apply some of the info from this post and see if it helps. Your mileage may vary, but I’ve found this setup to be very effective for me.


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  3. Ernest says

    these the macros i use

    /cast Rapid Fire
    /use The burst Trinket

    the other macro i use

    /Bestial Wrath
    /cast Intimidation
    /cast Kill Command

  4. Ernest says

    I’m currently the same talent build as u have and for level 90 i’m currently using PowerShot ….. I find it very fun . It crits 140k to a player…. and knock back players…. Major Glpyhs i used atm are Glpyh of animal bond, Camouflage and glpyh of mirrror blades. Mirror Blades is very fun especially when versing in arena againts Far range such as Warlocks , Mages and Priest…

    You should try Glyph of stampede it gives 5 spirit mends if using SB pets….
    I’m also gonna try using Ferocity as i used to use Cunning just because of SoS basically……

  5. dgoodwin says

    Here is a good burst macro i use in arenas.
    /cast petattack
    /hunters mark
    /beast wraith
    /rapid fire
    /blink rush
    Then my pvp dps trinket

  6. azii says

    Wow. I had settled on this exact setup, including the macro, before reading this. Feels validating. BM got a lot of new tools so I am favoring passive skills when I can and blink strike feels like a second kill command. Keep up the good work. In PvP using a smaller set of tools well counts for a lot.

    Also noticed when opening with this macro+kill Command +arcane to be ready with the silencing shot as many people will try for a heal quickly after this treatment and a good silence can assure a kill.

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