Garwulf Hunter UI Update

Hey, folks. Sorry for the lack of posting around here, but I have great excuses…trust me. I really haven’t been able to play much in the past few months, but I did log on today for a bit – and – I also managed to update my UI download on WoWInterface. :)

If you’ve been using my UI, then you might be interested in a couple of the minor changes I made…

Garwulf Hunter UI Update - Patch 4.3.4

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The biggest change is probably the addition of Capping – a BG timer mod. It also adds some additional skinning abilities to the zone minimap – which I took advantage of. My UI is now configured to display a perfectly scaled zone minimap – in the space where Omen lives – whenever you’re in a battleground.

Apart from that, I adjusted the positioning of the action bars and cast bar. I bumped the action bars up a bit, so they’re a tad closer to the unit frames, and I moved the cast bar down and made it larger. It’s a subtle change, but I like it.

I also removed the Clean Icons pack from the download in order to get the zip file down to a reasonable size. Those icons are not necessary, but they do add a little extra sum’n, sum’n. If you want to include them with the UI – so that it looks exactly like my setup – then you’ll need to download the Clean Icons – Square pack. Stick them in: World of Warcraft\Interface\Icons\

The updated UI pack is available now, so head over to WoWInterface to get it.



    • says

      Sorry, hater, but don’t hate on me too much. The reason those versions disappeared is because I hadn’t updated it for over a year during Cataclysm and WoWI deleted me.

  1. Xolas says

    When you enter a battleground i see that you have a grid type thing with all the players names and health ect in it. Is there anyway to move this grid? As it is stuck in the wrong place on my UI, or what addon is it called and then i can move it myself hopefully :)

    • says

      That’s the SUF raid frame. Type in: /suf and then unlock the frames. Drag the raid frame to where it works for you, then lock the frames again. If you want to get fancy, you can config the size, number of frames, etc…by going to the Raid frame config area.

  2. Ashadori says

    Awesome UI’s. I do have one question. What is the addon for the buff frames on the upper left corner of the screen? Some of the buffs are being doubled and I would like to know which addon controls it so I can tweak it. Many thanks and keep up the excellent work!


  3. joe(betrolled) says

    Hey, i got the UI and it doesnt look like yours, haha i was wondering how i could get it looking like yours with the minimao and cast bars

  4. Uzzo says

    Hey Garwulf,

    Awesome stuff! I’m loving the new changes! With that said, two issues I’m having and don’t know how to fix.

    1. I can’t see my chat field (where you type n you’re message).
    2. My cast bar is not centered (it’s off to the left).

    How or what controls these two pieces? I’d like to adjust them.


    • Uzzo says

      OK… I was able to answer my 2nd question from a previous person’s question (I should do more research before bugging you) 😛

      So now I was down to the chat field question, but I’d like to add that Recount is not showing data :)

      (I know…. noob)

      Thanks 😀

      • Darrwyn says

        I had the same problem. You can adjust the position of the typing box in Chatter configuration. Can’t remember the exact thing to look for, but look for the work “bottom” in all the tabs, and change it to “top”. That’ll fix it.

        You can get to chatter conguration by pressing “ESC” key, select “Interface” and then “Addons” then look for Chatter.


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