New Spirit Beast in Mists of Pandaria?

Update: Folks, this news item was a speculative post I threw together early last year after seeing a data-mined image of what looked like a Spirit Beast. Obviously, most of us now know that this is a level 90 Monk talent, however, please be sure to visit this post here if you’ve reached this page hoping to see some new Spirit Beasts added in Mists

I’m a little behind on the recent wave of MoP updates, but for those of you who’ve seen this…

Ummm…is that what I think it is?

Mists of Pandaria Spirit Beast

New Spirit Beast or just some flashy non-tamable NPC?

If this is in fact a new Spirit Beast model, I imagine a few of you out there will probably want to tame it. ;)

Yeah…that has to be a new Spirit Beast in MoP. Introducing that tiger model into the game and not allowing hunters to tame it would just be far too cruel.

Any of you plan on going after it? :)


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