Master of Alterac Valley

Earned this shiny new achievement tonight…

Master of Alterac Valey

…leaving only one task left to fulfill before you all can start calling me “Battlemaster Garwulf”.

Of course, this last achievement is arguably thee toughest one to earn – especially with a group of randoms. I may have to get the guild rebuilt and organized in order to conquer it.

Can anyone guess which is the last PvP achievement I need before I can finally change my title to Battlemaster..? Don’t cheat and look at my armory… ;)

First person to comment with the correct answer will win some Paint Bombs.


  1. Vonstrawd says

    Got to admit that iron man is the one i am the most proud too, never thought i would get it, and i’m still trying to understand how it happened…just being in the good bg with the good people at the good time (which is pure luck when your bg win/lost is around .400 on my server)

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