Mists of Pandaria Hunter Talents Preview

Class talent systems are going to be radically overhauled for Mists of Pandaria. Players will choose a specialization at level 10, then select one of three talents at levels: 15, 30, 45, 60, 75 and 90. Classes will receive their defining core abilities automatically.

Builds will be pretty flexible in that talents will be easily swappable. Ghostcrawler mentioned that talents will available for changing – much in the same way that glyphs are now. You won’t be able to respec during an encounter or arena match, but you will probably have the option of tweaking your talents in between boss fights or BGs, arenas, etc…

GC mentioned that Kill Command was going to be the level 10 spec ability for BM Hunters, so it’s looking like KC will be a ‘BM only’ ability. Makes sense. Intimidation will become a level 30 talent – available to all three specs.

Here is how the Hunter talents are laid out as of now. Keep in mind that any or all of these talents could change between now and the eventual release of MoP…

Mists of Pandaria Hunter Talents

Complete List of Level 90 Hunter Talents

Level 15 Talents: Ammo

Hunters will be able to talent a particular ammo type depending upon their style of play, PvE or PvP, etc…

Frozen Arrows will likely be a PvP-based choice, Arcane Arrows will offer additional focus regen – making them a middle of the road choice, and Venom Tipped Arrows will add a damage over time effect, i.e., more DeePS.

Level 15 Hunter Talents - Mists of Pandaria

Level 15 is all about Ammo

Level 30 Talents: CC

All Hunters will now have access to abilities that were previously ‘spec-exclusive’. As of now, the abilities are pretty much the same ones we use today, so no new abilities to discuss here.

  • Silencing Shot
  • Wyvern Sting
  • Intimidation
Level 30 Hunter Talents - Mists of Pandaria

Level 30 Talents: Crowd Control Abilities

Level 45 Talents: Enhancements to Disengage

  • Posthaste offers 4 seconds of increased movement speed following a Disengage
  • Evasiveness adds a short 3 second Deterrence type of effect after a Disengage.
  • Exhilaration gives hunters a self-heal of %15 of the hunter’s health upon sticking the landing after a Disengage.
Level 45 Hunter Talents - Mists of Pandaria

Level 45 Talents Enhance Disengage

Level 60 Talents: Survivability

You can go for the elusiveness of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Chimaera… the damage mitigation of Aspect of the Iron Hawk… or the passive self-heal of Spirit Bond.

Note that the healing from Spirit Bond is now double. It’s still 2%, but the effect will tick every 5 seconds instead of 10. Woot!

Level 60 Hunter Talents - Mists of Pandaria

Level 60 Talents Provide Boosts to Survivalfulness

Level 75 Talents: Resource Replenishment & Cooldowns

Thrill of the Hunt has been modified a little, but apart from it, these talents are more or less ones we use today. This tier is geared toward resource replenishment and cooldown management.

  • Fervor – Instant 50 focus regen for the hunter and the pet, 2 min cooldown.
  • Readiness – Immediately finish all cooldowns, 3 min cooldown.
  • Thrill of the Hunt – 15% to regain 100% of the focus cost of the shot.
Level 75 Hunter Talents - Mists of Pandaria

Level 75 Talents Offer Resource Replenishment

Level 90 Talents: Traps

Hunters are getting Sheep! Well, actually it’ll be more of a Hex type of ability, but yea… a polymorph for Hunters!!!

  • Flash Freeze – Removes the cooldown from Freezing Trap, but can only be applied to one target at a given time.
  • Black Ice – Provides decreased mobility for your enemies, while giving you increased movement speed while in the AoE of your Ice Trap.
  • Transmorph Trap – Slows the afflicted enemy, while transforming them into a beast and preventing them from using any of their abilities while under the effect of this trap.
Level 90 Hunter Talents - Mists of Pandaria

Level 90 Talents are all about Traps

Hunter Pet Talents in Mists of Pandaria

Hunter pets will no longer be bound to one tree. All pets will have access to all three trees, so you’ll be able to spec your Tallstrider for tanking or your Bear for DPS. I’m not certain if this means that there will be one basic spec for each type of pet, i.e., DPS, PvP Tank, or if it means we’ll still get to talent them. I’m sure I’ll know soon enough.

Oh man… I am sooo geeked about the Mists of Pandaria announcements! :D

Blizzard never ceases to amaze.


  1. Ril says

    A few things that come to my mind:

    – I see some interesting choices in the ammo tree. While Frozen Arrows clearly is meant for PvP, Arcane Arrows make stuff much more interesting. The same goes for Venom Tipped Arrows and Arcane Arrows in PvE. If the wording of WTA is correct, then this will be THE choice for AE heavy fights, as it affects all arrows, not just auto shot. It’ll be interesting to see what impact AA will have in general. I see some respec-for-every-boss potential here.

    – Fervor is downright weak compared to TotH (which probably awards way more focus in 2mins) and Readiness. I believe they’ll turn Fervor in something more interesting soon.

    – I feel that traps are one of our weakest mechanic, so enhancing them in our ultimate tier feels somewhat underwhelming. But who knows, I like the way Black Ice works, maybe that tier is better than it looks at the 1st glance. Time will show that.

    • Marujin says

      y agree too

      Black ice could be fun, i wonder about raid situations where I do Black Ice and all team members get a Speed boost ?

      And if not team related how long the ice stay on the ground i may renew it all the time and stay fast on my toes. I like speed and running at Boss encounters

      also multiply Add encounters…. slowing them all down while i have speed ! that sounds fun, and gives a real agility feeling.

      I have one ability for BM which i would love to see maybe as talent maybe as T14 …. The Beast Within ! for a short amount of time me and my Pet becoming one Creature Big red with Blood-lust , for those time the Hunter become a Melee Class (dont need jump to there u just get the position of ur Pet) the Control change to 3-4 Button cast slash hammer keys and just feel good. U will get a 1 second warning or 2 like ability is ready release the Fury “)

      thanks for reading :)

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