Catching Kirix


Of the six Patch 4.2 rares that I’ve tamed, Kirix posed the greatest challenge… for me anyway.

Rather than go the easy route of taming him from one of the nearby floating rocks – safely out of melee range, I decided to go with the intended and more challenging approach… standing toe to toe with him while taming.

I had two unsuccessful attempts before I nabbed Kirix on the third try. The first tame was going horribly, so I popped Feign Death half-way through, healed up and quickly gave it another go. The second attempt was going better, but he ended up killing me before the tame finished.

I ran back and saw that another hunter was trying for him as well. I was a little bummed after seeing this, but noticed that this hunter was having a rougher time than even I was. Within a few seconds, Kirix killed the other hunter and was back on the eligible list. I then ran back around the corner and waited for him in an an area I felt would be a good spot for taming.

The reason I picked this spot in his patrol area is because I knew I needed a clear path behind me, where I could gain some distance during Disengage. More on this in a bit…

When Kirix is aggro’d, he will run at you, attacking you with Bouncing Charge. Bouncing Charge interrupts spell casting and knocks you up into the air. If you’re going to attempt him using the manly method, then you need to eat this first attack before you can start taming him.

Once he rounded the corner in my direction and started getting close — and by the way… he moves very fast — I hit him with an Arcane Shot to aggro him. He immediately hit me with his Bouncing Charge attack – punting me through the air. Just as I was starting to descend back towards the ground, I hit Disengage. As soon as I landed I hit Deterrence and started taming.

The tame was going alright, but I was growing nervous as I saw my hit points being devoured as quickly as my Tame Beast was finishing.

He killed me a second time.


I was really bummed because I knew there was another hunter out there on the same mission, plus I was sooo close to pulling off a successful tame.

I res’d, then quickly rode back – hoping for a fourth attempt, but Kirix was nowhere to be found. Someone had tamed him. :(

I saw the other hunter riding around and figured he must’ve pulled it off. After he passed by me a few times, I thought he seemed a bit confused, like he was maybe still looking for Kirix himself. Also, I had figured if he’d pulled off the tame, he’d have his trophy out on display.

At that moment, I thought, hmmm… it was down to the wire… maybe I did get him..?!

Sure enough, I opened up my remote stable and there he was! That was by far the most white-knuckle pet taming experience I’d had since solo-taming King Krush a few years ago.

Since I hadn’t seen the successful tame aura or watched Kirix shrink, I figured I’d been a split-second too late. It was that close.

At any rate… In an effort to make this tame go a little easier for those of you that want to approach Kirix as a taming challenge (rather than go the cheating route) 😉 , the following is a more prepared and refined version of my strategy. In other words, were I to try taming Kirix again, this is what I would do. Please note that this strategy requires you to be in a Beast Mastery spec

Kirix Solo ‘Taming Challenge’ Strategy

  1. Bring a Core Hound. The Core Hound’s Ancient Hysteria buff is going to be a huge help in this endeavor. The tame is basically a race to see if you can tame him faster than he can kill you, so having a shorter cast time on Tame Beast is a big advantage.
  2. Make sure you are in Aspect of the Wild. You need this aspect on to help mitigate his Magmatoxin aura.
  3. A good spot to wait for Kirix is on the floating rocks across from his path. This spot allows you to camp for him, while being safely at range from his damaging aura. Kirix moves very quickly, so it’s not advisable to camp for him on his patrol route. You need time to prep for the tame, so it’s best to wait for him from a safe location.
  4. Once he’s been spotted, go to the spot where you’re going to tame him. Pick a location which will allow you a clear, unobstructed path for Disengaging away from him.
  5. Pop your Core Hound’s Ancient Hysteria, then dismiss him.
  6. Aggro Kirix with a shot, then eat his Bouncing Charge.
  7. At the crest of the punt, Disengage backwards. I didn’t do this during my tame, but I’d recommend hitting him with a Concussive Shot as you’re Disengaging away from him.
  8. As soon as you land, hit Deterrence, cast Tame Beast, and activate any on-use haste trinket if you have one and/or drink a Potion of Speed.

Here’s a macro you can use that will help with the taming:

/cast Deterrence
/use 13
/use Potion of Speed
/cast Tame Beast

If you have a +haste trinket, put it in your top trinket slot. If you stack haste for this tame and use the above macro, then taming Kirix shouldn’t be a problem.

I’m sure there are other approaches that may work just as well, or better, but I can guarantee that the above guide will result in taming success.

Good luck!


  1. Alfy says

    Well to be honest I used a freeze trap without core hound buff and no deterrence. what I did is right after the freeze trap hit him just tamed. It is literally that simple.

  2. Dave says

    Well, my timing sucked for this method. I tried the rock but he’d get underneath it and break line of sight. So this is what I did that worked pretty well. I started with a pet out. Had the pet attack. While Kirix was aggrod on the pet (and used his attack), I dismissed the pet (before he died) and started the tame. Tamed him no problem.

  3. Yellowmaiden says

    HAH I have a much easier approach. So much simpler. ALL you have to do is get on a floating rock thats just on the edge of his patrol.

    Tag him with anything, but heres the trick, wait for him to cast his DoT as soon as it is about to be cast, hit Deterrence and immediately hit tame beast.

    He will start to cast it again, but your tame beast should go off just before you get interupted.

    Vuala your new spider without the hassle of macros and complex positioning.

  4. Carbonrod says

    I tamed him in a very similar manner, with a few key differences. First, before I even pulled Kirix, I used an Elixir of Mighty Speed, giving me an extra 225 haste. Second, right before Kirix hit me with his Bouncing Charge, I popped Rapid Fire. After this, I proceeded as above. Tamed him on the 2nd attempt using this method. Hope this helps. Good luck taming this guy 😀

  5. Mewt says

    I used a somewhat different method for this. I got a priest with spirit of redemption to die to Kirix and then heal me while in spirit of redemption form while I tamed. It worked out really well because Kirix didn’t aggro on him from the heals and he couldn’t be interrupted during his spell casts by horde or what have you.

  6. Pretador says

    After several times trying to tame this spider i figoure out that u didnt need any buffs or portions or aspect of the wild , even with 100k hp u can do it…What did i do…? I step on a rock with ‘tame distance’ i started tame it and when spider’s cast bar reached 1/3 or little before half i klick deterence and asap tame again…! By this tactic i gain time until next poison cast which make you immune to anything…i hope this will help you…

  7. Hierakles says

    Beware that you don’t make the same mistake that I did and use a Disengage + Parachute macro. I ended up flying too far, wasting my Deterrence, and getting eaten by Kirix >.<

  8. Induates says

    Having been one of those hunters that got killed time and time again trying for this, the tricks that finally got it for me were getting distance (concussive and disengage, after eating the charge) and putting on lots of stamina gear (mostly PVP stuff). I tried stacking up haste, including the corehound boost, but the incoming damage was still too much. Simply having more health from the stamina and less time to be damaged (thanks to the distance) was what made the difference. It really is a tightly timed tame!

  9. Loverlie says

    I can’t tell you how many hunters I’ve seen die for this spider. People die to Kirix himself, or from someone ganking them during the tame. It’s kinda funny. I get some sort of sick enjoyment watching people tame him and failing, lol. I’ve helped a few friends get him though. It really pays to have hysteria/lust/warp for that tame.

    • GT of Garrosh says

      And then there are people like me, who like the model but don’t care for the repair bills.

      The same green model is available on the other side of the island. The are with the red and yellow spiders. The are some very small, rat sized, green spiders that run around there in small groups. These are tameable. Now I’m not sure how often they run around, as I seldom see them. But they are easy to kill, and easy to tame. So much for this one being a rare anyway.

      • Anna the Hordie says

        The little green spiders are only up when Kirix is. So if you see them, Kirix is running around in his area of the island.

  10. Jerroz says

    Grats on the tame.

    I tamed him the other night. I used the same basic strat minus the potion/haste trinket. I wiped a few more times than you did, but it basically came down to getting the timing right before I finally got him.

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